Miracles didn’t happen.

It’s a well known fact that I’m not domesticated in fact I loathe domestic chores.( I may have mentioned this before ha ha). I honestly believe that those who say they enjoy cleaning really need to seek help as its so beyond me.

Yet for the last twelve months I have been one of Panasonic bloggers. Learning about the new products they have to offer. Being part of the group has been fun even if my husband is right and they only had me as a test subject ie, if we can convince that domestic phobic to use out products we can convince anyone.
Anyway a couple of months  ago I had spent my last day with the Panasonic team and came home with a new vacuum cleaner in tow.

The Panasonic Eco-max Light 


Now after my new found love of baking thanks to the awesome Panasonic combi oven my husband was hoping and praying that the cleaner would turn me into a domestic goodness and he could finally hang up his rubber gloves.


Well sorry miracles haven’t happened ?


As much as the vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. I still hate cleaning.


We have been using this vacuum cleaner for the last few months and to be honest with a house full of four children and one crazy labador it has done well. It has a very strong suction which has kept our floors clean.


It is very lightweight and has been easier for the kids to use, so much that at times we have even seen their bedrooms floors.


It does have a fantastic head which rotates around corners and under funtuture better than any previous cleaners we have had.


It is very Eco- friendly using less energy but is still incredibly powerful.


It is a pretty good vacuum cleaner but seriously I’ve tried to get excited about cleaning but its not happening.


My husband has been using it more than me and the one comment  he had was that he would have preferred better tools. The nozzle tool is so tiny and although it does stop us sucking up lego blocks etc it is a little small for us. Making cleaning the stairs a longer job then neccsary.


As i’ve stated it is a great light weight vacuum cleaner and for a lady like myself who suffers with bone issues it has made cleaning eaiser just not more attractive ha ha. Because of its lightweight size it has put less pressure on my joints.


I honestly feel like I’m not doing this cleaner justice so I’m going to let the experts tell you about it.


It is a great lightweight hoover and well worth checking out.


Disclosure – I was given a vacuum cleaner for the purpose of this review all opinions were my own or in this case my husbands too.


Excited by new technology.

I spent yesterday at the headquarters of Panasonic as part of Intelligent Living Mums Blogger group. As I have mentioned before on here I really admire the philosophy behind this brand and their real desire to design products that make a difference to daily life. Its not all about what looks good but what saves you time. What serves its purpose.

Anyway while I was there yesterday we were shown a number of products that to be honest I was impressed with but one of the technologies that really caught my eye was the new fridge freezers.

At first I thought what could be so exciting about a fridge freezer. I mean it keeps produce cold, simply thats it. But I was so wrong.

Now you may think i’m crazy and yes that is debatable but to have fresh fruit and vegetables in my home it requires me visiting the supermarket at least three times a week. If I was to buy the amount I require on a Monday I can guarantee by the end of the week some of my stored food would have started to turn, started to brown and generally be not suitable for eating. So I either go shopping three times a week or I waste a load of food and still end up back at the shops.

So why am I excited well simply because of the new technology Panasonic have in their fridge freezers, Vitamin Safe.


Take a look

I personally think this is genius and with statistics showing that we throw away 7.2 million tones of food and drink from our homes every year I do believe this technology could be one that could be so beneficial for us all.

And with every fridge freezer having the Inverter technology they not only perform better they are more energy efficient which helps the environment and saves you money too.


Now can you see why I’m excited?


* Disclosure – I am part of the Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums blogger group. I attended workshops at Panasonic with my travel expenses paid.



My new love

It’s been a well known fact that I’m far from domesticated. I hate housework and cooking and I have never really been on good terms.

Well this was the case until late last year when my youngest decided she wanted to learn to bake.

So under the careful instruction of a dear friend we ventured out into the world of banana loaf.

To be honest I never expected the joy I felt when my husband and my kids loved the loaf that I had made. It was such a sense of achievement but to be honest I still didn’t really get this baking lark until the delivery of my new love.

