We love our nurses

Can I tell you something, it was something I knew before I had ever heard of Covid 19. It was something I was sure of before the nightly clapping, it was something I believed in before the rainbows flooded the country.

Nurses are incredible.

So many times I have cried on the shoulders of nurses.

So many times have my children been hugged and comforted by nurses.

Too many times has it been a nurse that translated between me and a Doctor.

Forever and some has a nurse supported me on my journey.

I don’t understand the government right now, the mighty warriors who held our frontline are being mocked and patronised. “It’s all we can give” being lost in falsehood contracts and unusable PPE.

Bonus’s for individuals who profiteered through a crisis. Yet a poor meal deal offer for those who gave it all.

Why we were being asked to stay home they were being asked to do more. Covered shifts, move wards, exhaustion, fear overcome by duty.

Yet even before the wards filled with the virus nurses stood by our sides. Yet our chosen government turns their backs once more.

Strikes, industrial action more and more damage to an already exhausted gift. NHS in crisis can only fall at the entrance of one door.

Please Prime minister you talk about the saviours as you laugh behind their backs. You want the country back to normal yet humiliate the builders.

We will not sacrifice the NHS at the alter of Capitalism. We will fight tooth and nail.

The fight that no one has the energy for yet one we cannot afford to lose. A country without the NHS is a country no one wants part of. A service without nurses cannot continue.

Mr Prime Minister, go back to the ward you were on. The ICU unit that healed you, go back now and stand before them with your soggy sandwich, packet of crisps and fizzy drink and you say thank you, thank you for my life and then hand them your measly 1% and ask yourself truly, is this enough.

It isn’t.


As a mom of children who have complex care needs that often require medical support and hospitalisation. I have had many opportunities to witness the dedication of junior doctors. I have seen compassion and professionalism in the midst of exhaustion.

Yet no matter how hard they work the present government doesn’t seem to believe it’s enough, trying to force them into working unsafe hours putting themselves and the patients they care for at risk. 
This week the junior doctors decided to say enough is enough. They have asked that the government listen to their concerns and worries for patient safety. They ask that’s they be allowed to do what they have trained for and protect patients not to put them at risk.
I was completely behind the junior doctors on Tuesday and I continue to stand beside them today. Jeremy Hunt is risking the lives of patients and in the process also trying to destroy our great NHS.

I’m not willing to sit down and let this happen. I dread to think of where my daughter would have been without the amazing care and treatment she received from the NHS. How my foster sons now would be.

I am actually writing this from a hospital ward and here on the front lines all I can see are professionals who deserve a hell of a lot more respect from our government than what they are currently receiving. Nurses, Doctors, Consultants and so many more dedicated hard working individuals. It’s about time our present government realised the true value of these people and work tirelessly towards restoring the pride of Britain, our NHS. 

I want to see politicians working as hard as the medical profession in putting people first. Let them realise that privatisation is not the way forward and that fair working hours is not only about financial impact but also is a must for public safety.

As for me I will continue to stand behind the junior doctors and all those working towards keeping people safe.  

I will continue to be extremely grateful to the Dr that worked on my son today, the theatre staff that held me when I broke down in tears. To the nurses that showed me patience and kindness and to the many more medical professions that have blessed my life. 

No price can be placed on human life, Jeremy Hunt needs to remember this. 

I stand beside the junior doctors, I stand beside the nurses of the future and I will continue to support all those fighting to save our NHS. 



A brighter future 

Unless you have been in hiding somewhere I am sure you are aware it’s Election Day here in the UK. A day where we take to the polling stations and vote for the party we wish to rule our country.

From the moment I was 18 I have voted. In fact it’s always been important to me and I’ve worked my way through more party manifestos that I care to admit. Because it matters , it matters who I vote for and it matters what they stand for.

I actually started this election countdown with the feeling that I would have to pick the best from a bad bunch. A party who would do the least damage to society, but thankfully my research has let me to believe that there is hope.

My hope isn’t actually coming from the politians themselves but from the new vibration of the people. People who for too long have stayed quiet while they were getting shafted by the elite. People ready to fight for their homes, their services, their lives.

I hope that this continues past the election regardless of the winning party. The political parties are supposed to be there for the people lets keep them accountable.

 I want a fairer society where children have hope in their future.

I want a party who plans not fire fights.

I want investment in children services to be a priority. To support and guide children is a lot easier and more successful than building more prisons to house those we let down.

Higher education not at such a high cost.

There needs to be more money given to the disability sector. From the need of more specialist services to respite there needs to be massive changes. Support and finance given towards supporting independence. Carers being recognised for all they do.  To be respected and supported.  The last government have done serious damage to this community and whoever wins today needs to be quick with changes.

I want our emergency forces to be valued. Our armed services equipped. 

Our NHS to become something we can be proud of again. More nurses, less waiting times and quicker referrals.

I want this and so more much.

I want voices to be heard from all not just the elite. Decisions to be made for the majority not the 1%.

I have no problem with the rich getting richer just not to the cost of the rest of society.

Reforms in the banking system and the end of non Dom are a must.

I want a future for all. 

Affordable houses, better schools, more support for fighting addiction and definitely more investment in the looked after system.

I want people to feel a pride in Britain again. To respect the values that we once held dear. 

Communities to again be the normal. For us all to know our neighbours. To banish the lie that we don’t need each other. 

I know I ask a lot  and yes I accept that whichever party gets in today will fall short. But I do have hope (well unless the conservatives stay in power). 

So people use your vote today. If we want to see change we have to demand it.  

Still remember our part doesn’t end today let’s continue to put pressure on. Let’s make sure the new government remembers who it represents. 

Let’s give our country hope.