Language is a diverse communication in my home.

From a child who takes everything literally to one who only listens when it suits him.

Diverse is interesting but at times it’s so frustrating.

Ever asked a child to take to their earphones upstairs only to later find them literally up the stairs. It wasn’t disobedience I hadn’t asked her to put them into her bedroom had I ?

Or found yourself repeating yourself numerous times to a child who has decided to switch off simply because he doesn’t care for what you are saying?

Diverse, different, challenging

Yes I guess you could say this.

Also not all our language is in the spoken form a variety of written cues and makaton a form of sign language is used too.

Language is a fascinating thing and as a lover of words I find beauty in the sound of certain words as they fly across the air.

I love the art of poetry creating images in prose. Transporting me to different places, different times.

The entrapment of a story which takes you into the world of make believe.

I adore the language of love, those heart felt words spoken in a tone only shared between two lovers.

Or that sweet gentle tone of a parent to a child. The language of compassion.

Language is unique to each and everyone of us.

Words the same but spoken in a way that is truly only ours.

Diversity of language can be found in countries, cultures, religions.

Language can be found in many forms.

These days it’s less verbal than ever as we send millions of texts from our mobiles.

Or emails from our computers.

Yet nothing is so special as that face to face three simple words. That has span across generations.

Those three simple elegant beautiful words that make our hearts sore.

I love you.

The best language of them all.

The language of love