So how should you live life?

Don’t have expectations that way you won’t be disappointed.

This is what I was told.

If you don’t get excited you won’t be let down.

In a world of let downs.

Its best to protect yourself.


But I can’t help myself.

I always get caught up in the excitement.

The anticipation

The hope.

Higher and higher I go.


Sometimes all is good and I get to fly.

Others I hit the deck hard.


So how should you live life?

Should we allow ourselves to be caught it the moment?

Or should we stay grounded so we don’t fall.

This is what my mind is pondering right now.

Yet a piece of poetry keeps rolling about in my mind.


    I hold it true, whate’er befall;

    I feel it, when I sorrow most;

    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost

    Than never to have loved at all.


Lord Tennyson. 



I guess I’ve answered my own question.


Not Acceptable

Over the last two days I’ve been attending a training course. While on this course we were chatting about what we class as acceptable behavior and I was very surprised by what people feel is acceptable.

Ignoring people

Verbal abusing people

Walking away without answering

All of the above was classed as acceptable.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but they are so not acceptable.


Now in the case of what my training was about children in care some of the above and much more are understandable.

But there is a big difference between understandable and acceptable.

Yet the truth is outside this training and here in the real world what is seen as acceptable is changing dramatically.

Take for example manners how many times have you stood in a queue saw a cashier serve someone and never hear the word thank you cross the customers lips.

In a restaurant when a waiter brings foods I have seen diners never even raise their heads let alone whisper a word of thanks.

How many emails have you received without the proper signing off. A regards or best wishes goes a long way.

Go into a school and listen to the way pupils verbally abuse teachers.

How or why did we get here?

Because we allowed it to become acceptable.

I know personally I’m going to try my hardest to use my manners at all times.

To make people’s day with a respectful thank you or I really appreciate your hard work.

I think it’s about time we started a revolution of manners.

Join me Vive la Revolution







New Look – shopping we can agree on.

Shopping  for clothes with my teenage girls is a nightmare. They both have different styles and different wishes so I normally find myself being dragged into every shop in the town.

So I am grateful for shops like New Look who stock a fantastic array of styles and collections. With a range for teenagers and plus sizes its a shop that caters for us all.

So when I asked my girls to take a look on the website and create their own wish list they didn’t hesitate.

Eden fell in love with this cute cat watch. Eden is cat mad and her ambition in life is to be the crazy cat lady, she already has the crazy down to a tee.


Her second choice was this pair of funky dip dye skinny jeans. I love these and personally think they would look great on her.


Kennedy my 16 year old (yes I feel old) picked for her first choice

This pretty light floral blouse,

Kennedy has such a smart pretty style that this top would be perfect for her. She could smarten it up with a skirt for 6th form or make it more casual with her jeans.


Kennedy’s second choice is quite similiar to her sisters but please don’t tell her that.

A pair of supersoft skinny jeans



For myself I love the inspire range my favourite items at the moment is this funky Rolling Stones top


And this beautiful brocade collar top.



Seriously I could go crazy in New look I love there shoe ranges Especially the wide fitting ones they offer.

Bags, scarfs  accessories galore.

The girls are already looking through the Ax paris dresses for their forthcoming spring ball.

New look is a great place to create the perfect outfit, pop into the store or check out their online store too.


* This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

Happy 18th

My youngest daughter often asks me if they have birthdays in heaven?

My reply is always “of course, they also get to eat a whole chocolate cake without being sick”.

I honestly believe that birthdays are celebrated in heaven, it’s not about getting older just a celebration of who the person is.

What I also believe is that for those that get left behind the celebrations should go on.

They we should be able to light candles and put up cards to send birthday wishes to heaven.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

I’m am sending heavenly birthday wishes to one very special young man.

Today he would have been stepping into adulthood.

Happy 18th birthday Ryan.

Always in our hearts.

Make sure Livvy doesn’t pinch your cake or your wine, we know she likes both.

Sending love to your beautiful family. Xxx


It’s 2012

Happy New Year

As we start 2012 I have decided I’m not making any new year resolutions.

New year is a weird time for me it’s hard as I have to accept that I enter another year that Livvy will never be part of. Accepting this isn’t easy and I find myself struggling.

So new year is just another day with a different date.

I do have hopes and dreams that I take into the new year with me and I pray that 2012 is the year they happen.

So for now I simply wish that 2012 is a year for you all filled with love and laughter.

May your hearts be enriched with happiness and may all your dreams come true.

God bless you all xxxx