Feeling Alone

I’ve just had one of the worst nights sleep ever.

My dreams were filled with awful nightmares.

Now I’m left analysing the whys and why nots of it all and my brain feels like its going to explode.

Picture this, I was in a room full with people I know but for some reason they were completely ignoring me. I couldn’t work out if they couldn’t see me or were just blanking me.

I was talking and they all looked straight past me, straight through me. This was my friends, my family, everyone.

They were all going about, chatting, drinking and having a great time but I was completely invisible to them.

It really struck home to me last night that maybe my nightmare was subconsciously telling me this is how I’ve been feeling. The last few weeks I have been struggling, overwhelmed by the sense of being alone.

It’s crazy as I have a husband who loves me and I’m constantly surrounded by my children. So how can I be feeling so alone?

I don’t know what’s going on in my head at the moment, just that it’s a rather strange place to be right now.