To important for bias.

Have you ever wondered how you view life?

How we each have our own unique way we understand, commute things.

How our own life’s experiences relate to our understanding.

I was once told by a detective that there is nothing more confusing than eye witnesses. How five people could watch the same event unfold yet describe it back in extremely different ways.  How bias and expectation could change how they saw things.

I’m seeing this greatly today in the current political sphere especially around the subject of the NHS.

How people who have never had to use the Health service or only once in a blue moon are falling for the Conservative facade of a failing system.

I’m so tired of reading that more money won’t save a failing system or the biggest myth that doctors are asking for unfair contracts.

That privatisation is the only way to save our healthcare.

Bullshit and lies.

On July 5th 1948  Aneurin Bevan launched the first NHS hospital, his philosophy was simple. A service paid for by the people through taxation but all healthcare given freely at the point of delivery. The cost through taxation was to be fair as people would pay according to their means.

It was and still is one of the greatest achievements of any government here in the U.K. The NHS saves lives every single minute of every day. The Doctors and nurses work tirelessly and are often under appreciated for the wellbeing of everyone.

When a patient turns up on a surgeons table, he doesn’t stop to ask before he makes his incision to check the man can afford his fee, the surgery costs. No he works hard to save or to give a better quality of life.

The midwife preparing to deliver a baby doesn’t check the financial wellbeing of the mother. No she is too busy checking the physical wellbeing of the child and the mother.

A life is a life, one is not valued above the other and that’s the way healthcare should be and should stay. One for all, free at the point of delivery.

Let me tell you about my experience of the NHS. I was actually one of those people that moaned about waiting lists, moaned about crowded GP Surgeries. I was healthy, my children were healthy it was easy to moan from position of healthy privilege.  Then suddenly my world changed. My beautiful daughter became a regular visitor on the children’s ward. Nurses started to become my friends and Doctors became literally her life savers.

The NHS started to extend into my home, prescriptions, medical equipment, Physio things needed to help keep my daughter well, help keep my daughter alive.

Not once before an emergency seizure medication was given was I asked for my bank details. Not once did they turn around and say “I’m sorry you cannot afford this”.

Because guess what, I wouldn’t have been able to.

Already this year Doctors and nurses have saved the life of my son. They worked through the night, standing by his side. Oxygen, high dependency machines.  The NHS continues to work to keep him well, only today did our wonderful community nurse come to take bloods and swaps.

Our NHS is something that here in the U.K. we should be extremely proud of. Privatisation doesn’t work, I only have to look to other counties for evidence of this. Insurance companies refusing to pay for treatment, disabled children going without equipment, because rules have changed and what was once entitled is no longer considered necessary.

Privatisation works for those that can afford it. It’s as simple as that.

Our NHS is not dying it is slowly being strangled by those that wish to exploit the system for their own personal gain.

Those that do not care about people just pound signs.

I’m tired of seeing photographs and reading stories of people being left in corridors in hospitals waiting for treatment.

Does this happen?

You Bet.

But it is not because a system is failing but because a government will not fairly fund the system. We are not running out of beds because they are all taken up by asylum seekers, there are beds. Wards and wards are being left empty simply because the government will not fund the staff needed to keep them open.

This is the truth, the government are risking lives for no other reason than to force a public service into privatisation. So that the services can be slowly deemed as failing and the only option left is for the white knight of a private company to come in an save it. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  No private company can offer a service without a profit its as simple as that and profit always has and always will come at someone’s cost.

Our cost, the millions of people who work day after day to make ends meet. Who though no fault of their own find themselves in need of treatment.

Our NHS has probably been there for most of our lifetimes. It was there when we were born, when our children were born. When we have needed it.

Now it needs us.

It needs us to drop our biases and work together to save it.

It needs all of us to realise that one day we may need to use the NHS to save our lives and to fight now to make sure when that day arrives it is still there to do so.

Doctors, nurses, medical staff all need to know that we stand beside them. That we are not falling for the right wing media hype that the crisis is their fault, mismanagement, lack of compassion, egoistic junior doctors.

We need to stand together to fight against the lies that the NHS is dying and fight to save it and restore it.


10 Ways To Support Your NHS from the NHS Support Federation 

1. Sign the NHS supporters’ pledge
If you haven’t already done so, please sign our petition – and encourage your friends and family to as well.


