Walking a new path

Now I’m not new to special needs. I am versed in the medical terms and the reality of it all but to be honest nothing has really prepared me for the pathway I have been walking this last few months.


Aspergers  is a condition I have known about for a while but not something I was ready to admit my daughter had, even if I have suspicions for well forever.


To be perfectly truthful I have known for a long time my daughter had her own way of doing things.


Literal thinking to the extreme.


Communication issues






Self doubt


No concept of sarcasm.


Yet I have just related them to her being her mothers daughter 😮 I mean I so don’t get people at the best of times and weird obsessions, well lets not go there.


But over the last year we have noticed how much she has struggled and it has broke our hearts.


So when something came to a head a few months ago we took the plunge and asked for a referral to have her assessed.


Well the assessment has happened and what should have taken over 6 months has now been amended into waiting for an appointment for the official diagnoses.  It seems she is showing all the characterizes of a child with Aspergers and to quote the therapist “she is obvious”. Hence the quicker appointment.


Now ok, this has been a shock to the system but lets be honest it doesn’t change who she is. She is still Eden to us. It will just help us, help her as she grows and goes through life.


She is an amazing young lady with a mind that is so vast and so knowledgable. I am just hoping this diagnoses and the support she will get will help her find her way a little easier and to be a little kinder to herself.


So now we wait to see the consultant and officially start our new pathway into the world of Aspergers.




So am I after your body?

Seriously at times I have considered getting rid of the pre-approval of comments on my blog and just trusting in the human race.

But then a couple of months ago I had quite an aggressive one about me being a bad mother so I left well alone.

But nothing prepared me for today’s highlight.

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about starting to learn to love and respect myself as I am.

It was a well received post with a lost of people tweeting, messaging me saying they also are trying to get into that place too.

Well today I was surprised to receive this comment.

“This isn’t about finding yourself it’s about getting attention cause you are vain. Or maybe you are after a sympathy shag”.

Seriously how in the world do I respond to that?

Obviously this person believes my journey is about vanity rather than self confidence and self respect.

To be perfectly honest I’m in shock at this response. I don’t believe I was courting attention at all.

I wasn’t going to publish this as to be honest I was embarrassed but you know what that’s how bullies work. By making you stay quiet and question who you are.

My journey is simply that MINE. It’s something I am going on for me.

I share it so others can relate not to procure sexual favours.

Enough said !!!!

Comment deleted </strong>

Back and in shock

I’m back from my week at camp. I feel like I’ve travelled into another universe. In the middle of a field in Wem, Shropshire with no television I had managed to convince myself the riots were a mere fabrication of the media.

Returning home I’m struck by the horror of reality.

I don’t know what to make of the scenes of carnage I am witnessing on my television screen.

The irony of it all makes me sick. I have spent a week with some of the bravest people I know. Children fighting for their lives, living with severe disabilities. Parents facing daily battles arguing for necessary equipment to ease, improve their child’s quality of life. Yet I don’t see them taking to the streets looting, stealing, destroying. Using the excuse of feeling sorry for themselves of the life they have to live.

Whatever the reasons there is no excuse for the violence, the sheer horror of what is occurring.

My heart breaks when I think of the way our country Is being portrayed around the world. I hope people will understand that the mindless thugs are a minority of England not the majority.

I think of the homes, businesses, lives destroyed in the last few days and I’m lost. I cannot comprehend how people must be feeling.

I listen, read the rage against the police the politicians and yes I agree mistakes have been made but the fault lies at the feet of the rioters. Nowhere else.

I don’t know what the future holds for our country. I pray that from destruction can come new growth. That changes that can be made.

Right now I pray for peace, may the violence end and may all people be safe.