We did join in on World Book Day

It was so lovely to see the country celebrating World Book Day last week. It was such fun seeing all the outfits and the imagination that the day brought about. My little one isn’t at school yet so we actually didn’t dress up but I’m sure if he had been given a choice he would have gone for his favourite The Gruffalo.

Still we did join in with the day by doing our favourite thing. We read stories. My little one loves nothing more that to be snuggled up on my lap reading story after story. It’s such a special time for us both and certainly is building up the close bond between us.

These were our reading material for World Book day. We had such fun reading these from the Scholastic World Book Day 2017 range

I think the Scarcrows wedding was a big hit for my little man as it’s by his favourite authors but I loved the Peter Rabbit one as it reminds me of those I’ve read to his sisters in the past. 

Writing this I’ve realised that next year little one will be at nursery so maybe it’s time to start planning that World Book Day 2018 outfit now.

No pressure 😳

*A big thank you to Scholastic for these books, we certainly loved them. 

If it’s reading inspiration you’re looking for, Scholastic’s bumper World Book Day Book Club is ready and waiting for you to discover it. Packed with exciting reads from kids’ favourites – like Wimpy Kid, David Walliams, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler – at pocket-money-friendly prices, and positively bursting with new releases, film tie-ins and home learning activities, the only problem will be choosing what they should spend their £1 World Book Day tokens on. World Book Day tokens can be redeemed online up until 5th May, and every order over £10 will earn the school or nursery of your choice 20% back in free books – so you can spread the joy of reading on World Book Day and all year-round.

Room to grow – Book Scheme

To say that we are a household of book-lovers is a little of an understatement my husband calls my bedroom the library and my girls rooms are not following that far behind.

Yet over the last year or so I have noticed that the girls were becoming more likely to pick up their smartphone than they were a book. Now I wish this was because they were using a kindle app but no they were mostly using social media to chat with their friends.

Now I can excuse my older two a little as they have to do a giant amount of reading for their forthcoming GCSE’s and A Levels but my little one she has no excuse.

So when I received an email from Room to grow – a book-share scheme I decided it was a perfect way to encourage her back into books.

Room to grow is a children’s bed and furniture website now you may ask what that has to do with books. Well the company was so shocked at the recent statistics regarding the level of literacy in this country that they decided they wanted to do something.

Did you know England is the only developed country producing school leavers who are worse at reading than their Grandparents? According to a recent study by the organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development adults aged 55 to 65 perform better than 16-24 year olds.
A survey by the National Literacy Trust recently revealed that fewer children read in their own time, one in five are embarrassed when caught reading a book and one in three said they only read when they had to.

How truly awful are the above statements. I hate that children are embrassed to be found reading a book. I have spent many hours lost between the pages of a good story.

I have also spend many hours curled up sharing stories with my four girls. Watching their faces and their eager anticipation and what happens next.

Thankfully the company Room to grow were shocked and that they decided to fund a parent book share scheme. The concept is super simple but super fantastic too.

1. A book is sent to you
2. You return the book using our prepaid envelopes
3. You continue to receive books over the course of 3 months (minimum)

I love this


We have already received our first book and my daughter is off on the adventure you can only find between the pages of a book.


I think as parents we have an obligation to introduce our children to the world of books. If not only for the sheer pleasure one can get from reading but for that fact that no matter how quick the worlds technology may grow you always need to be able to read be it on a screen or in a textbook.

The literacy rate should be rising not decreasing.

I’m just so thankful that Room to grow is making an step to encourage this and in the words of the companies director.

“If Room To Grow can help even a single child understand or maintain the joy of reading and create an unending affection of books, then that can only be a good thing.”

Anne Davis, Room To Grow Director





Show and Tell Saturday



Its that time of week when I catch you all up on what i’ve been up to.

Well here goes.

Reading wise I have been having a catch up on some of my favourite blogs. I’ve also been reading The Duggar family book.


Its my second reading of this book, it just helps me stay in a good place.

I’ve been listening to the new Natalie Grant song Hurricane which is amazing, you should check it out.

It’s been a busy week,.

I did manage to bake some bread and a banana loaf. The first time in weeks Ive actually managed to spend some real time in the kitchen.

I have been on training for my fostering  learning all about medicine which was rather interesting but to be honest we have been dealing with lots of medication for many years. Nice to get updated though.

We have also had our annual fostering assessment approval which thankfully we passed with flying colours. It was actually a really nice meeting and nice to hear that we are making such a difference to our foster child’s life. To be honest i forget its a job just an opportunity to love on a child.

So if you add all this and too many late nights  together i confess I am rather exhausted.

So hows your Show and Tell week been.

Don’t forget to share your week with me and maybe you would like to join in.



Is ok to feel this way?

