I woke last night screaming, somehow my sleep had become a time machine and I was there again in the hospital begging my child to wake. Desperate to see her chest rise again, begging the Lord to save her.

How can 12 years just disappear in a moment?

Yet I know in grief, time is only my enemy.

I miss my girlie so much, how I wish I could just hold her in my arms once more, to just breathe in the sweet smell of her hair.

Grief is a complex devil, playing games with your heart moment by moment, memory by memory.

Does it ever end?

Only with eternity I guess.

Oh I never knew the heart could survive such pain. The crushing weight becoming bearable against my wishes.

I don’t want to sleep again, I had to leave her once I’m not sure I could do it again.

Why does your memory invade your dreams?

Is there nowhere free from grief?

I couldn’t pretend for a while, I could not create the facade of being ok in those darkness hours. So I let the tears fall and as my whole soul hiccuped through my body I allowed myself to miss her.

I let the memories swarm my mind like a tapestry of bees as they create their honey, I created my moments again. I held her in my arms, I heard her sweet giggle of mischief on the symphony of the night and I breathed her in deep and I sobbed.

I still don’t understand why I had to lose her, why Rett Syndrome had to win the battle for her life. Yet I know it wasn’t for the lack of love. My Livvy, their Livvy, your Livvy was loved with the depths of so many hearts.

If love could have saved her life she would be here.

No the question still stands unanswered, our hearts still forever broken.

I couldn’t breathe anymore the tears had tore my soul and I did fall into an exhausted sleep.

I wake still desperate to hold my daughter once again.

The new day begins,

I trust, I breathe and I hope.

Until we meet again my beautiful girl, until.

Joining in again with five minute Friday, set your timer for five minutes and write.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers

After losing Livvy holidays were never the same, every experience was entwined with a little sadness.

Its hard and there is no two ways about it. It’s one of the ‘first’s’ that really hit hard.

So when I came across the charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers I so wanted to share what they did.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed while serving in the British Armed Forces. The charity provides Christmas and birthday gifts, treats, trips and activities for the families of the fallen as well as enabling them to use the charity holiday lodges.


 How incredible is this!

The men and woman who protect our freedom often do so by paying the ultimate price. But its not just the soldiers that pay this price the families that left behind suffer too.

The military charity for bereaved children was set up by army widow Nikki Scott after her husband Corporal Lee Scott was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 and came about as a result of Nikki seeing her children laugh for the first time following Lee’s death whilst on holiday in Turkey.

Nikki Scott, Founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, said:

“Whilst life following the death of a spouse or partner will always be painful, the first year and the first family holiday can be particularly difficult, especially when facing the long summer holidays as a single parent.

“That’s why we’ve released our advice to help and support parents facing this difficult time. Whilst it’s seldom spoken about, going on holiday whilst still grieving is a reality for many across the UK and so we want to offer our advice and support wherever necessary.”

Scotty’s help children to smile again after losing a mum or dad, and helps the parent left behind to cope with facing life as a single parent. 

As the charity’s children look ahead to six weeks of summer holidays this year, we wanted to share founder Nikki’s top ten tips for parents facing the school break alone.

1.     Long road journeys can be a nightmare!  I invested in some car DVD players and they worked a treat.   If we are going on a long special journey I normally surprise them with a new DVD when they get in the car.  J  I would also recommend breaking up long car journeys with roadside stops at services or cafes to give you and your kids a break.

2.     Special things from home.  At the Scotty lodges we try to provide everything families would need and fill them with toys and goodies so the families can pack as light as possible but I would also suggest taking that extra favourite toy or teddy from home.  Maybe even taking a photo of your loved one may help.  

3.     Take a family member or friend with you.  It is stressful with little ones on your own especially that first holiday.  When I went away after Lee had been killed I went with family and my mum and it was a massive help.   It just gives you some support and helps take some of the stress away, plus my little ones loved playing with their cousins.  At Scotty’s we allow the families to take other family members or close friends with them on the breaks we offer as a way of support.

4.     Be organised!  I found the airport really stressful! Going through check in especially.  Folding a buggy up whilst keeping my eye on Kai, whilst carrying bags and Brooke so they could scan the buggy etc was tough so my best tip would be to try to be as organised a possible.  

5.     Plan your activities.   Do your research before you go.  Check out what facilities there are around you so you can plan what to do and where to go. 

6.     Smile!  As painful as my first holiday was especially because you are constantly imaging “if Lee was here” and feeling guilty for having some time away, you have to remember to smile. I kept telling myself “Lee would want us to have some fun, it’s ok to have some fun.”   I soon found out if you relax the kids relax!

7.    Keep busy – I found keeping busy and just spending time playing with my little ones really helped.  If you sit by the pool to long, you start to think to much and start noticing all the families around you reminding you what you have lost.   I found it was good to keep busy and enjoy spending some quality time with the kids.

