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Writing this blog over the last years has allowed me to experience opportunities that have given me wonderful memories. It has also allowed me to review things that have really made a difference to my life but nothing has really come close to making a such an impact like this item I wish to share with you.

This has given my foster son a voice.

When our kids are born we wait excitingly for their first words yet for a number of children these words don’t come.

Now this could be for a variety of reasons including shock and trauma but for the most part it is because of a disability.

This is the category my foster son falls into. Due to a learning disability he has no real communication.

So when approached by Insane Logic the creators of the communication tool MYchoicePad to review this educational  app I was super excited.

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Disabled children can use a number of ways to communicate including verbal language, sign language and communication symbols.  This app offers them the chance to use all three.

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Within the app You build grids in which the child structures a sentence from. The MyChoicePad Pro offers a wealth of vocabulary which can be personalised to the needs of the user. The package offers over 4000 makaton symbols.

You can build grids specifically to the child’s interests and activities.


A sentence is formed with Makaton symbols which the child then plays out verbally.

This allows the child to communicate with both those who understand Makaton and those that don’t.

One of the added bonus of this app has been the videos that accompany the makaton symbols. These videos are essential in helping you and your child use and learn makaton signs.

See it, hear it, sign it.

The reach of this app is endless and that is why it is already being used by speech and language professionals across the UK.

With this app

A child can tell you how they are feeling.


Their favourite foods.

Image 2

What they have learned at school.

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Seriously the scope is incredible.

Personally for me this app really became priceless when my foster son told me this…

The look of joy on his face to be able to share his feelings and for me to understand them was incredible.

Now after years of looking into communication aids for my late daughter Livvy I was well aware of the cost involved. So imagine my surprise and joy when I found out that the pro version could be downloaded for a price of £129.99  this is simply amazing.

Truthfully I feel as if I am only touching the surface of what this app has to offer.

Please check out the MyChoicePad website and contact any of the staff. You will find them willing to walk you through anything and everything. They also offer different packages and training.

Seriously I am so impressed with MyChoicePad and happily recommend it.

MyChoicePad is currently available for Apple iPad. An Android version will release in Spring 2014.

MyChoicePad is free to download and includes Stage 1 of Makatons Core Vocabulary. MyChoicePad Pro, which includes over 4000 Makaton concepts and aimed at professional organisations, can be purchased for £129.99.








Language is a diverse communication in my home.

From a child who takes everything literally to one who only listens when it suits him.

Diverse is interesting but at times it’s so frustrating.

Ever asked a child to take to their earphones upstairs only to later find them literally up the stairs. It wasn’t disobedience I hadn’t asked her to put them into her bedroom had I ?

Or found yourself repeating yourself numerous times to a child who has decided to switch off simply because he doesn’t care for what you are saying?

Diverse, different, challenging

Yes I guess you could say this.

Also not all our language is in the spoken form a variety of written cues and makaton a form of sign language is used too.

Language is a fascinating thing and as a lover of words I find beauty in the sound of certain words as they fly across the air.

I love the art of poetry creating images in prose. Transporting me to different places, different times.

The entrapment of a story which takes you into the world of make believe.

I adore the language of love, those heart felt words spoken in a tone only shared between two lovers.

Or that sweet gentle tone of a parent to a child. The language of compassion.

Language is unique to each and everyone of us.

Words the same but spoken in a way that is truly only ours.

Diversity of language can be found in countries, cultures, religions.

Language can be found in many forms.

These days it’s less verbal than ever as we send millions of texts from our mobiles.

Or emails from our computers.

Yet nothing is so special as that face to face three simple words. That has span across generations.

Those three simple elegant beautiful words that make our hearts sore.

I love you.

The best language of them all.

The language of love