The Nut Job

Last Sunday afternoon we managed to find time in the seasons chaos to sit down and watch a movie as a family.

It was lovely to curl up on the sofa and have cuddles with my babies.


The DVD we had to watch was the new release The Nut Job and what a film it was.

From the opening scene we were enthralled. It was super sweet and so funny. The film had me at moments seriously laughing out loud. The humour was great for all ages.

Without giving to much away the story has bad guys and good. A reluctant hero and a lady with spirit.

You can enjoy crime, romance and friendship. All in the name of nuts.

We loved this film here and I think it would be a great one to add to your Christmas family film list.


The Nut Job is out now.

*we were gifted a DVD for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own.

MeMeMe cosmetics – review

A few weeks ago I attended my first ever Fabb Event in Birmingham.

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect but i had a really great afternoon.

The event was really well presented, the brands were easy accessible and super informative.

I cannot show how fantastic the event was as for some reason i lost all my photos from the event when I updated my I-phone.

But my fellow blogger Natty Nikki has written a post here. 

Now not being a beauty blogger I cannot really tell you in technical terms about make-up I honestly have to just raise my hands and say I like what I like and what suits me.

My girls have been my greatest teachers telling me what suits me and what doesn’t, (sometimes a little to much).

I also don’t have an extensive budget for beauty buys so I do find myself looking for competitive prices.

So when I came across the Me Me Me i was both excited and impressed.



The quality of the packaging first caught my eye its classy and understated which i loved.

I also then fell for one of the lip glosses it was the colour I had been searching for.

We were then gifted a lovely bag with some products in  which I have been testing at home and have loved.



The Archangel tinted brow gel is my favourite so far as its shapes my brows beautiful and the colour lasts fantastically.

There was a lip gloss to add to this but I think it disappeared into my teenage daughters room, she is just starting with make-up and the light colour i received was perfect for her. She loved it as it in her words “it lasted and wasn’t sticky like some”.


I still have to try the other products but so far I am super impressed.

The quality of the products is amazing and the prices are so competitive.

But honestly don’t take my word for it go check out their site Me Me Me Cosmetics  and from now till to the end of November they are offering my readers a 25% discount. Enter the code mememe25 at the basket.


Seriously I have added a few items to my christmas list including this Light Me Up lipgloss in the beautiful colour Intense.



I really love this gift set too.




I also really want to try this Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer, the lovely rep was wearing this and i was loved the impact it made.




The Adventurer

Adventurer - pack shot


The film “The Adventurer” was very interesting.

It was a action packed film with some violence.

I would recommend a parent watched this this DVD first because it has lots of guns, fighting and death in it.

I really enjoyed it though it was very interesting to watch it had some great scenes and lots of contrasting characters.

Some are nice and some are bad mostly because they are after something very important to them.

It’s a film filled with history and suspense.


It was a great DVD, it had some fantastic action parts and some really funny parts.

It was a really good and i loved the setting and the era it was staged in.

I recommend this film but would say its definitely a PG one.

My mom especially loved this film but that may have more to do with Ioan Gruffudd being in it.

Brodie Meredith.


Here is one of my favourite scenes…….

The Adventurer: The Curse Of The Midas Box

Released on DVD and digital platforms on October 27th

An all-star cast features in the family fantasy epic, THE ADVENTURER: THE CURSE OF THE MIDAS BOX, coming to DVD and digital platforms on October 27th, 2014, courtesy of Signature Entertainment

As the steam age takes hold in Victorian London, Mariah Mundi’s life is turned upside down when his parents vanish and his younger brother is kidnapped. After an encounter with a charismatic stranger, Mundi follows a trail of clues to the majestic Prince Regent Hotel where he discovers a hidden realm of child-stealing monsters, deadly secrets and a long lost artefact with the potential to grant limitless power at a devastating supernatural cost. With the fate of his world and his family at stake, Mundi will risk everything to unravel the Curse of the Midas Box!

*We were given a copy of this film for the purpose of this dvd but all opinions are our own.

I can see ya !!!

I’m a full time wearer of spectacles and while I am grateful for my sight I get so fed up of having to wear the same pair day in and day out. The price of glasses makes it impossible to allow me any real choice.

Well it used to!

A few months back I won a competition on twitter for a pair of spectacles from an online company called Specspost.

Now I had heard of online suppliers but with the prices the company was asking I really didn’t expect quality. Following the belief ” you get what you pay for”. 

