I was wrong

It’s amazing the freedom you can feel when you share with another. The validation that what’s on your mind is ok. That someone else understands.

I struggle with being open. I used to believe that being open left you weak. That defences down left your defenceless.

I was wrong, so wrong.

The strength I take from another’s understanding is incredible.

To hear another say “you know what I get you” fills my heart with peace.

Or the usual one aimed at me “give yourself a break”.

Perspective and I can be far from each other at times. The kindness of a friends heart clears away the confusion.

It’s a slow journey learning to share my heart but the old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” is such a truth.

Only the other day I said to my daughter, “if you talk to me then maybe I can help”. How long have people been saying this to me?

How easy is it for me to try to let others off load, to try and bring others comfort not realising that this is the gift they were trying to also give me.

The gift I kept returning unopened.

How I must have frustrated people.

Life is an adventure but at times it can be hard and scary. By opening my heart and sharing my troubles my burden becomes lighter as I allow my friends to share the load.

I am so thankful for the friendships that are growing in my life. I thank God for the people he has surrounded me with, in real life or the virtual sphere, I am truly blessed.

We are not alone and that’s pretty fantastic.