 8.   Write Lists – I am a big fan of lists!  Writing a list for packing and travelling times really helped me as when I first lost Lee my mind was all over the place and I found it hard to focus so lists defiantly helped me to feel in control.


9.    Check in Early – If you are off on a break aboard I’d recommend looking into checking in online to save queuing with the little ones and remember buggies can be taken all the way up to the gate where you board the plane.


10.  Looking into the Kids Clubs – My kids love the kids clubs on the Haven sites where our Scotty Lodges are.  It can give children the chance to mix with other children and forget about all the sadness they may have been experiencing at home for a short time.  Sometimes being away from mummy may help them to open up and relax so it may be an idea to quietly let the guys at the kids club know about your recent loss in case the little ones bring it up to someone else.


“I guess it’s important to remember that everyone is different and has different ways of coping but these are a few of my personal top tips on how I make the holidays for me and my kiddies that little bit easier,” said Nikki Scott.

Personally I think this charity is amazing.

When Olivia died we had to teach our girls that it was ok to be happy.

That laughing and feeling joy only honours the ones we have lost.

 Scotty’s Little Soldiers invites everyone who is passionate about their cause and wants to support their work to get in touch via their website at or by calling them on 01553 763 000.








Wow I cannot tell you how angry I am feeling right now.

So frustrated by the injustice in this world.

So devastated by my grief.

I am angry that children are dying through hunger when so many have so much.

I am angry that I had I bury my daughter.

So many times I can find my inner sunshine and find peace with this world.

Not today.

Today I am so cross.

I have a rage burning up inside of me.I am so lost.

Normally the peace maker today I want to start a war.

I want to battle against poverty.

I want to fight against Rett syndrome.

I want so much for things to be different.

Today I wonder how to move forward. How to let my heart open again.

It’s hard my husband says I want to save the whole world.

Maybe I’m selfish today because right now I just wish I could have saved Livvy.

Epilepsy awareness day


Today is Epilepsy awareness day, a day where people across the world, share,educate and inform people about this condition.

I am too aware of epilepsy as it was condition that Livvy suffered from severely. A condition that played a big part in her death.

Livvy suffered from uncontrollable seizures, one time we counted over 106 in a day. We tried many medications and fought hard not to let them to control her life.

Lets just say it was an ongoing war,one which sometimes we won the battle other times we lost.

Epilepsy can be scary for both the one having the seizure and the one watching.

Epilepsy is also surrounded by myths, not that long ago sufferers were accused of being demons. Thankfully times have changed but still the need for awareness is there.

So I ask you today to click this link and learn more about this condition.

Written in the sand.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if the world has moved too far forward.

 If Livvy is a part of the past that is being forgotten.


Will she become one of the distant memories that only hang on in the edge of your mind.


I watch my girls living life and wonder if they remember their mischevious little sister and how life was when she was with us.


Today was one of those moments as I sat on the beach watching the world go by, just wondering.


Then my daughter called me over and showed me this.


How foolish am I?

Livvy will never be forgotten while there is breathe left in ones that love her.


Time passes,

Memories fade

but love is eternal



OH my dear beautiful girl I have forgotten….


What you taught us on those endless hospital nights, when the wards seemed empty and all I could hear was the infernal beeping of those annoying but lifesaving machines and the gentle beating of your precious heart.


I’ve forgotten what I saw in those doctors eyes when the words they spoke were taking away all our tomorrows.


I’ve forgotten 


I close my eyes and try to remember, to just hear those sweet infectious giggles once again.


But I’ve forgotten.


Dad and I are tumbling head first into the world of forgetfulness, losing hold of the life that you taught us to live.


Forgetting to search for the gift that each day brings, the moment when that forever memory can be made.


I’ve forgotten 


We’ve forgotten 


Letting ourselves fall into the endless bog of circumstance and reality.


Forgetting to dance under the rainbows and search for leprechauns with a pots of gold.




Those days of random dances in the middle of a store because the song we loved was playing over the radio.


To smile at people in the street as you chuckled away from your wheelchair.


To hug each other so tight until we cannot breathe anymore.


We’ve forgotten 




When was the last time I laid back and watched the clouds


When was the last time I tickled your sisters until they cried.


My baby, my precious baby, I’ve forgotten.


I’ve let the anger of loss slowly eat away at my heart.


Getting colder and colder until the icicles formed.


Ive forgotten 


To let the tears just fall and let the heart wrenching sobs escape my soul.



I need to breathe again


I need to trust again.



But I’ve forgotten 


We knew we didn’t have forever but we had today and that was enough, but now yesterday seems so far away and this moment isn’t enough.


I want to dance in the rain again


Catch fairies as they fly through the air


I want to breathe so deep and not feel the ache thats buried there 


I haven’t forgotten



How can things be the same?


How can the world keep on turning and why wont it stop and let me off?


The newspapers keep on printing and the radio keeps on playing.



You taught us all so much and in those nine precious years you gave a lifetime full of love.


Joy was a gift that was available to us, all we just had to do was unwrap this present they call life.