But hey I had won the pair so nothing to lose. Right!!

Well a few days after I emailed them my prescription my prize pair came through the post.

To be honest I was really shocked at the quality of the specs.

They were strong, comfortable and super stylish and have now become one of my favourite pairs.

Well this was the start of my relationship with Specspost. I have now ordered two more pairs of specs to add to my collection.

So imagine my joy when I had an email telling me about the new range of sunglasses the site now had.

I am one of those people that suffer a lot with migraines so sunglasses are a must but obviously being as blind as bat as well the sunglasses obviously need to be prescription as well. Again this brings cost into the equation, money sucks right. 

Though again Specspost have come to my rescue with their fantastic and fashionable range of sunglasses for all tastes with their usual reasonable prices.

Now I know many are worried about buying something so personal as spectacles online. I mean we have to check that they would suit us and feel comfortable.

This is where I really think Specspost are awesome you choose a few pairs online, pay a deposit and get to trial the glasses at home. You then try them out, choose your pair or in my case pairs, post them back, pay your balance and then a few days later your specs are posted back out to you. It is really that simple.

Specspost take all the hassle away from you.

I personally loved the home trial it gave me a chance to really check if the glasses suited me. I got to ask opinions of my family as well as trying out different hairstyles wearing them. This is something I would never consider doing in a shop.


I highly recommend Specspost they offer quality stylish glasses along with fantastic supportive customer service.

The glasses range from as little as £10. They also offer designer frames for really reasonable prices.

I have only one problem with Specspost I now have a slight glasses addiction forming but hey with their amazing prices it’s not that bad.

Seriously don’t just take my word for it order a few pairs to try at home.

I had so much fun choosing my new sunglasses.

IMG_0875 IMG_0877

* I received a pair of sunglasses for the purpose of this review. All my opinions are my own and I seriously love this company

I need my coffee

Its a well known fact in my house that mom needs her coffee. With many late nights and too many early mornings I honestly believe I survive on caffeine alone.

Over the years i have in my husband’s words become a “coffee snob” liking only the richer stronger blends.

So when I was approached by Beanie’s  I wasn’t sure as I simply haven’t a taste for flavoured coffee’s but  I did decide to give them a go as their reputation for quality coffee preceded them.

Personally I didn’t enjoy them but I know that this is just my view as the teenagers really enjoyed them. Especially the carmel flavoured one which was described as naughty but nice. Even my husband who isn’t a coffee drinker enjoyed a mug or two.

The quality of the coffee is evident in the taste and for anyone who enjoys their flavoured coffee I recommend them.

They have a variety of flavours, we tried the Caramel, the Amaretto Almond and the Winter Warmer but there are many more flavours in the range for you to try if these are not to your taste. My girls have already requested I get the Double Choc.

photo 1

I do really recommend the brand and I think they are perfect to have in your cupboard especially with the forthcoming season. A bit of variety for your Christmas visitors.

Organic God – booksneeze review

* I was sent an electronic copy of this book for the purpose of this review from Booksneeze

I review for BookSneeze®

I chose this book hoping for something to draw me closer in my relationship with God.

The front of the book states

“Fall in love with God all over again”.

I’m sorry but it didn’t move me at all.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice book the sharing of the authors stories and her moments, but it just left me cold.

I really struggled to finish it and have only done so for the purpose of the review.

Just not one for me.


Ice Age 4 – Review

Again here in the Meredith household we have been lucky enough to have a chance to review another great DVD release Ice Age 4.



As a parent it was a wonderfully peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon as it kept all the girls quiet and the husband too. Besides bursts of laughter I was blessed with a argument free few hours. Heaven in a box.

But let me hand you over to my residence expert reviewer Miss Brodie.

Ice Age 4 is a great film. It is funny and amusing. It is a fabulous film because it has funny parts. Like when the granny says “if your gonna kiss I’m gonna puke”. And it was also a little scary when Shira the female lion almost’s get’s shredded into a skin to go on the Captains wall. And there was also sad parts. When Manny got separated from Peach (his daughter) and his wife.

But altogether I think it is a great film. I would recommend this to any child with parent’s permission.


So as you can see it was a fun family film and a perfect stocking filler.

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Rock of Ages – Review


I’m not quite sure how to describe Rock of Ages, it’s one of those films I can’t decide if I either love it or hate it.

