Being thankful

Over on Facebook I have been seeing a lot of posts on thankfulness.

Mainly ones from my USA friends as they give thanks for things and people before their holiday of thanksgiving.

It has really set me thinking about giving thanks and especially this week as I face the anniversary of Olivia’s death.

I want to give thanks for those that were there when I really needed them..

Who were the light in my darkness.

Thank you …,

To my husband Alan for just holding me in your arms until I cried myself to sleep. To dealing with my pain on top of your own, for loving me unconditionally, through the anger and the sorrow. For still being there and for giving me the freedom to still now fall apart at times.

To my girls for being the reason I had to get up each day. For remembering your sister with laughter and for being so damn brave. You are my constant inspiration and your sister would be so proud of you all.

To my dad for the endless phone calls where you just listened. When I raged against the world and questioned why. Thank you for not trying to explain it but just being there. Even though your heart was broken too you put me first constantly.

My mom, siblings, step mum,in laws etc all of you walked this pathway with us. There was no answers to be given but there was so much love and I am truly grateful.

My friends,for just being there. Ange you just sat by my side when i couldn’t speak. Just holding my hand. For talking books and endless crap just to keep me sane thank you.

My Facebook friends, Rett mums and special needs mums thank you for just reaching out over the computer to just remind me that I wasn’t on my own. Flowers you sent to brighten my day, messages, emails all gave me strength.

Kelly you keep Livvy’s alive in ways I will always be grateful for. Not hiding her away but honouring her memory. I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me. Seriously there isn’t words. To your dear family too for just reaching out and loving on me.

For Compassionate friends the forum which was always open. Moms, dads who really understood the journey I was walking. For not promising it will be ok but reassuring me I would find my new normal. For still celebrating our children now . Never lost just missing. You have become some of my dearest friends. I so need to do a gathering soon.

To those who have supported Livvy’s Smile and all my Rett Syndrome awareness work your support gives me such strength and I give thanks.

To my blog readers for your emails, your comments encouraging me to keep writing to keep sharing my heart.

Thank you.

I have so much to be grateful for and whilst here in the UK we don’t celebrate thanksgiving I want to. I want to say thank you to those mentioned here and so many more for being by my side as I have walked through the pain of the last six years.

For your encouragement, your support and your friendship and love.

Losing Livvy changed me in ways I never could of imagined. I have learned the true value of life.

It’s not about money or fancy things it’s about love and friendship. The relationships we have with others.

I didn’t know what the new pathway would hold but I knew who would be there to walk alongside me.

For this I am truly thankful.