I’ve had a really strange week, my emotions have been on a journey full of confusion and guilt.

Yes I’ve been feeling guilty.

Guilty for not feeling fulfilled.

That this life just isn’t enough.

That I want more.

I know that I have four amazing children and a great job as a foster mom and I cannot say for a moment that I don’t love being a mom but at times it’s not enough.


I also know I have a marriage that is so blessed and 18 years on we are still happy.


Yet it isn’t enough.

Is it wrong to want more?

Maybe it’s just pre- birthday blues, I don’t know. Yet as I turn 37 tomorrow I am feeling lost and unfulfilled?

Is it ok to feel this way?

Or should being a mother and wife be enough?

Is it wrong to want more?

To want something that’s mine?

When I was younger I used to spend afternoons reading and chatting with my grandad and he always told me to never settle for just enough, always reach for your dreams.

Those afternoons I spend dreaming of my future. The dreams I held.

To write a book.

To stop poverty.

To change the world.

I guess I was an idealistic kid, and slowly my naivety disappeared. But deep down inside of me a little of those dreams still hold on.

Being a mom, being a wife they are all such gifts which I hold dear but it’s as if they are pieces of an unfinished puzzle.

I’m searching for that missing piece that will make me complete. Make me whole.

I’m searching.

I want more.

Is it ok to say that ?


Taking responsibility

I was reading the news yesterday and I was shocked at the lack of responsibility the world seems to take for its actions.

The gun is blamed for gun crime, yet I’ve never since a gun shoot itself.

The drugs are blamed for addiction but I’ve never seen a drug just jump up into someone’s mouth on its own.

The Internet is blamed for porngraphy yet people are the ones who hit search.

Social networking is an invasion of people’s privacy yet that’s only if people choose to tell the world everything.

It’s crazy as don’t get me wrong there is an evil in all the above and in many more things but the denial of self responsibility is the greatest evil.

This world needs a big shake up, it’s so easy to blame others, try and shift the blame, dirty the waters.

But what about truth?

What about honesty?

The beauty in confession.

Not one of us is perfect

We all fail

But maybe just maybe if we accepted more self responsibility there maybe less heartbreak in this world.

Less murder

Less crime

Less addiction

Lets take responsibility for how we act. Society can and will lead us to the moment of circumstance that requires us to do the right thing.

At that moment let our decisions be our own and let us take the consequence or joy of our own responsibility.

Words & Numbers

Can you love words and numbers?

Or is it a right brain, left brain kind of thing.

At school I didn’t mind maths lessons and even at times found algebra rather fun, but balancing accounts and spreadsheets is like a personal torture.

Numbers require so much concentration for me, where as words just fly of the page like music on a song sheet.

In fact I cannot remember learning to read, I know I was an early reader thanks to the many hours spent with my grandad on his lap.


Books are my escape, I’m not sure i would have survived childhood if it wasn’t for the sanctuary I found between the pages.

I remember the mobile library coming every Thursday and the joy of choosing my eight books to read for that week. I can promise you they were all read and at times come Tuesday I was resorting to reading my brothers books or even worse my moms mills and boons.

Today I’m no different, my husband calls our bedroom a fire hazard , my sister calls it a library.

I may not read eight books a week anymore but I still get through two or three a week.


My mom used to say I would read the back of cereal packet and that’s true,I’ve also been known to read about the male prostrate while waiting in the doctors surgery.

Books are my utopia and while the invention of the kindle has brought me a little more bedroom space I still love the feel and smell of a new book.

I can’t count the amount of times I have been rudely awoken by a hardback on my nose, you know the one when you fall asleep reading and then the book falls from your grasp to whack you right on your nozzle.

Words are my passion, words are my escape, words are my freedom.

I’m so grateful for the ability to read and have made sure that books were around my girls from an early age. Together we have been on great adventures, solving mysteries with the famous five, off to boarding school with Malory towers.

Books can take you around the world.

Where are your books taking you today ?


What’s on your bookshelf??

I’m sure I have mentioned I’m an avid reader. If not I apologise as the truth is I love books. I devour them daily with a passion. My husband refers to my bedroom as a fire hazard my sister called it her library.

Library or Fire Hazard

I love the written word in all forms, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, autobiography, reference and so much more.

I get excited when a recommendation comes my way, or I read a review that catches my eye.

I’m slowly getting used to the concept of the kindle and other E readers but the truth be told my bedside table will always be full of books.

At the moment I have two I’m reading,

Madeleine by Kate McCann

The Stone cutter by Camilla Lackburg

I also have waiting for me Kerry Katonas book along of
course with my range of daily devotionals and of course my bible.

So I throw the question open wants on your bedside table. What books are you reading? Planning to read?

Share them with me and maybe I will be inspired to try a few.