2. Lobby your parliamentary candidates
Contact your MP and other parliamentary candidates. Give them key information and ask them what they are doing about it. MPs use the content of their mailbag as an indicator of what the public care about. Sending them a letter takes a few minutes using our platform, or you could make an appointment to see them. Alternatively use our lobbying tool.


3. Follow us on Twitter and help spread the word
Retweet links to reports and infographics. This is a good way of highlighting key facts on funding or privatisation and getting others involved in doing the same. start a ripple and watch it spread. Join in with mass tweets where NHS supporters collaborate to promote a single message.


4. Join a local campaign group
See if there is a local NHS campaign group in your area, to join and help protect local NHS services.


5. Help as volunteer researcher
You may have just the skills we need to gather and analyse information. Contact us if you have some time to help us with internet or desk research,
6. Distribute campaign materials in your neighbourhood
Print off a supply of campaign flyers and post them around your neighbourhood. If you feel like talking to people, then ring or knock before you leave the flyer. Some NHS supporters set up stalls in their local shopping centre or railway station to talk to residents and collect support. Try and encourage people to visit this website, find out more and to sign the NHS pledge.
7. Distribute our campaign materials at work
Email links to the facts and NHS news that stand out the most to your friends and wider networks, it will help to get their attention focussed on what’s happening and why. In a more traditional way, feel free to print off pages from our website to copy and circulate them.
8. Write your local paper or take part in a radio phone-in
The letters page is one of the best read parts of the paper so can help to let local people know what is happening to their NHS. Use the briefings and key statistics to help you. Don’t just shout at the radio, why not phone in them and give them some of the facts.
9. Ask your trade union branch to affiliate
If you’re a member of a trade union, encourage your local branch to affiliate to our campaign.
10. Donate to our campaign
We rely on the help and generosity of NHS supporters to run campaigns and organise research. We are an evidence based campaign, so your donation will help to establish what’s happening and to get it into the media and then to the public.
Setting up a direct debit is particularly helpful as this can help us to plan, research, and coordinate our campaigns more effectively in the longer term. However, one-off donations are also gratefully received and used  to protect the core principles of the NHS.

We cannot stay silent anymore, we need to be asking questions of this government, demanding that they protect our NHS. If we don’t speak up now it will NOT be there when we need it.




#incrowd – Voting to remain

Tonight I have had one of the most inspirational evenings ever. I attended the #incrowd rally for the Labour Party in Edgbaston where the evening speakers were Billy Bragg, Jack Dromey MP, Neena Gill and an amazing young political blogger whose name I’m ashamed to say I didn’t write down and the incredible leader of the Labour Party, Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP.

The evening was just truly amazing from driving to the event with one of my local councillors a woman whose passion for equality and compassion I admire greatly to listening to the evening speakers as they passionately campaigned on why we need to remain within the EU and why voting on June 23rd is incredibly important.

I took many things away with me tonight, from the words of Billy Bragg (any errors are down to my lousy shorthand and interpretation), we need an Okie coki choice, an in and out and shake it all about. The fact is that there is parts of the EU that just doesn’t sit right with many of us but by staying in we can push for reform a hell of a lot easier than if we were on the outside.

Billy Bragg

Billy reminded us that Freedom is made up of three parts

Liberty – The freedom to express yourself, to have your views, ideas, beliefs heard.

Equality – Everyone has the right to be heard, from the refugee to the monarchy everyone has the right to have use their voice and to be listened to.

The third part he said is known as Fraternity but he believes that this should be now known as Accountability.

For too long people have felt unheard, so many people are listening to the far right because they truly believe that these are their only choice. Extremists are giving the unconnected a place to call home. The Labour party needs to reach these people and remind them that this is what they stand for.


The Labour party needs to be the one too hold the markets to account.

That Europe is for people not for profit.

The decision we all make on June 23rd will change lives and I totally agree with Billy when he says we need to use our vote wisely.

From Jeremy Corbyn’s speech  I was reminded why he won the leadership by a massive margin. He is a man who is true integrity, he is simply the real deal.


