My wet memory making week in Weston

So now I’m home and finally beginning to warm up again I can share my week in wet Weston super mare.

To be honest considering the weather was dismal we did have some fun moments but my goodness at times it was so very cold.

We got to visit a local Orchard and sample some of their sweet cider.


Visit the new Weston pier, which to be honest I felt didn’t have the same character as the old one. To me it was just a walk way to amusement hell.



Though the views off the pier were stunning.


We got take our dog for his first dip in the sea and even he thought it was too cold.



Of course we had the family posing moments.


IMG_8989edenposeIMG_9052Brodie pose


We also got to have a wonderful lunch  at the seafront Belvedere bar club & Terrace the fish was simply yummy. I really recommend trying it out if you are ever in Weston.



The girls also had to try out the rides.



So as I said it was wet, it was cold but we were together as a family.

Making memories.




Rain rain go away

It’s amazing how addicted we get to the television.

My poor husband has spent the last few days on holiday complaining he misses the tv.

To be honest it has been a lousy few days. The weather has been so atrocious nothing but rain.
Camping holidays and rain really don’t mix.


But what has struck me is how well the girls have done without the laptops, DVDs etc.


They have actually chatted to each other again. I’ve even heard laughter at times, yes really laughter from teenagers can happen now and again.


I think we are packing up tomorrow and heading home to the land of televisions and laptops.

Normally I would complain but to be honest after three days trapped in the caravan with an autistic child who wants to play outside hasn’t been fun.

So maybe I will miss the laughter but I certainly won’t miss the cold wet mud everywhere.


My snow week

Wow, what a week, we’ve been snowed in, we have had autistic tantrums and teenage strops and somehow, I’m not sure how, I have managed to survive with my sanity intact.

Seriously who would have believed that fluffy white snow could bring a country to its knees?

I have to admit it’s made me cross, weather reporters have been harping on for years that our seasons were changing and we were going to see some extreme weather yet we were still unprepared. Isn’t it about time we chatted to our colder weather friends take Canada for example and got some tips on how to function in extreme snow. (Please note I use the word extreme rather loosely).

Snow is fun for the first few hours then it just becomes cold, wet and annoying. Also anything that closes the schools loses my votes.


Talking of votes what a week, we have seen Celebrity Big Brother come to an end. What am I going to do each evening now, I need my Speidi fix. Though I do believe the right person won in the end, I hated Ryland in X factor but he has slowly grown on me from the big brother house. Also my youngest told me i looked like Claire from Steps but with black hair (i wish). To be honest I still cannot believe how addicted I found myself. I really think I need to get out more.

Its has been a strange week and I have found myself coming to a decision regarding how much I allow myself to be hurt by others. I have decided I need to take a step back and focus on my family and myself a little more.

I’ve also been at the doctors having an ECG done, it seems I do actually have a heart, now we have found it we simply need to get it to behave a little better. Its just wants to beat to its own drum upsetting the rest of my body. Dr is hoping its anxiety, me anxious never!

So there you go my exciting week, only been made easier by my new hobby BAKING, this week I have made a Vanilla and chocolate chip marble tray bake and a Victoria sponge and some Choc chip muffins oh and some custard too.



I’m really enjoying my new hobby and love watching the family enjoy something I have baked. I confess to getting exciting looking at new mixers too and watching the Great British Bake Off. I did mention I may need to go out more.

Seriously it’s been a weird week, but as it comes to end I’m am grateful for so much, my hubby and my kids especially.

I hope and pray you all have had a good week and if not tomorrow is a new beginning, well that’s what I’m telling myself. Xxx