May your soul glitter.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Have you ever wanted to just escape?

To be somewhere where nobody knows you?

No expectations.

No preformed opinions of who you are or who you should be.

To become anyone you desire.

To be

To be free

From the moment you are born you are someones child and their expectations their opinions are influencing who you are and who you are to become.

From the foods we are fed to music we hear.


Society breeds conformity, it rebels away from people who don’t tie the party line.

Labelling, grouping, controlling.

Why do we as the human race try to create groups, clones ?

Why do we not celebrate individualism and self expression?

Why are there right ways or wrong ways

Sometimes the journey is more important that the destination.

Sometimes the searching is more important than the finding

Getting lost should be the celebration of a new direction.

Life is for living,

May you wander freely

May your soul glitter with your freedom to be you

Be the you,you wish to be.

We Are All Unique

Sometimes I just have to stop and watch the world.

It’s a wonderful creation from the highest of mountains to the ocean floor, life is lived in many different ways. The beauty of a eagle in flight, the inner beauty of an oyster shell.



All so different all so unique.

It’s incredible how unquie we are, each one of us special in our own way. From hair colour to height. From eye colour to shoe size.



We all have different dreams, different feelings. All completely unique to us and only us.

What I find strange in the world is how we don’t see this uniqueness as the gift it is. We all want to be slim like the latest top model, famous like the Oscar winning actor.

We strive to be part of a group, a clan, a set.

I’m not saying I’m any different I’m so not. I strive to be part of a group, to fit in to be recognised.

Yet I’m struck by how different I am in different groups in different situations. It feels like I play different in many different plays.

I often leave places thinking WHAT, where did Sara go?

It’s not a great place to be, I do accept we all play a variety of roles in life, mother, daughter, work colleague , friend. But the inner essence should be you.

I made a pact today to embrace my uniqueness, everything about me from my tattoos to my secret desire for a power suit.

I am who I am and guess what that’s actually ok.

So if you are feeling lost, fed up of not being you, join me in my quest of embracing the uniqueness of ourselves.

There is only one me in this world and that is pretty special.