He started his speech firstly by discussing the campaigns and to be honest the disgraceful way the #Brexit campaign is being run, with Boris and his cronies (my words) turning out the race card at every moment, blaming the current issues of this country on immigration. Jeremy reminded us of the importance of immigration especially within the medical field and the shared knowledge and expertise this has brought to this country. He then when on to talk about the leave campaign and their attempt to scare people into believing the NHS would be at risk if we stayed within the EU. His point was clearly made when he reminded us of the Tory party destruction of the NHS and how ironic it is that now Boris and others speak of saving something they have strove to destroy. Jeremy passionately reminded us of the core values of the NHS, healthcare for all and that the Labour party are constantly fighting to keep it funded and safe from the privatisation lobby of the Tories. He then went on to thank every member of the NHS for all they do and I personally echo that, I love our NHS.

Jeremy spoke of what the EU has done for us, 4 weeks paid holiday, maternity leave and paternity leave all things which were won for by members of the EU working together. Won by the collective joining forces.

The EU offers us a chance of being part of being something bigger, to be challenge corporations and big business. To fight for those who need us, to be compassionate across borders.

It also offers us the chance to protect our world, to fight against climate change and pollution.

Jeremy also reminded us all that we are not one solitary country on this planet we are part of a wonderful world with all its faults, but the fact is unity is what will always fight against terror, greed and oppression.

Together we are stronger. 

I cannot bear the thought of leaving the country I am so proud of in the hands of buffoons who will use fear and hate to get their false points across. In the hands of a government who destroys public services, who are out to destroy social care and treats the poor as if they were worthless.

I am not an economist and far from a political blogger but on the 23rd June I will ask you all to join me in voting remain not because I believe the European Union to be perfect but because I believe in people working collectively for the common good.

I am not alone in this world and I don’t believe where you are born or the circumstances of your heritage should define your future. A child is a child born here in the UK or in the war torn Syria and its for that child I will vote remain.


Playground Antics in the race for the Labour leadership.

Reading the news the last few days has really made me question my loyalty to the Labour Party.  The inner bitching between the MP’s is reminding me of school playground antics.

Labour party

It seems that if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership a number of MPs are threatening to overthrow him and are now trying to damage his credibility.  With interviews from that compulsive liar better know as Tony Blair and other false stories I am totally shocked at the behaviour of these so called servants of the public.

Tell me how they can behave this way?

Firstly they are the voice of the public and secondly they should believe in democracy!

Jeremy Corbyn has ignited a passion back into politics that has been missing for a very long time.  After the austerity nightmare from the Conservatives he is giving people hope. It has been a long time since we have seen such interest in politics.

His policies make sense and they certainly aren’t just sound bites.

He knows how to turn this country around and he has the grit and determination to do just that.

I will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn and I’m proud to do so.

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader


If he does win the leadership election I want to see the Labour Party behave and unite under his leadership.  The undercutting and party warfare helped the Conservatives to victory this year lets not make the same mistake in 2020.

Let’s make the Labour Party something we can be proud.

  • Equality in all fields.
  • The empowerment of the younger generation.
  • Education accessible for all.
  • Protecting the vulnerable.

The Labour Party can and will be again known for its vision.

  • Supporting the NHS,
  • Supporting business and industry.

This can all happen if Labour MPs respect the wishes of their members and unite behind whoever is voted as their leader.

The opposition is the conservatives and this should not be forgotten.

I am excited for the future of the Labour party and hope that inner fighting stops and the party comes together.

I trust that the MP’s of the Labour party will remind themselves that they represent their members and will put their personal agenda’s aside and support whoever is voted as leader.

I will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn because I believe in him, I admire all that he stands for.

I truly believe that he is the leader the Labour party needs.

Jeremy Corbyn for leader

A woman leader? 

I have been following the contest for the labour leadership avidly and would have been at the Birmingham hustling this weekend if it wasn’t for a visit from a ambulance and a issue breathing. 

Anyway I am loving the whole thing, learning about the candidates and what they stand for. I was talking to my girls about it all (one of my lectures they call it) when one asked me ‘why I didn’t want to see a woman leader’?

Now don’t get me wrong I am a feminist and would love nothing more that to see a woman lead the party, but I have to believe in the politics of the woman.

Being a feminist does not mean that we should support any woman just because of her gender. It means women should have the same equality in standing. But for me if the said women in this case political views do not inspire me I cannot vote for them just because of their gender. In fact I would be doing them a disservice if I did. 

I’m a lefty and I believe that all people have the right to a quality of life. I am forward thinking but truly don’t believe we have to step on the poor and disabled to get on in life. 

