We need special dresses for a truly special event.

Now if you read this blog you will  know I am one proud mom, my children are my world.

My girls have faced so much loss in their short lives and yet still have held on to their compassionate hearts which isn’t easy when faced with so much hurt I can promise you that.

Besides being fantastic sisters to Livvy they now have happily opened their hearts and homes to the children we foster.

So when I found out that my youngest was a finalist in The Eleventh Annual Mayor’s Civic Awards I could have cried, ok I did cry.

The Mayor’s Civic Awards are now in their eleventh year honouring local people who make outstanding contributions to the borough and my girlie is one of those they are honouring.

We are all so excited for this special evening but are a little worried about what to wear. We don’t really attend many formal events so this is both exciting and nerve wracking for us all.

Especially for my daughter and I as dress shopping is a little overwhelming for us denim loving ladies.

Still we have been searching the internet for our special dresses for this special event.

Here are our choices.

Brodie and I both fell in love with dresses from Chi Chi Clothing 

Brodie loved this elegant lace skater dress


Chi Chi Florence Dress


Whilst I fell head over heels with this cap sleeve baroque style maxi dress the detail is simply beautiful.

Chic Chic Avril Dress
Chic Chic Avril Dress


These dresses are truly beautiful and would turn a special night into a truly amazing night.

Brodie also fell in love with this stunning dress from New Look 

I love this one and think the colour would really compliment Brodie’s beautiful big blue eyes.

John Zack navy low lace dress
John Zack navy low lace dress


I love this Little Mistress Wrap Front Maxi dress from Asos. It’s so special, I am so nervous about this event so making sure I feel good is so important.



Little mistress wrap front dress
Little mistress wrap front dress


Brodie doesn’t have a third choice but this Little mistress emb nude maxi dress.  from Simply Be caught my eye, I love the detail on the top of this dress.

Little mistress nude maxi dress
Little mistress nude maxi dress


Brodie and I are both excited and nervous about this event. It is so special that Brodie has been named as a finalist, I am so proud of her.


It will also be a wonderful opportunity for us to tell people about Livvy’s Smile.

Me and my girl


If any of the brands listed or any other brands would like to work with us on this we would be extremely excited and please email us at walkingwithangels@live.co.uk


Blogging should be fun not frightening

Sometimes I find myself sitting at the keyboard completely blank.

Its as if my words have just disappeared.

I want to write words that are wise and full of wisdom.

Yet I am far from wise and as for wisdom, heck i don’t even have wisdom teeth.

When did blogging become frightening for me?

When did i start to feel pressured by my own words?

I wonder if the influx of bloggers has made me more aware of my own writing.

To be honest I haven’t got a clue.

What i do know is that its time I got over myself.

When I started this blog i wrote because I simply loved it.

I wanted to share my life and experiences.

It didn’t matter if anyone actually read it.

My words were simply for me.

So this is where I need to get back to.

Finding my freedom in my words.

Blogging should be fun.

Not frightening.


Don’t pity me for being a blogger.

I am getting so tired of seeing the look on the faces of people when I tell them I’m a blogger. It’s as if in that single sentence I have become a second class citizen. As if my writing is nothing but a little hobby that I have taken too far. As if publishing my words is a cry for attention.

This makes me angry probably more than it should, but I am still working on those self belief issues.

You see I don’t write as a hobby.

I don’t write as a cry for attention.

I write and I blog simply because I love it.

When I first published a blog post it was in determination. I wanted to show that raising a child with Special Needs was hard yes, but that it also brought you a lot of joy. I was tired of people feeling sorry for me for having Olivia. I wanted them to see what a gift she was to me.

I wanted to share my ideas and experiences with anyone that was willing to read.

After Olivia died I considered giving up blogging. I felt that I have nothing left to share. Then somehow I found myself writing about my grief and my pain. I expected these posts just be shared between family and friends but then I found other grieving parents contacting me telling me that my words were helping them. That they were finding comfort and strength in my posts.

So I carried on writing

In the last 6 years my blog has become my friend. Its a place I bare my soul and times yes I may over share but I do wear my heart on my sleeve and my writing shows this. I cannot make apologies for who I am.

This blog has been on a journey with me. As my tagline states “a journey through this chaos we call life”.

This blog has brought me some amazing opportunities. I have attended some great events and received the opportunity to write some fantastic reviews.

It has also given me a platform to educate and inform people about Special Needs and Rett Syndrome.

This blog has brought me into contact with people who have become friends, dear friends.

But beyond all this, on this blog I have found freedom.

Freedom to allow the words that have been running around inside my head a place to fall out. The endless journals of bygone days are now being filled here in my virtual diary.

I can accept some may never understand why I blog. But please don’t pity me for being a blogger. I am blooming proud of this piece of cyberspace I call home.

Brit mums Live 2013 – SPONSORSHIP NEEDED

So if you are part of the social networking world or have even only dipped a little toe in. I am sure you are well aware of the forthcoming BritMums Live, a conference for bloggers to get together, inspire, inform and encourage each other.

BritMums Live! is a two-day blogger event that has grown out of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogger community, made up of more than 3,000 influential bloggers.


