Is truth too much to ask ?

It’s beginning to feel in the world today that whatever you speak up about you will be criticised. A world where we are supposed to be more educated, more aware seems a lot more narrow minded than before. The live and let live attitude is lost under the intense noise of keyboard shouters and newsfeed want to be’s. Sectors of the media saying what it wants without fact checking, it seems asking forgiveness is better than permission.

I truly love that marginalised communities are being heard, not finding their voices, they have always had them but actually being heard. Yet the anger and hate directed towards them is hard to watch ( I’m privileged I know). 

I know it’s wishful thinking that the core of who we are is what will be celebrated, that our differences are special, but our hearts, our souls are ultimately the same, one source, one love.

Yet with this wide reaching social media the world seems louder and crueller. The hate that was hidden in shadows is now out in the light, radicalism is greater than ever. Telling people who they should be, what they should believe and how they should look is now classified as freedom of speech, our right. Do we really have a right to be cruel to be destructive, to harm others?  Morally and it should be legally not. We don’t have the right to destroy another, to mock, to insult, too troll.

From princes to not princesses the world has an opinion yet under the noise their are people. People that hurt, people that cry, people that die due to the words shared openly and cruelly. 

I follow the criteria of “don’t write what you would not say to someone’s face” it’s simple but it’s true. Would I impact another with my words if they stood there in front of me, would I mock their child, would I slander their reputation? Would I openly insult their lives, be racist, be sexist, be cruel if their eyes could see mine?

Let’s be honest I hope I wouldn’t do any of these things anyway but you get the point.

Social media and the news seem to be full of opinions but no facts. It’s crazy that our newspaper articles have not fact checking their sources. Is this true, did this happen, was this the reason? When I studied journalism at college I was told “do not speculate” I wonder if today’s course’s state “write the most explosive story ever and fact check it later”. The amount of lives I’ve seen ruined by guilty by public persecution and the media only for the criminal trial to prove innocent. 

Lives ruined by headlines often not true.

Yet why is this still allowed, why do we still read the headlines, why do we still click the links?

What worries me is those being lost in the noise, those whose voices that should be heard . Those making a difference in the lives of others, those in need of help. Lost in the noise of ego, hate and more ego.

How do you change the overflowing tirade of misinformation and false opinion? Should we close ourselves off from the internet, stop writing, stop reading? 

I don’t think so,  I just feel a two strand approach is needed. Firstly the law does need to change, anyone causing harm, being abusive online should follow the same rules as in real life. If something abused you in real life they would be prosecuted so being behind a keyboard does not make you less destroying. 

Secondly I think as a society we need to be holding our media to account. Headlines should be truth not fiction, the law should be holding those in power accountable. I want to read my news and read an unbiased evidenced based truth not speculation.

I just really want change, social media especially has become such a big part of peoples lives, yet if we are going to allow the words of others to impact our perceptions please let those words be truth. 

Is this too much to ask? 

I’m going to believe in unicorns 

I wasn’t going to write on the Ashley Madison site leak because seriously if you cheat and get caught well then it’s hard shit really. I don’t feel one ounce of pity for the cheater but so much for the spouses whose worlds may have just been torn apart.

Yet after reading post after post and comment and after comment about it I am so tired of peoples sanctimonious attitudes.

Firstly YES adultery is vile it’s one of the lowest things you can do, betraying the person you promised to share your life with.  But those who are condemning others please stay quiet. Are you really that perfect yourself? 

So adultery isn’t your sin of choice but are you really that innocent.? 

We are so quick in this world to condemn others. You only have read the comments on the refugee crisis. Of course everyone trying to flee war, terror and poverty are doing so just to claim benefits here. 

What a load of  


Honestly there is no doubt that in this world there are some shitbags and yes most of them are on the Ashley Madison site but do we really have to been a society that condemns?

I want to see more statuses and more posts about the spouses that are broken-hearted, about sending love to ease their hearts. 

I want to read statuses about the fact that you realise that refugees aren’t to blame for this countries financial issues.

Secondly the truth is this world will always be full of hate and deceitful people but let’s stop giving them space in our world.

Let’s ignore the bad and focus on the good.