The music score holds some of my favourite ever tunes but at times the cheese factor nearly ruins them for me.

It’s a traditional story, country girl dreams of moving to the city to become a rock singer. Falls in love, gets her heart broken and learns of the seedy side of big city life.

Thankfully like all good love stories there is a happy ending but not until we have the dodgy strip club scene and in my opinion an even dodger boy band scene.

Rock of Ages is just simply fun.

The vocal talent is amazing from the two young actors and even I confess Tom cruise wasn’t bad. Though for me Tom looks better in an navy uniform than with long hair and tattoos and that surprised me as I love tattooed men, long hair not so much.

The film is about love and the love of music. It has been done before and will be done again but for a fun night it, it is well worth a watch.

Not going to be one of my all time movies but has been a big hit with my teenager daughter, but I promise if she asks me one more time if I like a song I was rocking to before she was even thought of I may have to scream.

* I was given a copy of the DVD to review but all opinions are my own.

The Penguin King




“With 3D you can convey the reality of what’s in front of the camera in a much more powerful way than ever before”
– Sir David Attenborough

In Cinemas on 24th October 2012

This magical film is a must see for any family.

One of the perks of my blogging is the reviews I get to do and as one of our family favourite things to do is curling up on the sofa together and watching DVD’s.

So when we were offered a copy of the film “The Penguin King”we were all rather excited and one no more so than my 11 year old Brodie. Penguins are one of the things she shared with her late sister Livvy so can you can imagine they are dear to her sweet heart.

But to be honest “The penguin king” was rather a surprise to my Brodie as she didn’t expect it to be a film with real life footage. But that didn’t stop her enjoying it as it was very interesting and the imagery was truly stunning, but let me hand you over to my beautiful daughter who offered to write the review herself and in her own words.

Penguin King

The Penguin King is a nature film about the life cycle of a male penguin. It starts with a male penguin who falls in love with a female penguin. So he waddles over and starts beginning to try to win her over as he stretches high and then bows and the female penguin bowed back which is the sign to show that she wants to start a family with him. So next they find a settled spot to nest and lay their egg. Next is where they start to peck each over. Then when the egg is laid the male father stays where he was and sits on the egg to keep it warm. When the female penguin goes out to collect fish to feed thier chick when he hatches. Eventually the male and female are needed to find fish However, whilst they were out fishing a kind of killing bird came over and started to head over to the chick, just in time the male penguin comes waddling over to protect his baby thankfully was saved his chick. But sadly when the female penguin was fishing, she was being chased by a killer whale. The female penguin suddenly stopped to look for shore but immediately a killer whale took the chance a gulped up the female penguin.Later on the male and chick where wondering when the mother penguin was returning the male penguin thought how will he raise a chick all by himself. Sadly the female penguin never returned. This is what I reviewed from the Penguin King and I learned many new things about nature thank you for sending me the film.


* We were send a copy of the ” The Penguin King” to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

The Call of a Coward- Booksneeze


When the Moston Family hear the call from God they pack up their typical American home and find themselves driving along the atrocious life defying roads of Guartamla.

They hope to work hard and make a difference to bring the love of God to the Mayan people in a world with no telephones Internet or even a reliable postal service. But as we know the bible has no boundaries it cannot reach.

After packing up and moving to Guartalma no one is more surprised than the family to find themselves heading back to the US in less than a year. Weak from a severe bound of hepatitis and disillusioned from life the family cross the border and fall back into their old life with such a familiarity that Marcia wonders what it had all been about.

Had God planned for this to happen? How can she be expected to live Guartamla behind her how can she rid her heart of this unfinished feeling.

Turning to God she prays to return to Guartalma and finish what they started. So when her brother asks them to come to Vermont to help grow a small rural church she is sure that this isn’t in the plan. So in a challenge to God she ironically stated that if I hear a Spanish speaking person in Vermont I know this is where you are calling me. So after the visit she is sure that its not for her but like always God has the bigger plan and when the last person they meet greets them in Spanish she knows her plan is his.

This is one amazing book that shows the depth of courage and faith the Moston family have and also even when we think we know the plans God has for us we can be genuinely be surprised.

This is book that I recommend whole heartily, It is well written in a wonderful manner that takes you along with the family on their courageous journey.

I review for BookSneeze®

*I received this Ebook free to review from Booksneeze, but all opinions are my own.