I have attended BritMums and Cybermummy before that for the last two years and have had a great time and learned loads.

So it’s no surprise when I say I want to go this year( feel free to imagine me stamping my feet in a pappy manner).

But unfortunately like most things in life there is a cost involved and this is the real reason I’m writing this post.

I am after sponsorship to attend BritMums live.


For sponsorship to the above event I would be happy to offer………

An introductory blog post about your Brand/Product in my blog post about Brit Mums Live 2013.

The promotion of your website on my twitter and Facebook page at regular intervals in the lead up to BritMums Live and afterwards.

In my twitter updates during the conference.

This means that your product/brand will be seen by my twitter followers, and also on my facebook pages both my blog and my personal one and of course the monthly 4000+ visitors to my blog site.

I will also offer a” AD”for your product/brand on my blog from now until six months after the conference.

Also in any other blog post I write regarding Britmums Live I will include that “I was sponsored by x” and a link to your website.

I’m also willing to host reviews and competitions before and after the conference too.

Walking with Angels is a blog that is known for wearing its heart on its sleeve, what you read on these pages is heartfelt and all completely my own view. My readers have grown to realise that I am passionate and loyal and whatever I promote on my blog I actually believe in.

Besides the writing here on my own blog I have written for Compassion Uk, Disability charities and fostering publications. I have also had articles published at Urban Vox and other online and print magazines.

So if you would be interested in sponsoring me to attend BritMums Live 2013 please contact me at walkingwithangels@live.co.uk.




The Famous Curry Bazaar

Last Saturday night I made my first visit to the famous Brick Lane. After a busy and intense day myself and few friends were starving a looking for a place to grab a nice meal.


We happened upon a young man outside the restaurant The Famous Curry Bazaar. Straight away I loved the energy and personality of this man as he explained to us that if we wanted great food this was the place to be.


So after some negotiation i.e., a free round of beers we agreed to eat at the restaurant and write him a review. I mean we are awesome writers as you well know.


Curry Bazar is a light and airy restaurant with staff that made you feel welcome.


We all started with popadoms, salad, mint sauce and chucknys.


I followed with sheek kebab starters and a main meal of chicken tikka masala (yes I’m very adventurous ). 


The others had a selection of meals including prawn purée, and lamb dansak.


Of course I can only speak for myself but honestly it was one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had.


The sheek kebabs melted in my mouth and the Masela was the perfect mix of spices and not to intense. 


To be honest I am a lousy food reviewer simply because I cannot find the right words to describe to you the quality, texture of the food.


All I can say is that my plate was empty at the end. I ate every last bit of meal as it was absolutely gorgeous.


I had a fantastic evening at the Curry Bazaar the staff were pleasant and helpful, even being willing to take photos of us all.


The food was hot and plentiful and totally yummy.


All in all it was a great night. I do recommend this restaurant and next time I’m back in London I hope to visit again.




For this review we did all get a free round of drinks and 20% off the bill. This is no way affected my opinions they are completely honest and my own.


My love for Lands’ End

A while ago I made a plea via twitter for advice where to shop for clothes for my girls, especially my youngest Brodie. I was finding that I was struggling to find clothes that were reasonable priced, durable and also allowed girls to be girls rather than young women. I was inundated with tweets recommending Lands’ End. Imagine my dismay when I realised that it was only the American company which had the wide range of children clothes.

Well that dismay turned to joy when this autumn Lands’ End UK launched its kids wear range. I was so excited I ordered Brodie a winter coat straight away. I don’t write this lightly when I say the quality of the coat amazed me. 

Brodie and I couldn’t believe our luck when after chatting to Lands ‘End we were invited to choose some items for us to try out and review. We spend a long time working our way through the catalogue and in the end came to the conclusion to quote Brodie “I want it all”. So we decided to allow Lands ‘End to make the choice. The excitement in our home when their trademarked blue bag turned up at our door was crazy. Brodie was ecstatic at the design and prettiness of the clothes she is a total girly girl. I was more excited again at the quality of the material and the style of the clothes and of course the wear ability. As although Brodie loves dressing girly and traditional in dresses and such, she also is the first one climbing trees or jumping over walls. I need clothes that look pretty but are kid proof too. Lands’ End clothes fit this category perfectly. Anyway I think I will allow my photos to be all the proof you need.

Winter Knit Tunic

This is actually a Winter knit Tunic but Brodie decided it was a dress, but as it gets shorter she will be wearing it with leggings or skinny jeans.

Brodie loved this dress find it here…

The above coat is so useful …. especially for short journeys when you are jumping in and out of the car.

We also had this skort in our bundle but I have yet to find a top to match with it, Brodie loves this and is excited to be able to “cartwheel without showing my knickers”, straight to the point my child.

Brodie and I are now completely Lands’ End fans and are already saving for some super cute winter boots, check out their range here…..

Reviews are not a big part of my blog, but when a product or company offers a great service and fantastic customer care, I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.

Also don;t forget that Lands’ End offer quality clothes for women, men and boys too. They also stock a great range of accessories and offer a monogram service for those unique gifts. Perfect for those special christmas presents. 

Go ahead and check out the Lands’ End Uk website and see for yourself and don’t forget to let me know what you think of them.