Let’s fill our online space with stories full of hope and kindness.

Because no matter how much the worlds media tries to convince me otherwise I believe that this world is full of more good than evil. 

Full of kind, caring, truthful people.

I have to believe this. 

I going to believe in a world full of unicorns and rainbows. 

Why not?

I believe in hope…


Tearing our children down

I just wanted to share this clip of the Ellen Show with the beautiful Melissa Mcarthy.

Ellen asked Melissa about her recent meeting with a reporter and how she addressed some of the hurtful things he had written about her.

I admire Melissa so much not only is a she an extremely talented actress she is so confident in herself and her size. She makes no excuses for being plus size and why should she?  Why should any of us?

This clip really got me though. Click photo to watch. 

I am a mom of four beautiful daughters and I have watched them struggle with body confidence. Trying to fit in even when they don’t really want to.

I’ve sat at the dinner table watching my daughter push the food around her plate because some silly boy had called her fat.

Words can hurt and as Melissa said they are tearing strip by strip off our children.

Of course I hope that one day my daughters and everyone’s daughters will love the body they have.

But until the media stops force feeding us all false expectations, fake role models and diet craze after diet craze more of our children will be stripped to the core of their selves.

She who should not be named.

Over the last months one name has been showing up all over the media and social networks. Katie Hopkins, columnist, reality tv star and a general big mouth.

She has opinions on everything and anything and is quite happy to voice them especially if they cause controversy and upset. Or should that be especially if it will gain her more exposure.

Well enough is enough, I think it is about time people stopped playing into her game and stop mentioning her name even when disagreeing with what she has to say.

Let’s be honest if this woman was to be paid per google search I’m sure she would now be a very wealthy woman.

Every time she speaks out she gets asks on to television to air her view even when too be honest she certainly doesn’t deserve air time.

She is rude and obnoxious and has no respect for those that don’t agree with her.

Now I believe everyone is entitled to their personal view. Yet when it is insulting and derogatory to others it’s certainly shouldn’t be given paid opportunities to be aired.

So I suggest we start our own campaign against this women. It’s doesn’t involve calling her names though she certainly doesn’t hold back in this. What it does though is to stop her gaining more coverage for own agendas.

So from now on Katie Hopkins you have joined the ranks of Voldemort.

You will now be known as “she who should not be named”.

Let’s stop using this woman’s name and giving her the coverage she so desires.


The reason why.

Yesterday I attended the Compassion UK conference for advocates in the West Midlands and other areas.

It was a truly inspiring day and I am slowly working my way through all that I learned and all that I will share at a later date.

The thing is as I came home I was on one of my social media sites when I was asked the question, why am I an advocate?

This person couldn’t understand why I would give up my free time to something that wasn’t really part of my life.

To be honest I could write a long winded reply reminding him that we are all God’s children and that the place we are born shouldn’t be the reason for survival.

I could write about all that Jesus did for us when I, when we wasn’t part of his life.

But I’m not going to….

I’m going to share a video that yesterday reminded me why I am an advocate for Compassion UK and why I will do all that I can to get a child sponsored and lifted from poverty in Jesus name.

Please watch this video and may God place child sponsorship on your heart.

This child and the millions of others is my reason why.

The person I was meant to be.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e. e. cummings

How true is the above quote. I feel at times that the world just doesn’t like me. Magazines, articles, tv programmes telling me I should be slimmer, dress better, have the perfect style.

Simply telling me to be different.

That who I am isn’t good enough.

But the truth is that is all lies.

We are all exactly who we are meant to be.

Ok yes of course being slimmer would be nice, a new wardrobe of clothes very welcome.

But who I am isn’t found in my appearance it is found in my heart.

Look deep inside do I like what I see?

This is the question I am asking myself today.

If there are changes I need to make I will make them for me not for the persona the world wants to create.

It’s not easy, it’s a daily battle.

My grandad once told me that I had an issue with conformity. That I saw it as a challenge.

Maybe he is right, to be honest I haven’t a clue, but for a long time I tried to be the person I believed others wanted me to be and it left me so unhappy.

So now I’m on a quest to be me.

The person I was meant to be.