The Panasonic microwave,grill & convection oven

Now I first fell in love with this oven last year at Brit mums the guys on the Panasonic stand did a fantastic job of convincing me of my need for one but unfortunately my bank balance didn’t stretch to what my husband considered another whim of mine. (Did I mention I hated cooking).

So when I became a Panasonic blogger I was secretly hoping that the combi/oven was going to be one of our products to review.

So as you can imagine when this box was delivered to my door in December I admit to being rather emotional.


But like all things the idea of something and the actual thing can be quite different. My husband had remarked that I like the idea of being able to bake but the actual doing is another thing all together.


Well I’m proud to tell you he is so wrong.


The Panasonic combi/ oven is so easy to use that I am really loving baking and cooking.



So far I have made more banana loaf, cooked my Christmas dinner in it, glazed gammon, apple and cinnamon muffins and of course the well loved Choc chip and double Choc chip muffins too and only this week I’ve made banana muffins and cheese and potato pie.


Even my husband is a convert to the combi oven now after to quote him “the most perfect 6 jacket potatoes ever.”

The ease of use of this combi is amazing. It is seriously so simple, I mean I’ve used it !!!!

I cannot tell you how much fun I am having in the kitchen nowadays and how excited I am getting over new recipes. I’ve even brought recipe books.

It’s like I’ve been opened up to a new world.

So feel free you link me up to some recipes and check out the Panasonic site and marvel at the combi ovens seriously I love mine and they are well worth the investment as my main oven is now almost obsolete along with the gas it was using. Every penny counts.


Panasonic ES-Sl4 men’s electric shaver -Review

With Christmas fast approaching you may be searching for that perfect gift for your husband, son, brother.

Maybe I can help you in your quest here is the Panasonic ES-SL4-A electric shaver with its Milano 3-Blade system A Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver with Arc Foil (Italian Design)


Imagine a shave so soft and close it feels like a kiss. Our new Milan designed ES -SL41 glides over the curves of your face giving you such a gentle shave. On the run, or under the shower, the „Milano“ Wet/Dry shaver offers a close, quick, comfortable shave. The Milano’s easy to clean, water-through head, ensures hygiene and functionality – giving you a fresh shave every day. Experience an exceptionally close shave without the scrapes and discomfort of traditional wet shaving. Start your day with an arousing Panasonic experience.

I was given one of these to review for Panasonic and considering I don’t have the facial hair required for the job I roped in the husband and he became my human Guinea pig.

The first thing Alan requested was that I allowed him a few weeks to test out this shaver it seems that your skin reacts differently over time and you have to allow it time to get used to the new shaver. That was fine and now a few weeks on here is Alan’s opinion on the Panasonic Shaver.

Alan’s verdict

“Using a triple blade system was new for me as I had been using circular blades previously but I was genuinely surprised at the closeness of the first shave.

I was also really impressed with how close to skin the razor was allowing me to shave more often without the dragging of my skin.

I found this shaver best to use on a daily basis and did struggle a little when I had a few days growth. But even then the shaver got there in the end.

I also liked having a wet shave with this shaver a pleasant change and left my skin feeling refreshed too.

One of my favourite things was the ease in which you can wash it, so simple.

Not a bad shaver all in all. But personally I think it’s more suited to the younger generation as at times my hair was too coarse for the blades.”

So a thumbs up from Alan.

So there you have it, fancy treating the man in your life this Christmas check out the Panasonic ES-SL41-A. Or browse the Panasonic website for some more great gift ideas for all the family.

I’m an Intelligent Living Mum with Panasonic

I have some exciting news, I have been chosen as one of ten lucky bloggers by Panasonic to become an “Intelligent Living Mum”, part of a campaign to inform people of the great products Panasonic have to offer and the way they strive to understand the ever changing needs of today’s busy family life.

My first contact happened last Thursday when I got the opportunity to visit the Panasonic headquarters in Bracknell. Let me tell you this day turned into an a rememberable one, even ignoring the vomiting occurrence on my journey home (thats another story).

