No more school

So that’s it, it is now officially the school holidays. Every child is happy that for the next 6 weeks they have no stress or wake ups for school.

I’m actually feeling positive about the coming weeks.

Of course it’s all helped by the holidays we have booked. This weekend we are off to sunny (it better be) South Wales the beautiful Gower. I can not wait.

To be truthful when we first brought the touring caravan I did wonder if we would actually use it but it has been amazing. Our foster son especially loves it and being a constant it really helps with autistic stresses.

We have certainly had our monies worth out of it and there is nothing better than sitting in a field, campsite and watching the night sky.

I love it.

The only thing that stresses me out is cooking for us all when we are away. With a family of six eating out everyday is not viable.

We do have an oven in the caravan but its only tiny and my kids like their food.

We are considering one of those Cadac portable BBQ.

What do you guys think?

Have you used one?

Are they any good?

I’m also after some camping cooking recipes a if anyone has any good ones.

I am super excited, yes packing is tiring but I cannot wait to escape onto the beautiful beaches of the Gower.

Bring on the weekend.

Lets make more memories just like this one.


Hello Half term

Hello half term

You’ve creeped up on me this time. I’m not prepared at all, I’ve allowed appointments to fall into our fun filled week.

That’s not our way.

We should be invading the park blowing those winter blues well away.

Adventure playground, animal farm and so much more.

I feel guilty but hey ho, two hours out of a whole week isn’t that bad.

So lets get planning.

Fun here we come.

Lets make some memories.

I thought it was supposed to be easy


I  was convinced into buying our tourer caravan by the phrases, “its so easy” “so much better than the tent” “home from home”.


Well somehow we have gone wrong.


Every holiday starts with me feeling so stressed I just don’t want to go. I’m ready to just stay in the comfort of my own home and give up  on holidays all together.


The idea behind having the same setting for our autistic foster son is fantastic but this doesn’t help when as soon as he sees you getting prepared he has a complete melt down from excitement. 


A husband that decides that the night before you leave is the perfect time to wash both the car and caravan is not helpful at all. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded if he had checked the electrics, water etc beforehand, you know the really useful things. The concept of washing a car to drive over a field is a one completely lost on me.


So as you can imagine as I had spend hours last night ironing and preparing meals I was a little peeved to say the least this morning to find him searching for towing mirrors and checking electrics.




Caravanning is supposed to be easy so what are we doing so wrong?


Why am I so frustrated I could scream?


Is it simply just the fact that my husband deserved to be strangled or are there ways of getting prepared a lot easier?


Anyway we didn’t find the towing mirror and had to go buy another one but thankfully, the journey is over and we are at the campsite. 


The water pump is playing up, it took us an hour to find the kettle but we are here and as the sun sets over an amazing view, I am slowly relaxing and hopefully will enjoy a stress free few days.


Ok who am i kidding, hopefully I will enjoy a less stressful few days.


Oh and before I forget, we dropped into the camp my two teenagers are staying at with their church group. The look on their faces when they thought we had followed them on holiday, was priceless. In fact we are only twenty minutes away but besides dropping off some forgotten items I am staying well away. While they may think it is a parents free week I am enjoying my teen free week more.

Now if I could just lose the husband.


Yes it’s back to school tomorrow

Ok I confess I’m so looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes the children are going back to school.

As much as I love having my children around I’m happy to get back into some form of organised chaos.

Bedtimes can go back to normal.

House can stay tidy for at least a few hours.

Television can stay off.

My mind can be my own for a little while.

I love the quality time the holidays bring me with my children but I am in desperate need of some ME time. Just some space to write, read or maybe just to do nothing.

Dealing with a child with special needs is rewarding but exhausting and to be totally honest I’m shattered.

Dealing with two teenage girls can be brain numbing there is only so many times one can say “stop arguing”.

So yes I’m looking forward to the return to school. The alarm clock, the school journey it all, especially the peace and quiet of those precious hours between 9am and 3pm.

Now if only I could get rid of the hubby for a few hours too.