Here I go.

I sit in my living room and it’s so silent, no dogs either snoring or trumping. No cat making weird sounds behind my head and no husband watching endless episodes of wheeler dealers. Silence this is my new normal.

Gibbs Jethro Meredith May 2010- March 2023

So much has happened since I have last wrote here, my marriage has ended and I am finding myself both heartbroken and relieved at the same time. I will always love my husband but after so much brokenness and so much pain we cannot connect as we used to. It’s devastating but it’s true and I just have to move forward, moving with a heart so full of love for the last almost 27 years. I may have lost a lover, I hope I don’t lose a friend.

My life feels so strange right now, I’m still in so much pain from the loss I have faced, my heart still aches from the missing. Yet light is slowly creeping in and my weary mind is starting to feel awake once more. Navigating this new life is going to feel lonely at times but I would rather be lonely than alone in a relationship.

I’m not going to say that life is easy it isn’t, but I’m starting to feel the grit in my stomach start to rise. I can feel determination start to strengthen my spine and hope, oh wonderful hope, oh how I have missed you is now warming my soul.

My house may feel empty with echoes of memories of the past, but it’s nearly ready. Ready to welcome in new life, new love and a hell of a lot of laughter.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all and I completely agree but I also believe love is not lost. It’s tender memories stay with you for your lifetime and your hopes and dreams aren’t gone they just have to find a new road to travel.

So here’s to new roads and a to many more memories to be made.

One foot in front of the other.

Here I go.

Stop hating on Band Aid 30 and start loving those dying from Ebola.

So Its official I am getting serious peeved with all the negativity surrounding the Band Aid 30 single.



It’s as if whatever people try to do someone will have a moan.

From comments regarding the tax status of the singers to the rampant disregard for the devastation Ebola is causing.

Let me state a few things here.

The tax status of the singers involved has no place being discussed alongside the single.

If Sir Bob or Bono are evading taxes then that’s a issue for the government to deal with.

They will be tax evaders regardless of our spending of 99p to buy the single,

If we don’t buy the single in protest the only people that will lose are those dying from Ebola.

If you have an issue with the wealthy receiving tax breaks well then us your vote wisely at the next election.

Those dying from this disease in Africa right now well they don’t make government policy.

Secondly I don’t give a damn if One direction are flying about in separate planes because they don’t get on.

Does this effect the support we can provide to fight this disease “No.”

Should the singers involved in the single be donating their money not their time?

Maybe they have !

Who knows why are we jumping to the conclusion that it’s one or the other.

Let’s be honest if they were out in the media shouting about their donation we would be ripping them apart for this too.

Damned if you do damned if you don’t. 

There are also many other entertainers out there who have done jack shit let’s not beat up on the ones that have.

So what if Sir Bob swore on television maybe he was annoyed that a reporter decided to take the subject matter away from the real issue “the people dying”.

We can all take cheap shots over tax breaks another time maybe when this devastating disease has been beaten.

It’s crazy it’s a 99p single.

It’s not about the singers.
It’s not about the lyrics.
It’s certainly not about the tax returns of the performers

It’s about a devastating virus which has so far infected over 13,000 people and claimed the lives of over 5000.

I’m tired of excuses.

Like the single or don’t that your choice.

Buy it or don’t.

But stop telling others how they should help and do something yourself.

Imagine if we all waited for others to act.

How many lives will be lost due to our inaction.

Donate today and let’s stop the outbreak in its tracks.

Let’s not lose anymore lives to Ebola.