The Panasonic headquarters are amazing the whole atmosphere was welcoming from the first contact from the reception team to the Sales and Marketing director. The aesthetics of the building are truly stunning. The walls full of inspirational philosophy reminding each staff member of the core values of the company.

I so loved these principles that I want to share them with you all:-

  • Contribution to society
  • Fairness and honesty
  • Cooperation and team spirit
  • Untiring effort for Improvement
  • Courtesy and humility
  • Adaptability
  • Gratitude

Seriously I was surprised by what I found at Panasonic this is a forward thinking company with plans and ideas for the future, but they are also a company that is so proud of its past and from where it had started.

Earlier on in the day we were introduced to the Sales and Marketing director John Hardy, this gentleman has worked for Panasonic for over twenty years and he shared with us the history of the company. The founder Konosuke Matsushita was a man whose life story is so inspiring, from leaving home at the age of only 9 to work as an apprentice he believed in the foundations of hard work and hope for a better future. These beliefs stood him well and at the age of only 23 Matsushita set up his own business and began work on his own inventions. Never giving up on his dreams and pursing innovation his small workshop grew into the company we know today as Panasonic the largest consumer electronics company in the world. It was from this man the seven principles of Panasonic was set. I have to say I was really interested in the philosophy of Konosuke Matsushita and I am now working my way through his autobiography.

So proud of their history Panasonic actually have a museum on site dedicated to electronics of the past. Myself and the other bloggers really enjoyed this tour and was surprised by some of the flash backs to our past we had. For me it was the old tape recorder that followed me from one dance practice to another, the others seemed rather excited by the old record players and none of us could believe the size of the early mobile phones. Did we really carry those around with us?

Times have certainly changed from the invention of the  first double adapter to Panahomes in Japan where Panasonic make 99% of the house. Konosuke Matsushita belief was that only products which make people’s life better should be made. Anything that enhances someone’s life, is what Panasonic strive to produce.

Whilst at Panasonic we were shown a few of the home appliances they have to offer. The fantastic Flatbed combination microwave oven was my favorite but my surprise “like” of the day was actually the Bread-maker. I know you are all on the floor in shock. I had looked at bread-makers  previously and thought of them as complicated but by the end of a demonstration by the lovely and talented Marianne from Marisworld.co.uk  I was convinced the making of the bread was so easy that even a complete domestic nightmare like myself could manage it. Also the great selection of bread, rolls and cakes that were on offer at lunch helped the persuasion. They were simply yummy!


The model we got to see in action was the Panasonic SD-2501 this had won the Which best buy award and is also endorsed by The Good Housekeeping Institute and let me tell you they know way more than me, but I loved it.


Though it seems “Which” does have one issue with the Bread-maker and that is the fact it doesn’t have a viewing window. We were reliably informed that this is on purpose as viewing panels create condensation which doesn’t make for a crusty top. I am actually considering adding one of these bread-makers to my Christmas list but I’m worried the shock may cause permanent damage to my husband. Also if I start baking bread he may expect more from me like for example hoovering. Scared to start what could be a downward trend.

To be honest I was really impressed by what I saw and learnt at Panasonic and I am so pleased that as part of Intelligent Mums I get to spent more time learning about the company and the awesome products they have to offer.

So be warned there will be more blog posts coming.

But before my next installment if you want to learn more about the Home Appliances Panasonic have to offer check out “ Intelligent Living” and for some great recipes and hints and tips visit “The Ideas Kitchen” a great place for online guidance.

As for me I’ve off to play with the fantastic appliances I received in my goody bag the Panasonic HX-DC2 Dual Camera and the Panasonic Wet/Dry ES-SL41-A electric shaver which my husband has already fell in love with.

Actually I’m going to combine these two for a future fun vlog post, now thats something to look forward to.


So until then enjoy the above sites and also check out the blogs of my fellow Intelligent Mums.

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My experiences at BritMums- Take 1.

Well where do I start, how can I try and describe my weekend at BritMums live in one blog post, I can’t so this is going to be one of a many (ok a few). The weekend has held so many layers that it’s going to take me time to slowly peel them back and digest all that I have experienced, all that I have learned and all those amazing people I have met.

