No, I’m not OK… 

I’m tired of the word O.K.

We hand it about so often that it’s become a nothing word.

It has no meaning.

No substance.

Often we use it because we think we should. 

It’s up there with the sentence “I’m fine”.

It’s polite, it’s expected, it’s crap.

You know what , it’s actually ok not to be ok.

To feel upset, angry, hurt. 

You don’t have to be ok. 

“You look tired is everything alright “?

“I’m ok” No you are not you have been up all night with children and are surviving on caffeine, you are tired and exhausted. You are not ok.

I heard you have lost your job, you ok?

“I’m ok” no you are not you are worried about paying bills finding money for the kids new school uniform. You are feeling rejected and confused. 

“I heard what that woman said to you, are you ok?”

“I’m ok” No You are raging she embarrassed you for no reason other than pure rudeness. You are angry and hurt.

Why do we say I’m ok when it’s obvious we aren’t and why do others take it knowing that we are not? 

Is it politeness?

Is it a fear about getting involved?

Or a general don’t really care ? 

Maybe all of the above, I don’t know but I want to banish I’m ok. 

I’m challenging people today to be open and say “you know what today is hard I’m struggling”. Or even “I’m feeling fantastic today is a good day”.

I also want you to challenge others “I’m ok” when it’s obvious they are not. “Can I help” or simply “I’m here for you”. Could seriously make someone feel less alone. 

Because “I’m ok” can destroy you, it can leave you feeling so isolated . It can make you question yourself and drive yourself crazy ” why aren’t I ok” ? “What did I do wrong? Why do I feel this way?

When the truth is our emotions are part of who we are. We feel, we laugh we cry. We know joy and we know sadness. 

Our emotions are our humanity. 

By pretending we are ok we don’t allow ourselves to validate our hearts. 

Let’s leave the polite bullshit behind and be open and honest. 

Let’s share how we really are feeling today. 

Let’s be be vulnerable. 

Let’s be transparent,

Let’s be true.

No, I’m not ok… 

Changing tastes

OK as I have mentioned before here on this blog I am a mom of teenagers and I have the grey hair to prove it. Anyway what consistently surprises me about my girlie’s is the amount of times they change their minds.

What is their favorite one week is considered to be completely uncool the next.

I seriously cannot keep up.

Take only yesterday I asked my daughter about a couple of her band tops as I haven’t seen her wearing them recently, these band tops cost me a small fortune only last summer. Anyway like i said I asked her where they were to which she replied “I can’t wear them anymore”. Me thinking size etc asked “have you grown out of them?” to which she replied “no but they are so last year”.

So last year, it seems the bands had become more main stream and others were beginning to like them and that can’t be good.


Well OK then.


This is happening a lot as they grow their tastes are changing and they get interested in new things and that’s OK. What isn’t OK is the constant stream of left behind CDs and DVDs and 3DS games.

I don’t have money to burn regardless of what my teenagers believe.

So I was rather excited to come across the website a place where you can sell your, DVDs,games,Tech, Electronics and even clothes (band tops here they come).


Its really easy to use, you enter the item you wish to sell into their Valuation Engine and you get an instant price of what you can sell it for.

It even takes the stress of postage away as you send the items free of charge to them and they deal with it all. You just end up getting paid. I’m liking that idea.

Seems its a big win win for me and the girls, they get to sell their “so last year stuff” and I get to have some cash to purchase the “so this year stuff”.

So if you are like me and have ever changing children or have a need to have a sort out check out

I’m off to empty the girls bedrooms and sell my 3DS games and CDs.

See you later.xxxx



*This is a sponsored post