Looking for beauty

The world is an amazing place full of wonder.

I promise that somewhere in your eyesight right now is a image of beauty.

Be it in your child’s smile. A photo on the mantle piece, a image on your computer screen or just look up to the amazing sky.

Beauty is all around us.

What I love about beauty is that it is interpreted so differently, individually and in so many ways.

For myself I often see beauty in places others don’t.

I can cry at a piece of music while my husband looks at me as if saying “what is this?”.

I love old things that are starting to fade, decay. I see memories wrapped up in them. While my husband sees old and wrecked.

Beauty is personal. We each have a different definition of beauty.

But I have decided that for 2013 I want to emerge myself in beauty.

I want to capture beauty with my camera.

I want to listen to beauty with my ears.

I want to taste beauty with exquisite food.

I want to see beauty in my children’s laughter.

To many times we focus on the ugly in life.

I want to feel beauty, focus on beauty, live beauty.

And I wish the same for you, let’s look around more and rise above the ugly and embrace the beauty of this amazing world.


Forever Changing

I have an obsession with perception and how it differs from one person to another.

A piece of art to one is a masterpiece yet to another its an eye sore.

A poem can be a beautiful prose for someone yet for another a boring recite.

I’ve heard it be said that eye witnesses accounts are the least useable piece of evidence as people see things differently.

Their perceptions are different, changed by circumstance, placement and time.

I love it

This crazy ever changing world.


Nothing is ever the same, the seconds move and that moment ago can never be relived in the same way.

One of my favourite sayings is

Who defines normal ?

What is normal ?

I’m quite sure my normal wouldn’t be the same as yours.

Again this is what I love about life, the changing seasons, the moving galaxies it’s all beyond our wildest imaginations.

This is why I have faith.

I look at a field of green grass and wonder over the fact that every blade is different.

I think about the millions, no billions of people in this world and marvel at the fact that everyone has differences, the sequence of our DNA proves this.


We are all Unique

We are all Incredible

There are so many new discoveries made every day that we haven’t a clue what tomorrow will bring.

Something, someone created this universe and to me that what or who is God.

For me my wonder is in God

For me my creation is in God

For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13 ESV

We Are All Unique

Sometimes I just have to stop and watch the world.

It’s a wonderful creation from the highest of mountains to the ocean floor, life is lived in many different ways. The beauty of a eagle in flight, the inner beauty of an oyster shell.



All so different all so unique.

It’s incredible how unquie we are, each one of us special in our own way. From hair colour to height. From eye colour to shoe size.



We all have different dreams, different feelings. All completely unique to us and only us.

What I find strange in the world is how we don’t see this uniqueness as the gift it is. We all want to be slim like the latest top model, famous like the Oscar winning actor.

We strive to be part of a group, a clan, a set.

I’m not saying I’m any different I’m so not. I strive to be part of a group, to fit in to be recognised.

Yet I’m struck by how different I am in different groups in different situations. It feels like I play different in many different plays.

I often leave places thinking WHAT, where did Sara go?

It’s not a great place to be, I do accept we all play a variety of roles in life, mother, daughter, work colleague , friend. But the inner essence should be you.

I made a pact today to embrace my uniqueness, everything about me from my tattoos to my secret desire for a power suit.

I am who I am and guess what that’s actually ok.

So if you are feeling lost, fed up of not being you, join me in my quest of embracing the uniqueness of ourselves.

There is only one me in this world and that is pretty special.