Whose knows what tomorrow may bring, I certainly don’t


But I can live for today.


I can tell everyone I meet how special they are


How wonderful it is that I’ve met them


That they are not forgotten


Just by being in your presence people felt love, your smile could make someone’s day.


I want to tell people to embrace the moment, not in a morbid you may die tomorrow way, but in a hey today is so beautiful way.


Our motto for you was Never say never


You defied the odds until our luck ran out


But you are the gift that keeps on giving


You are the heart that now beats in others.


Your love lives on in me, you dad, your sisters and anyone who knew and loved you.





I miss my old life so desperately 


But I will not forget what you taught me


Each day is a gift a new beginning 


So I’m going to start unwrapping the presents that I’ve been given


Stop wishing the days away


Stop holding on to the past


I’ve not forgotten 




How can I forget,



You are right here in my heart reminding me.

In my heart.

Explaining Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about scripture and how some verses just cling to your hearts. They pop up in your thoughts at given times.

When you are exhausted you can one think of one with strength.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
(Psalms 46:1-1, NIV)

When you are lost, one reminds you of direction.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.
(Psalms 32:8, NIV)

When you are scared one reminds you to trust.

Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.
(Isaiah 26:4, NIV)

I have many that inspire, consume and replenish my soul.

The verse you see below was the inspiration behind naming this blog it is one I hold dear to my heart. I know my life has been blessed many times by angels.

Remember to welcome strangers because some that have done this have welcomed angels without knowing it. Hebrews, 13.1

Yet the last 6 months I’ve been searching for something that will explain me.

I get a lot of people asking me how I do what I do, how I’ve survived what I have.


This simply explains it all. I don’t do it alone , all that I do, all that I achieve is because of and through Christ Jesus.

Anyone know the way?

It’s crazy somedays I just get so caught up in my lack of self confidence that everything seems to be so different to how it really is.

It’s like my reality can be screwed up by my emotions.

Today I’ve been feeling really down on myself, someone had said something to me that just robbed me of my self confidence in one sentence.

The crazy thing is I don’t think they meant it to sound how I heard it.

They were talking about learning more, I was hearing “you are thick and know nothing.”

How do I get to point of belief?

A point where I believe in myself.

I’m trying hard to let things wash over.

To have faith in myself.

To be true to myself and liking who I am.

It’s a journey with a lot of dead ends. I feel like I’ve taken the wrong road at times and are completely lost.

Does anyone have a map?

Anyone know the way?


Christmas is over but the pain isn’t

Christmas has come and gone for another year. Presents opened, food eaten.

Children happily playing with their toys, husband quietly snoring on the sofa.

Its been a good one but it is still so different, so very wrong.

The last three years have been hard. Traditions have had to change. You can’t survive doing the same old things when someone is missing.

Christmas morning’s visit to Livvys grave was so hard. The yellow glittery flowers was the only gift I could lay for my beautiful daughter.


Wishes send to heaven on my tears.

A kind old gentleman I have got to know visits his wife’s grave. He looks at me sadly and simply says

“it hurts “

How true are his words.

He loved his wife for over 40 years nursed her when she was sick. She was his, he was hers.

The tears fall down our faces as we share each others pain. He holds on to his memories I grieve for the ones we didn’t get to make.

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries they all hit home the truth.

Our loved ones are out of reach.

Yet it’s in the Christmas story I find my peace. In the celebration of our Saviours birth I rejoice. For on this day was born the beginning of what would become our salvation.

As Mary held her dear baby boy in her arms did she ever perceive the life he would lead?Could she ever imagined his death?

As a grieving mother I can tell you it’s unimaginable. We bring our children into this world to live not to die.

Yet in the death of Mary’s son was the birth of hope. The birth of truth, the birth of life.

I grieve desperately for my daughter. In the midst of all the torn wrapping paper is my torn aching heart.

Yet on this day our Saviour was born and in this joyous moment was the birth of what I hold so tight. Salvation and the promise of eternity.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
(John 3:16, NIV)

Kicked off the campsite

I’m lying here in the caravan listening to silence around me. I’m not sure how to feel. Today has been an amazing day, such wonderful memories made. Yet as the day draws to a end I’m transported back a few years. To a rain drenched field and a tent blustering in the wind and two cheeky young children laughing and giggling and keeping the whole campsite awake.

Both children have now passed. My daughter Livvy and our dear Ryan. So very young, taken far to early. So dearly missed and forever grieved.

How is it possible to laugh and cry at the same time as I am now. As I get lost in the precious memories. Both Livvy and Ryan in separate tents causing mayhem. The more we said be quiet the louder the laughter became. You wouldn’t believe two disabled children who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths nearly got us kicked off the campsite.

Double trouble that’s for sure.

What would I give to hear their giggles again. To feel the infectious spirit upon my soul.

Time carries on but as I sit and listen to the silence I miss the past so much. Will life ever be the same again?

Life here without them Is hard but I do smile at the chaos they will be causing in heaven.