Know your own value.

Dear teenagers,

There is nothing more than I hate to see then you posting photographs on social media asking for likes. Your need to get reassurance from others. The value you place in the number you receive really worries me.

facebook like button

You cannot allow your self worth to be based on a number.

The world of social media is a fickle place someone may not like your photo for reasons that are way beyond you, but the fact is, that is irrelevant.

You need to know your own worth!

To know how truly amazing you are.

Post as many photos as you want but love them yourself.

Know that what you see is a beautiful, handsome incredible individual.

Know that each and every one of you is an amazing unique person.

That your life is worth so much more than a like or twenty, in fact no number can hold your value.

You are priceless.

Go ask your parents for a number that holds your value, they couldn’t give you one as their love for you infinite.

Go ask your best friends to number your friendship, believe me when I say true friendship  is beyond any number.

This world is so quick to put a number on things, from the latest iPhone to designer clothes.

This is not true value.

Your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, the sound of your laughter this is what people will remember.

A new dress will become last seasons fashion, a kind giving heart will be cherished forever.

Hey I’m not saying don’t share that photo of you in your new top, coat, jeans hey we all do, personally a good make up day is always a share for me.

It’s not about not posting, its about why you post.

Post because you feel good, post because you are happy with the way you look, post because you just want to.

Don’t hold on for likes, know you are liked and loved.

The number does not hold your value because it cannot,

Because simply you are priceless. 



Oh just get along.

I sometimes wonder how often we just give away parts of ourselves just to keep the peace.

When we are tired and weary and we just want the arguments to stop.

How many times do we teach our children to just be friends.

Just try to get along.

Yet their hearts are actually breaking from the pain.

“I know she’ll hurt you.”

“I know she said some things that she shouldn’t but move on and try to be happy”

“Kids say things they don’t mean don’t take it to heart.”

“Just ignore it”.

Yet each cruel word is etched into their soul.

Why do we say its okay when it’s not?

The Internet is full of kids lost due to bullying.

Souls broken unable to take anymore.

Were they told to be nice?

To ignore the bullies.

To try and be friends.

Get along.

Just be strong.

By telling our children how to be we take away who they are.

And who they are is just fine.

No one deserves to be made to change.

To feel ashamed in their own skin,

It’s not about getting along.

It’s about being given the freedom to sing your own song.

Dear Fatty

Last week I had a lovely comment on my blog. I use the word lovely as sarcastically as possible as the comment was in fact a insult.

Someone, some troll had decided I needed to be taken down a peg or two and tell me that I was fooling myself if I believed that I was anything but a fatty.

 How nice!

 Yet the thing that got me about this comment was my reaction.

 I seriously couldn’t give a crap. (Thats me being polite).

Six months ago that comment would have sent me to my knees. I would have cried and hated myself.

But last week I just laughed.

You see I have finally accepted something about myself.

Yes I’m a fatty 

 But you know what?

I am blooming beautiful too.

So thank you Miss xxxxxx for your comment last week. You made me realise how far I have come on my journey.


Anyone know the way?

It’s crazy somedays I just get so caught up in my lack of self confidence that everything seems to be so different to how it really is.

It’s like my reality can be screwed up by my emotions.

Today I’ve been feeling really down on myself, someone had said something to me that just robbed me of my self confidence in one sentence.

The crazy thing is I don’t think they meant it to sound how I heard it.

They were talking about learning more, I was hearing “you are thick and know nothing.”

How do I get to point of belief?

A point where I believe in myself.

I’m trying hard to let things wash over.

To have faith in myself.

To be true to myself and liking who I am.

It’s a journey with a lot of dead ends. I feel like I’ve taken the wrong road at times and are completely lost.

Does anyone have a map?

Anyone know the way?


Believe in yourself.

Didn’t get the email, not invited into the group, is the laughter about me?

I struggle daily with issues like this and the fault lies with nobody but myself.

My lack of confidence breeds paranoia.

How can I reach a point where what others think is not so important to me. Of course people aren’t going to like me but I’m sure that’s not the same for everyone. Gosh I hope so.

I find myself pulling away from situations where there are groups. I accept I can never be part. Why can’t I? I’m defeated before I’ve begun.

How do you become confident in yourself? Learn to love who you are?

I’m on a quest to find out. I need to learn self confidence, self belief.

Any suggestions welcome.