Ice skating exhaustion

I’m so late writing this blog post and the reason is simply, I’m exhausted. Sunday I drove 200 miles so my daughter could compete in Gillingham open ice skating competition. The motorway was awful with all the road works but thankfully our journey was safe.

We stayed overnight at the Medway Travelodge and while the receptionist was lovely . The hotel was unlit and rather spooky and the rooms smelt so musty we resorted to spraying perfume around.

Eden skated the following morning at 8am so it was an early start to be at the rink for 7am. All I can say is thank goodness for my new Tom Tom Sat Nav , getting lost was a really easy thing to do.

Eden skated 7th out of 14, she skated a lovely programme and was pleased. It was a hard day yesterday for us all, being the 3rd anniversary of Livvy’s passing. At 4am yesterday morning Eden woke up in tears and decided she couldn’t skate she was just so upset. Thankfully she did skate and made her coach and I super proud. The emotion did become a little to much though for my daughter as she left the ice she threw up. Nerves, sadness you name she was feeling it yesterday.

Results came in and Eden was placed 3rd, it was wonderful to see her on the podium and I know without a doubt that her sister was clapping in heaven.

Return journey of 200 miles with Monday traffic and I was home and in the arms of my family.

An emotional day but one to be remembered with a smile.