I will fight for human rights with every ounce of my being. I don’t view life in a ‘what’s in it for me’ way. I view it as a collective being, humanity.

I get angry when I hear people hate on migrants and those on benefits. 

I am furious at tax breaks for the super rich and fuming about the damage privatisation is doing to our country.

I strongly believe disabled people should have the services needed to help them live a healthy and independent life. That no one should have to wait or refused treatment. 

To be honest I am truly frightened for the people of this country over the next five years. This is the reason why I am so interested in the Labour leadership debate. 

I cannot vote for either Yvette Cooper or Liz Kendall because they are woman, I have to believe in them and to be honest I’m not sure I do. 

Having a women in leadership would be amazing but it has to be the right women. I mean do we really want another Maggie Thatcher, shall we all shout ‘poll tax’.

So my answer to my girls was “yes I would love to have a woman leader, but it has it be one I believe in”. So this time around it won’t be a woman getting my vote. My vote will be for Jeremy Corbyn because his history of fighting for equality, for fairness, transparency and justice holds true to the values I hold dear. People are already telling me it will be a wasted vote but I’m tired of politicians voting for party rather than conscience  so I’m certainly not going to do the same.


Not staying down

So we now have a Conservative government and to be honest I cannot even pretend to be anything but devastated about it all.

I have real fear for the future of those with disabilities. Those who struggle to make ends meet. Those who have nowhere to live and my list goes on and on. 

I am actually feeling truly despondent. 

Yet after listening to Ed Miliband’s leaving speech I was reminded of something.

“Finally, I want to say this. The course of progress and social justice is never simple or straightforward. Change happens because people don’t give up, they don’t take no for an answer, they keep demanding change.
This is my faith: where we see injustice, we must tackle it. ”
Ed Miliband

People can bring change and we can fight injustice. Maybe Russell Brand is right it’s time for a revolution.

A time for compassion.

A time for community 

A time for change.

A time for us all to find our voices and start shouting louder.

A time to fight for what we believe in.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

I have to have hope and I for one aren’t staying down

A brighter future 

Unless you have been in hiding somewhere I am sure you are aware it’s Election Day here in the UK. A day where we take to the polling stations and vote for the party we wish to rule our country.

From the moment I was 18 I have voted. In fact it’s always been important to me and I’ve worked my way through more party manifestos that I care to admit. Because it matters , it matters who I vote for and it matters what they stand for.

I actually started this election countdown with the feeling that I would have to pick the best from a bad bunch. A party who would do the least damage to society, but thankfully my research has let me to believe that there is hope.

My hope isn’t actually coming from the politians themselves but from the new vibration of the people. People who for too long have stayed quiet while they were getting shafted by the elite. People ready to fight for their homes, their services, their lives.

I hope that this continues past the election regardless of the winning party. The political parties are supposed to be there for the people lets keep them accountable.

 I want a fairer society where children have hope in their future.

I want a party who plans not fire fights.

I want investment in children services to be a priority. To support and guide children is a lot easier and more successful than building more prisons to house those we let down.

Higher education not at such a high cost.

There needs to be more money given to the disability sector. From the need of more specialist services to respite there needs to be massive changes. Support and finance given towards supporting independence. Carers being recognised for all they do.  To be respected and supported.  The last government have done serious damage to this community and whoever wins today needs to be quick with changes.

I want our emergency forces to be valued. Our armed services equipped. 

Our NHS to become something we can be proud of again. More nurses, less waiting times and quicker referrals.

I want this and so more much.

I want voices to be heard from all not just the elite. Decisions to be made for the majority not the 1%.

I have no problem with the rich getting richer just not to the cost of the rest of society.

Reforms in the banking system and the end of non Dom are a must.

I want a future for all. 

Affordable houses, better schools, more support for fighting addiction and definitely more investment in the looked after system.

I want people to feel a pride in Britain again. To respect the values that we once held dear. 

Communities to again be the normal. For us all to know our neighbours. To banish the lie that we don’t need each other. 

I know I ask a lot  and yes I accept that whichever party gets in today will fall short. But I do have hope (well unless the conservatives stay in power). 

So people use your vote today. If we want to see change we have to demand it.  

Still remember our part doesn’t end today let’s continue to put pressure on. Let’s make sure the new government remembers who it represents. 

Let’s give our country hope.