Sunglasses style

One of my favourite things of the summer is getting to wear my sunglasses, I simply love them. Unfortunately I have a habit of losing them, often leaving them places.

So when I was contacted by Cheapass Sunglasses, I fell in love with both the name of the store, the range and especially the cost.

The selection of styles is fantastic It took me ages to decide.

My first chosen pair were aptly named Fabulous, they are vintage in style and super stylish. I found them a little large for my face but my daughter loved them and has already helped herself to the pair.



My second pair was this stylish pair named Formidable, the matt black was what caught my eye and to be honest these are now my favourite by far. I just love them.





So if you are after a quality pair of sunglasses but don’t have a massive budget check out


logo_en  as they are well worth a look.




*I was given two pair of glasses for the purpose of this review but all my opinions are true and valid and completely my own.

I can see ya !!!

I’m a full time wearer of spectacles and while I am grateful for my sight I get so fed up of having to wear the same pair day in and day out. The price of glasses makes it impossible to allow me any real choice.

Well it used to!

A few months back I won a competition on twitter for a pair of spectacles from an online company called Specspost.

Now I had heard of online suppliers but with the prices the company was asking I really didn’t expect quality. Following the belief ” you get what you pay for”. 

But hey I had won the pair so nothing to lose. Right!!

Well a few days after I emailed them my prescription my prize pair came through the post.

To be honest I was really shocked at the quality of the specs.

They were strong, comfortable and super stylish and have now become one of my favourite pairs.

Well this was the start of my relationship with Specspost. I have now ordered two more pairs of specs to add to my collection.

So imagine my joy when I had an email telling me about the new range of sunglasses the site now had.

I am one of those people that suffer a lot with migraines so sunglasses are a must but obviously being as blind as bat as well the sunglasses obviously need to be prescription as well. Again this brings cost into the equation, money sucks right. 

Though again Specspost have come to my rescue with their fantastic and fashionable range of sunglasses for all tastes with their usual reasonable prices.

Now I know many are worried about buying something so personal as spectacles online. I mean we have to check that they would suit us and feel comfortable.

This is where I really think Specspost are awesome you choose a few pairs online, pay a deposit and get to trial the glasses at home. You then try them out, choose your pair or in my case pairs, post them back, pay your balance and then a few days later your specs are posted back out to you. It is really that simple.

Specspost take all the hassle away from you.

I personally loved the home trial it gave me a chance to really check if the glasses suited me. I got to ask opinions of my family as well as trying out different hairstyles wearing them. This is something I would never consider doing in a shop.


I highly recommend Specspost they offer quality stylish glasses along with fantastic supportive customer service.

The glasses range from as little as £10. They also offer designer frames for really reasonable prices.

I have only one problem with Specspost I now have a slight glasses addiction forming but hey with their amazing prices it’s not that bad.

Seriously don’t just take my word for it order a few pairs to try at home.

I had so much fun choosing my new sunglasses.

IMG_0875 IMG_0877

* I received a pair of sunglasses for the purpose of this review. All my opinions are my own and I seriously love this company