Tweet with kindness or don’t tweet at all.

I must admit that the last week or so i have been glued to my chair watching the antics of the housemates in “Celebrity Big brother” while I have no interest in the counterpart “Big Brother” there is something about the celebrity version that has me hooked.


It’s just the inquisitiveness part of me that just wants to know what these people are really like. The truth not just what we read or hear about them in the media.


So when I heard that Deirdre Kelly aka white dee was entering the house i was so excited i could have wet myself.


Since Benefit Street was shown I have loved this lady. While others saw a benefit scrounger I saw a lady with so much compassion.

Double Dip Neutral


I really admired her courage entering into the big brother house not knowing how she was going to be received.


I also knew that finding herself on show could have really affected her depression but give it up for the lady she wants to better life for her and her children so she walked up those famous steps.


I have loved watching the show, there are characters i am already loving to hate, James for one. Honestly if that man says “let me explain how it was” once more i may scream and surprise ones that i have taken to my heart, George for example. But the front runner and still my favourite is Mrs Kelly.


I love that lady.


So imagine my disgust to come across tweets laughing at her sadness that was shown on last nights episode.


The lady may or may not ( I can’t speak for her) seems to be finding herself on a roller coaster of emotions. Missing her kids, wondering how she got there and generally fighting the evil of depression.


I have seen tweets finding this funny.


Tweets accusing her of faking it for the money


And the worst ones saying that depression is the biggest con of all time.


I wonder what is going wrong in this world when people can say such things.


Why do some thing its ok to tweet such vileness?


Tweet with kindness it won’t kill you.



I only hope that Dee’s children are not reading such crap and are watching the television being super proud of their mom.


I think the world needs an education regarding depression, I have heard it quoted as “rich persons syndrome’. “Benefit scam” and a lot worse.


Depression is a devastating illness which can and does rob life from many.


As for those tweeters i hope everyone unfollows you and that way you can stay being sad and horrid in your own little world.


While i believe and advocate for the freedom of speech I do not believe that people need to be so cruel.


It’s not just about Big Brother its about so much more.


The fact that we have so many turning to social media to breed hate rather than love.


It’s just wrong.


As for me I will be ignoring such crap and will be rooting for Dee to win Celebrity Big Brother and hope that the millions of viewers get to see what I see, one damn fine lady.


I will also being trying to share love and kindess from now on.


[Tweet “Tweet kindness or don’t tweet at all “] is my new motto.



Tots 100 Blog Summit – Birmingham

Last week I attended my a blog summit in Birmingham. To be perfectly truthful I hadn’t a clue what to expect as I had never before attended one run by tots 100 and with the conference being free I wasn’t sure of the speakers or the experience that was going to be offer.

Now I don’t wish that to sound so snobby ( as I’m sure it does)but i can be rather cynical and believe in life you tend to get what you pay for.

Well I was so wrong, from the moment I found the venue I was surprised by the quality of the summit.

The venue itself was stunning and they had coffee on the go which anyone who knows me will relate when I say good coffee can make or break a day for me.

The agenda was packed with a variety of sessions that I was excited to attend. So many in fact that I was seriously wishing I could split myself in two.

The first session I attended was the Grill Section, this was a chance to grill more experienced bloggers. Chrissie from Mediocre Mum (I was super excited to meet Chrissie as we have been tweeting on twitter for a while)., Helen from Fuss Free Flavours, Ruth from Geek Mummy and Sally from Who’s the Mummy and Tots100 All were happy to answer questions on anything blog related. I asked about changing your blog voice,my blog is featuring less posts about my children because now as teenagers they require more discretion on my part. Spoilsports.

The advice I received was really helpful and I left the session with pages full of notes. A big thank you to the bloggers under the grill.

Also in this session to Sally from tots100 even gave us a run down on how the metrics work. I confess I still haven’t a clue but that’s down to my lacking brain not Sally’s explanation.

My 2nd session was on advanced SEO being run by Judith Lewis and I’m sure it was super informative to many but five minutes in my head was spinning so I escaped to grab a coffee and some pain killers and took some time out before lunch.

Ooh talking of lunch it was simply yummy. A great selection on offer.
I ate well that day. To quote Oliver Twist “more please sir”.

The third session I attended was run by Cathy from nurture store. It was all about getting the most out of Facebook. This was a really informative session and I’ve already been using some of the advice we were given.

My fourth and final chosen session was run by John Arnold on outdoor photography. It was really interesting and John is a great teacher as he makes it accessible for all at whatever level they are at. He also convinced me I needed a new lens for my DSLR, well that’s what I told the hubby.

After another break and more coffee the day came to an end with perhaps the most inspiring part of the whole event. A talk by Andy Cope the author of How to be Brilliant and other books including our family favourites The Spy Dog.

My youngest wasn’t at all impressed that I didn’t come home with a signed book from him. Of course my fault entirely I know I should learn to carry books around with me in case I meet her favourite writers. Lesson learned.

Anyway Andy brought home to me something that I had forgotten for a while. He told us that happiness is a choice. We have too remind ourselves each morning that each day is a gift and to live it happy. That we could be a lot worse, we could have toothache. There was off course a lot more to Andy’s talk including percentages and oranges but for me it really hit home.

As it reminded me of Livvy, and when learned of her condition and that we may not have forever. We had to make the decision to make each day count. To seize each day and live it to the best we could. To create those memories.

In summary Blog Summit was pretty awesome. I really encourage any new bloggers or older longer standing ones to check them out.

It was informative and at times hilarious. Well worth attending.

Personally I had a great day I got to meet some new friends and catch up with old ones.

I got to enjoy lovely coffee while listening to speakers that really knew their stuff.

