Right to your door

As a special needs mom I have a good relationship with the local chemists. From epilepsy meds to baby wipes I don’t go a week without a visit. So when I heard about Chemist Direct The UK number 1 online pharmacy I did get rather excited. The idea of cutting my visits to the local chemist really appeals to me. Anything that gives me some extra free time is awesome in my books.

So I decided to give Chemist Direct a whirl and was rather impressed with the service.

The online site is easy to use and clear and informative as you would hope from a chemist.

Shopping is as easy as 1,2,3,  basket, checkout and delivery.



I actually had a problem checking out thanks to my laptop so I had to call customer service. I have to say that they were awesome, they ran my whole order through over the phone with all the codes etc. Five minutes later I had made my order whilst still enjoying my cup of tea.

Seriously, no queues, no whining children it was pretty awesome.

My order was delivered two days later, packaged safely with no breakages.



Chemist direct is a great site and has some brilliant offers. I bulk buy on baby wipes as I use so many so not having to carry them home was rather helpful. I also used the great offers to restock my first aid kit.

Chemist direct offers prescription products, beauty products and a  whole lot more.

My life seems to be getting busier by the minute so anything that helps reduce time doing errands is fine with me.

I was really happy with the service and with free delivery with orders over £40 I will be using Chemist direct again.




*I was given a discount to use this service but all opinions are my own.



Christmas shopping and kids who have the nerve to grow up.

Christmas shopping, its one of those things that you either love or hate.

It’s something you look forward to with either excited anticipation or pure horror.

Personally I switch between both feelings.

I actually love buying gifts but I hate the crowds of people that seem to appear from anywhere and  everywhere.

Last year I actually got bruises from one shopping trip.

My Christmas shopping experiences have really changed over the years.

Ten years ago I could pretty much guarantee the girls would love everything I chose for them.

Now as they have got older its seriously like walking a tightrope and I promise i have fallen off many times.

One of the things I used to really love to do was shopping for the christmas outfits.

Dressing the girls up in pretty sparkly outfits brought new for this special day.

I think if I tried to dress my girls this year there may be war.

Even though i try to email my girls photos of nice dresses or outfits I get a reply that normally says “REALLY” or the lest polite “DREAM ON”.

Seems where my older two are concerned I am best handing over the cash as they hit town with their friends or just pressing checkout on the baskets they send me via email links.

Seriously why do our children have to grow up, how inconsiderate of them.

Anyway thank goodness for my youngest who is still willing to humour me and sit beside me as we surf the web for an Christmas outfit.


30 minutes and one Christmas outfit later I am a happy mommy again thank you Esprit



ideas are my own