To be perfectly honest on Friday morning I was ready to just turn back and go home, after reaching London and finding the buses on strike I realised I had to face the underground. Now for this claustrophobic lady that was enough to send my heart into a panic.

But you know what I didn’t, I gave myself a quick kick up the butt and using my daughters words I “manned up”. The crazy thing is after making the ticket guy giggle I made it to Old street station with no issues. Then thankfully down to the kindness of Geek mummy I left by the right exit and reached the hotel in five minutes woo hoo,way to go me.

A quick wash and change I was ready to hit Britmums Live.

Friday to be honest was a bit of a blur I think my nerves regarding the Bibs awards were getting to me, I seriously couldn’t relax, it’s not that I seriously expected to win but of course I secretly wanted too ( whoops not very secret anymore).

I loved listening to Ruby Wax she has an amazing way of viewing the world and made me giggle. Her battle against depression inspired me and her words rang true and deep for me. I have suffered depression following the onset of my illness and could seriously relate to what she spoke about. For a long time I felt such a failure, my Iife was controlled by panic attacks and irrational fears. I felt so useless as a mother, as a wife. My life had changed so dramatically, I was so lost, but thankfully with help from medication and support from my incredible husband I found my way again and found my new pathway and now for over 4 years I haven’t been on medication and have been ok. Though I’m not going to tempt fate and say I’m cured, I still have really low days but thankfully they are few and far between and does depression every really go away? Maybe a topic for different blog post.

I attended the Friday workshop, Crossing the Chasm and really enjoyed listening to advice of some awesome bloggers. It’s great to hear different opinions on what they see as crossing the chasm. For some it’s stats, for others it’s different. The blogging world is so vast and I love it.

Then the day got really exciting we had that awesome Bibs party, with free wine and half naked men what more could I ask for, It was funny and it was awesome.

Following the laughter we had the Bibs and I didn’t win boo hoo, no seriously it was a great night and my category ‘inspire’ was won by a lovely lady who is an amazing blogger ‘Mummy Whisper‘. What I also did take away from the evening was the fact that there are some amazing blogs out there that I had no idea about. I can see many hours being spend reading from now on.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the workshops I attended over the weekend to be honest i still haven’t digested all the information i have taken in ,but I do want to mention the fantastic Blogging for happiness one, as you know if you read this blog I write from my heart, what you see here is what’s in my head. This workshop reinforced this for me. That the reason we blog matters, the words that we share should be authentic. Blogging should be about finding our voices and letting them be heard through our words. Nobody can do you better than you.

The weekend has been an amazing experience and all at Brit mums should be feeling chuffed with themselves for putting on a fantastic event.

The whole thing was great from start to finish, ok maybe the food wasn’t awesome but hey I’m a picky bugger.

I loved chatting with the brands, they were all so friendly, I fell in love with the guys from Panasonic and their dual microwave oven, unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in my handbag to bring home and I didn’t get a taste of their fresh bread but I will forgive them as they were so awesome. The beautiful ladies at Bananagrams were so lovely and I can’t wait to play the game when I get home with my girls. Seriously though they were all great, though I do have to mention the Badgers beer tasting event, someone could have warned me that we were supposed to smell and look at the beer before downing it, felt like such a lush standing there with an empty cup. Like any self respecting beer drinker I grabbed myself another to join in, I mean I did have to appreciate the smell and texture didn’t I.

The conference was ended by the keynote speeches I laughed, I cried and I laughed again. An inspiring collection of wonderful posts that moved and inspired me.

Yes all in all it was an amazing weekend and I had a ball, really looking forward to next year. Date is already in the diary, ok in my iPhone calendar but hey it’s the same thing.

My Brit mums experienced doesn’t stop here, I have so much more to share,as they say on all the t.v programmes to be continued…..

P.S A Big thank you to The Gift of Words for sponsoring me allowing me to attend this awesome event.

And now I have a train to catch xx