Threads of Grace – Booksneeze

I dived into this book with trepidation as I’m not one to read romantic fiction, I often find them wishy washy and simply for me boring but as the blurb had me interested I decided to step outside my normal type.


Yet Threads of Grace was so different, straight away I was caught up in the story. My heart was beating along with Grace’s. The writing of Kelly Long took me on a journey.


I was surprised that this was a book about Amish people as really the culture wasn’t explored but I accept as this was one of a series and it may have been explored in earlier books in more detail.

The love story was not intense and in your face it was deep and so much more special. It was heroic and caring, my heart was warmed greatly.

Autism was mentioned in such a positive way that my heart was blessed. It was really lovely to read a positive rather than the usual negative. Grace didn’t just love her child she, Seth and others cherished him.

My only real complaint about this book was the fact I felt it had too many threads.

The sister, the widowed friend, the brother in law and his wife the miscarriage and of course the wicked then repentant uncle. It was hard to stay with the story at times.

Though to be honest if you are after a relaxing read to while away a pleasant afternoon this is a great book for that.

I may venture out of comfort zone more often now.


Holding out my hand

I have a question to ask you all,

Who do you remember most, the person who knocked you down or the one that helped you up?

Answer honestly

I ask myself this question a lot. So many things happen and I just get so angry at the amount of things that try to knock me down.

I find myself so caught up in the anger that many times I’m not aware of the ones holding out their hands to help me up. I’m focused on the ones that are hurting me and causing me stress.


Yet focussing on them lets them win. It’s a simple as that.

It’s not easy though is it?

When life is exhausting and it seems that the whole world is filled with evil.

But this isn’t the truth and the truth is where my focus should be.

Evil was defeated by the cross, yet the enemy is fantastic at creating illusions and its these illusions that we allow to draw us in, to believe, to accept.

Newspapers, television the Internet they are all about the sensationalising the evil.

But that isn’t all this world is about!

It’s a world of heroes.

Teachers protecting their pupils. Placing down their lives in sacrifice.

A world of men, woman fighting for the liberty of others.

A world full of parents fighting for the safety of their children.

A world of love and kindness

So let us fight back against this evil by not giving it the space in our minds and hearts that it desires.

Life may knock your down, people may try to hurt and abuse you but when you are fighting those battles look around you and see the people by your side.

The people holding out their hands.

That is where our focus should be.

Love will always overcome.