Know your own value.

Dear teenagers,

There is nothing more than I hate to see then you posting photographs on social media asking for likes. Your need to get reassurance from others. The value you place in the number you receive really worries me.

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You cannot allow your self worth to be based on a number.

The world of social media is a fickle place someone may not like your photo for reasons that are way beyond you, but the fact is, that is irrelevant.

You need to know your own worth!

To know how truly amazing you are.

Post as many photos as you want but love them yourself.

Know that what you see is a beautiful, handsome incredible individual.

Know that each and every one of you is an amazing unique person.

That your life is worth so much more than a like or twenty, in fact no number can hold your value.

You are priceless.

Go ask your parents for a number that holds your value, they couldn’t give you one as their love for you infinite.

Go ask your best friends to number your friendship, believe me when I say true friendship  is beyond any number.

This world is so quick to put a number on things, from the latest iPhone to designer clothes.

This is not true value.

Your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, the sound of your laughter this is what people will remember.

A new dress will become last seasons fashion, a kind giving heart will be cherished forever.

Hey I’m not saying don’t share that photo of you in your new top, coat, jeans hey we all do, personally a good make up day is always a share for me.

It’s not about not posting, its about why you post.

Post because you feel good, post because you are happy with the way you look, post because you just want to.

Don’t hold on for likes, know you are liked and loved.

The number does not hold your value because it cannot,

Because simply you are priceless. 



My baby is a teenager.

My baby is 13 today.

How in the world did this happen?

The cute little miss is now heading into the teenage years.

How I love this beautiful girl.

Her sweet kind heart brightens many a day.

Her loving nature is such a gift.

I’ve watched her grow and struggle over the last few years. Losing her sister left such a scar on this precious heart. Yet her kindness and courage has been paramount on our fostering journey.

Her desire and heart to care for others is simply inspiring.

Her energy is infectious and exhausting. She throws herself into everything with such zeal. School sports teams, drama and of course singing her beautiful voice blessing us all.

I cannot believe we have reached this milestone already.

Can I hold on to her a little longer?

My beautiful new teenager, never doubt how loved you are.

Never forget what a gift you are to us and how proud we are to be your parents.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for you and so sure you will bless this world in all that you do.

I love that your biggest ambition is to help others.

Enjoy your special day my beautiful girl.

You are my baby and will always be my baby.

Love you my little wise owl.

Happy 13th Brodie Lea xxxx


Teenager in Heaven

On Saturday my beautiful angel would have turned thirteen. 


Thirteen a right of passage into the world of the teenager.


I wonder what she would have been like at thirteen, would she have been full of hormones and drama like her sisters.


How would she have aged, would those adorable blond curls start to straighten, her blue eyes widen.

Im not sure how to feel, as we put up her cards and her special balloon.


I’m sad and angry all in one moment and so very lost.


We had a family meal Alan, I and the girls, just  sitting and sharing our memories, so sweet, so bitter sweet.


We had balloons to release with messages to heaven. Ribbons to tie on the tree at her special place.


So many flowers adorn her grave, so much love, so much pain.



How do we go on?  It’s a question I wonder everyday


One step at a time.


One day at a time. 


Time is supposed to heal, I’m not sure that’s the truth. I feel that maybe in time you learn to  the handle the pain easier, develop a higher threshold. 


Livvy was an amazing young lady who blessed our life for nine and a half years. It wasn’t enough. Is it ever enough?


My heart aches to hold my sweet daughter once again. I hope dear Livvy you are causing chaos in heaven. May my grandparents be holding you close and have brushed  your sweet cheeks with birthday kisses. Im saving all mine up until that blessed day when we are reunited. 


I do have so much to be thankful for, three amazing daughters who bless my life each day. Who make me so proud with their kindness and caring well beyond their years.


They too miss Livvy desperately but together we have made a pact. We are going to live life like Livvy did. With courage, strength and joy and most of all with love and hope.


Our family may have one member in heaven but we are still a family.