We need special dresses for a truly special event.

Now if you read this blog you will  know I am one proud mom, my children are my world.

My girls have faced so much loss in their short lives and yet still have held on to their compassionate hearts which isn’t easy when faced with so much hurt I can promise you that.

Besides being fantastic sisters to Livvy they now have happily opened their hearts and homes to the children we foster.

So when I found out that my youngest was a finalist in The Eleventh Annual Mayor’s Civic Awards I could have cried, ok I did cry.

The Mayor’s Civic Awards are now in their eleventh year honouring local people who make outstanding contributions to the borough and my girlie is one of those they are honouring.

We are all so excited for this special evening but are a little worried about what to wear. We don’t really attend many formal events so this is both exciting and nerve wracking for us all.

Especially for my daughter and I as dress shopping is a little overwhelming for us denim loving ladies.

Still we have been searching the internet for our special dresses for this special event.

Here are our choices.

Brodie and I both fell in love with dresses from Chi Chi Clothing 

Brodie loved this elegant lace skater dress


Chi Chi Florence Dress


Whilst I fell head over heels with this cap sleeve baroque style maxi dress the detail is simply beautiful.

Chic Chic Avril Dress
Chic Chic Avril Dress


These dresses are truly beautiful and would turn a special night into a truly amazing night.

Brodie also fell in love with this stunning dress from New Look 

I love this one and think the colour would really compliment Brodie’s beautiful big blue eyes.

John Zack navy low lace dress
John Zack navy low lace dress


I love this Little Mistress Wrap Front Maxi dress from Asos. It’s so special, I am so nervous about this event so making sure I feel good is so important.



Little mistress wrap front dress
Little mistress wrap front dress


Brodie doesn’t have a third choice but this Little mistress emb nude maxi dress.  from Simply Be caught my eye, I love the detail on the top of this dress.

Little mistress nude maxi dress
Little mistress nude maxi dress


Brodie and I are both excited and nervous about this event. It is so special that Brodie has been named as a finalist, I am so proud of her.


It will also be a wonderful opportunity for us to tell people about Livvy’s Smile.

Me and my girl


If any of the brands listed or any other brands would like to work with us on this we would be extremely excited and please email us at walkingwithangels@live.co.uk


Memory Making

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels God was shining down on you.

For me last Saturday  was one of those days.

In my alter ego the founder of the charity Livvy’s Smile we hosted a fun day at SNAPs a special needs playground.

It was truly an amazing day with over 50 children and their families having lots of fun and creating those special memories.

The sun shined and the air was filled with laughter.

Everywhere we looked children’s faces were filled with smiles.

Parents chatting together finding strength and comfort in shared understanding.

Raising children with special needs can be hard and it can also be isolating and lonely.

I watched siblings play side by side, faces painted in fantastic designs and balloon animals, flowers, swords galore.

With good food, and an atmosphere filled with joy.

A perfect memory making day.

Take a look at the memory video click logo xxxx





Friendship & Cake

Yesterday I was lucky enough to
get to visit the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester.


My dear friend Shelley won tickets from Lakeland and I was blessed enough to be invited along. So on the train we went for a day full of fun and no children woo hoo.

The Manchester Central when we finally found it was packed solid with queues out of the door. After waiting impatiently we entered a hall full of stalls selling everything the amateur cake decorator and baker could want.

Sugarcraft butterflies to tractors tins. Demonstrators, workshops and so much more


I was super excited by the bread baking equipment and treated myself to a cane proofing basket.

It was a fantastic day just enjoying friendship and shopping.
Getting to chat while we browsed the stalls what more could a girl want.

The show was a great day out, with companies like Lakeland and Baking mad.com, Sainsburys, Dove farms and Dr Oetker it was a well planned event.

Celebrity bakers including my heart throb Paul Hollywood were in attendance. Simply fantastic, Simply gorgeous.

Beautiful cakes, artisan breads just blissful.


My only complaint would be that it needs to be at a bigger venue as at times it was impossible to reach the stalls or watch the demonstrations. Also there wasn’t enough chairs to rest upon,

I returned happy with my new basket, new recipe book and some yummy cheese

An amazing day made more special by the friend I shared the day with.

A fantastic or should that be a taste-tactic day.

Birthdays are special

I’ve been thinking about birthdays recently and how sometimes we don’t realise how special each one is.

I guess as you get older the excitement wears off, I mean who really wants to be old.

But I believe that we look at it the wrong way.

A birthday marks the passing of another year that you were blessed to be here.

Now I don’t wish to sound maudlin or miserable far from it, I want us to realise the celebration of life.

When my children were younger every birthday had a party, we celebrated with family and friends. It was a celebration a real time to rejoice, but as we all get older its becomes less so.

I think often of Livvy and the fact that we only had 9 birthdays to celebrate with her. I give thanks that we celebrated each one in style.

But it shouldn’t take the fear of loss to make us celebrate each other. Each year we get to spend together is special, it is a gift and should be rightly appreciated as such.

Birthdays are times to let the people you love and cherish know how much you value them.

So be it a 21st or a 42nd let’s celebrate the gift of a year and the blessing of having each other in our lives.


We Are All Unique

Sometimes I just have to stop and watch the world.

It’s a wonderful creation from the highest of mountains to the ocean floor, life is lived in many different ways. The beauty of a eagle in flight, the inner beauty of an oyster shell.



All so different all so unique.

It’s incredible how unquie we are, each one of us special in our own way. From hair colour to height. From eye colour to shoe size.



We all have different dreams, different feelings. All completely unique to us and only us.

What I find strange in the world is how we don’t see this uniqueness as the gift it is. We all want to be slim like the latest top model, famous like the Oscar winning actor.

We strive to be part of a group, a clan, a set.

I’m not saying I’m any different I’m so not. I strive to be part of a group, to fit in to be recognised.

Yet I’m struck by how different I am in different groups in different situations. It feels like I play different in many different plays.

I often leave places thinking WHAT, where did Sara go?

It’s not a great place to be, I do accept we all play a variety of roles in life, mother, daughter, work colleague , friend. But the inner essence should be you.

I made a pact today to embrace my uniqueness, everything about me from my tattoos to my secret desire for a power suit.

I am who I am and guess what that’s actually ok.

So if you are feeling lost, fed up of not being you, join me in my quest of embracing the uniqueness of ourselves.

There is only one me in this world and that is pretty special.