Freaky dream 

I’m literally writing this at 4am in the morning after waking up rather freaked out by a dream. I wouldn’t class it as a nightmare but to be honest it has scared the hell out of me. 

Now I’m not into dream analysis and I have no idea what it was trying to tell me, so I’m sharing it all with you as it completely perplexed me and I can’t go back to sleep. 

I dreamt that I was lying on a table of sorts and people were trying to label me. There was a load of faceless people all with one of those old fashioned tags in their hands trying to place them upon me. 

Each label had one word on it , Wife, daughter, writer, woman, music, sad ,feminist, emotional, crier and even cats and so many more I couldn’t read. I think I saw colours too, how blooming strange writing colours on a label? I know there was a flower or two as well, daffodils being one of them for sure. 

The thing was the more labels people placed on me the more suffocated I felt. I actually woke up out of breathe and struggling to breathe.

Now am I freaking out over nothing or is my subconscious trying to tell me something? 

I have been feeling overwhelmed recently but I try not to let myself get tied down by labels or societies expectations. Or do I ?

I do feel at times that the world is full of little groups, cliques and that I will never fit it. But I have felt this way forever. 

So why this dream, and why now?

Any suggestions or ideas? 

I cannot actually explain how weirded out I am by this dream.