I left happy and with a notebook packed full of ideas and helpful advice.

A really fanatic day and a big thank you to tots 100 for organising it.

So my only question is

When’s the next one???

Brit mums Live 2013 – SPONSORSHIP NEEDED

So if you are part of the social networking world or have even only dipped a little toe in. I am sure you are well aware of the forthcoming BritMums Live, a conference for bloggers to get together, inspire, inform and encourage each other.

BritMums Live! is a two-day blogger event that has grown out of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogger community, made up of more than 3,000 influential bloggers.


I have attended BritMums and Cybermummy before that for the last two years and have had a great time and learned loads.

So it’s no surprise when I say I want to go this year( feel free to imagine me stamping my feet in a pappy manner).

But unfortunately like most things in life there is a cost involved and this is the real reason I’m writing this post.

I am after sponsorship to attend BritMums live.


For sponsorship to the above event I would be happy to offer………

An introductory blog post about your Brand/Product in my blog post about Brit Mums Live 2013.

The promotion of your website on my twitter and Facebook page at regular intervals in the lead up to BritMums Live and afterwards.

In my twitter updates during the conference.

This means that your product/brand will be seen by my twitter followers, and also on my facebook pages both my blog and my personal one and of course the monthly 4000+ visitors to my blog site.

I will also offer a” AD”for your product/brand on my blog from now until six months after the conference.

Also in any other blog post I write regarding Britmums Live I will include that “I was sponsored by x” and a link to your website.

I’m also willing to host reviews and competitions before and after the conference too.

Walking with Angels is a blog that is known for wearing its heart on its sleeve, what you read on these pages is heartfelt and all completely my own view. My readers have grown to realise that I am passionate and loyal and whatever I promote on my blog I actually believe in.

Besides the writing here on my own blog I have written for Compassion Uk, Disability charities and fostering publications. I have also had articles published at Urban Vox and other online and print magazines.

So if you would be interested in sponsoring me to attend BritMums Live 2013 please contact me at




I’m considering becoming a hermit

Ok maybe the title of this post is a little extreme but I am finding myself increasing enjoying my own company more than ever.

Having time to work through my thoughts.

Reading books and having the time to digest the meanings.

No small talk

Quiet time in conversation with God.

Journaling to my hearts content.

Ok ok being truthful I couldn’t become a hermit. I need my daily fix of cuddles and smooches.

But it is nice once in a while to have some time out.

Since Christmas I have taken a step back from social networking, my mobile phone, my laptop.

It didn’t start out as an intentional thing just an escape from feeling overwhelmed . I couldn’t keep up, my twitter feed was out of control. Tweets on events that I had completely missed out on. Situations with friends that had just bypassed me in the numerous irrelevance that I was following.

Facebook was the same how can one person have over 100 notifications in a day, I’m so not that popular, just group updates etc etc

My email box looked scary, I just began to avoid it.

So I took a step back. Decided that if it was important I would deal with it but if not I would let it go.

Refusing to check my accounts no more than 5 times a day rather than every 5 minutes.

Radical maybe ha ha but I survived and I’ve thrived.

I’ve read whole books in one sitting rather than a couple of chapters while checking twitter.

I held conversations with my children without checking my phone just in case.

I’ve watched DVDs snuggled on the sofa with my husband, no pausing or losing the plot just to return this email.

I’ve been present in my life. In the here and now with the person I’m standing with, not allowing half of my mind to be whirling around in cyberworld.

In the silence I have began a journey of reminding myself of who I am and who I wish to be.

I’m not really ever going to become a hermit but I have and will be continuing with the changes I have made.

Being present in your loved ones life’s is so much more important that being present in the virtual world.

Lesson learned.

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.” — Tennessee Williams

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” — Henry David Thoreau

Virtual Air Kisses

One of my daughters views the world in a very black and white way. She is incredibly honest and very logical. This at times can be hard work but always refreshing.

Well we were chatting the other day and she asked me the question. “why do people lie to suck up to others”. As this was a completely out of the blue I asked her to explain what she meant. “like when a girl tells the teacher her hair looks pretty”. Maybe she is just being nice I said. “but mom the teacher must know that she was having a bad hair day so knew it was false”. Right ok but she then went on to add. “So the next time the girl says something nice to the teacher she won’t believe it. Which would be a shame for example if she has had a new hair style and it did look nice”.

This really struck a chord with me. How many times have we said something just to please or fill a pause in conversation which we haven’t really meant. The truth is my daughter is right because we do this it means when we do speak in truth and in a heartfelt manner it may not be believed, accepted, trusted.

My daughter after brooding for a while went on to ask about Facebook and everyones (slight exaggeration) use of of the term BFF. It’s seems she finds it funny when people write on her wall about being best friends how much they adore her. Yet when at school they barely acknowledge her.

Society is changing and the use of social networking is increasing and to be perfectly honest i love it. The Internet has given me opportunities to conquer my shyness and speak my mind. Yet I do wonder if we are getting lost from the truth of our statements. Do we comment on a friends photo just for the sake of doing so. Agree with a status just because. Giving out false flattery when truth really should require us to stay quiet.

There is so much talk going on about people being cruel on the Internet saying things to others which they wouldn’t dare to say to their faces. Yet the truth is far wider. We have become false. The world is being filled with virtual air kisses.

My daughter speaks the truth by doing this we are actually taking away the joy of a job well done truthful comment. Or an honest I like that dress compliment.

I know she has made me think. I will be more accountable in my replies, tweets, comments. I want to give credit where due and for a reason not just because. I also want to receive it in truth too.

I also hope my daughter never loses the innocence and honestness of her mind.