I was blown away by Rend Collective

Have you ever have one of those days that blow you away?

A moment that you never expected that makes your heart beat that little faster.

I had one of those amazing experiences Sunday night.

I was advocating for Compassion UK at a Rend Collective tour date.

Now I knew I was going to have a good night as I love volunteering with Compassion but I never expected to be completely blown away by some amazing music and fantastic worship.

The evening started with the artist  Ben Cantelon  to be honest I knew off him a little but hadn’t really heard much of his music but I have to say he was pretty incredible. He stirred up your heart in a way that you could sense the of the whole atmosphere of the church  change.


Then Rend Collective took to the stage and WOW the place just lit up. Never have I seen such energy in a performance, in the music.

There was no fancy lights, no big instruments it was raw incredible talent being shown all to bring glory to God.

Their music was so fresh that I was just blown away.



“Rend Collective Experiment is an eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists from the North of Ireland. An inherent desire for something spiritually substantive in our increasingly artificial world is exactly what brought the movement of friends together. United by a common purpose, these twenty-somethings began exploring the intersection between God, life and community.”

The night was the final one of their Campfire tour and my goodness they were incredible. Yes I am gushing as they simply gave me an incredible high and called me closer to God than I have been in a while.


Yet it wasn’t just the music that stirred my heart as the members of the band spoke about the need for us to remove ourselves from the artificial and connect with the real. That to be the church that Jesus calls us to be doesn’t just require us  just to attend a building every Sunday but to live as the light.

So many of us attend our weekly service and thats great, but we should never leave church the way we came in.

I needed to hear these words, I needed so badly to feel this worship. I’m not having a crisis of faith just feeling lost about church.

Worship doesn’t have to happen in a church on a sunday, we can worship God in our homes, in our schools, in our play, around a campfire.

Faith isn’t a thinking its a doing.

If you have never heard of Rend Collective I cannot urge you enough to go check them out and Ben Cantelon too.

Their music is different, their music is raw, their music is soul refreshing.

Enjoy, I certainly did.



Booksneeze – Drawing the circle by Mark Batterson



Why do I struggle so much with prayer?


I feel guilty laying all my troubles on God, I mean he has wars and real problems to deal with not my woe me’s.


Drawing the circle by Mark Batterson is a book that I want to read through again and again. Its the daily reminder, the daily words of wisdom that i need.


God wants me opening my heart to him, he loves to listen to my prayers.


It was also the reminder that great things can happen with prayer. All these worries, all my problems God is waiting for me to ask him for help then to watch as great things can happen.


Drawing the circle is a challenging book you step inside and see what amazing things can be achieved.


A 40 day daily devotion,a 40 day daily challenge.


Forever Changing

I have an obsession with perception and how it differs from one person to another.

A piece of art to one is a masterpiece yet to another its an eye sore.

A poem can be a beautiful prose for someone yet for another a boring recite.

I’ve heard it be said that eye witnesses accounts are the least useable piece of evidence as people see things differently.

Their perceptions are different, changed by circumstance, placement and time.

I love it

This crazy ever changing world.


Nothing is ever the same, the seconds move and that moment ago can never be relived in the same way.

One of my favourite sayings is

Who defines normal ?

What is normal ?

I’m quite sure my normal wouldn’t be the same as yours.

Again this is what I love about life, the changing seasons, the moving galaxies it’s all beyond our wildest imaginations.

This is why I have faith.

I look at a field of green grass and wonder over the fact that every blade is different.

I think about the millions, no billions of people in this world and marvel at the fact that everyone has differences, the sequence of our DNA proves this.


We are all Unique

We are all Incredible

There are so many new discoveries made every day that we haven’t a clue what tomorrow will bring.

Something, someone created this universe and to me that what or who is God.

For me my wonder is in God

For me my creation is in God

For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13 ESV


My daughter asked me a question the other day completely out of the blue and it struck deep into my heart like a knife.

“why did God let Livvy die?”
How In the world do I answer that?
I started to talk about the fact that it wasn’t God’s choice. About the fact that it’s the enemy who brings disease and illnesses into the world. About sin and a fallen world when I just stopped, I couldn’t go on.
Because in my heart I was screaming the same question WHY?
I can talk from my head about all the reasons about faith, about Livvy being in a better place but my heart aches and is in so much pain.
The missing is buried so deep in my heart that each breathe I take is full of the emptiness of grief.
I have no answer, but I do have faith and sometimes that mustard seed is just enough.

Grieving God’s Way – Margaret Brownley


How do I describe this book, Grieving God’s Way by Margaret Brawnily. I really haven’t the words maybe just stating that  “she gets it”  is the only way to come close.


This is a book which I will and already have returned to over and over again.


As a grieving parent I have read a few books on the journey of grief and they have left me wanting. This book is far from the usual its not telling you how you should feel or what stage to be at. Margaret has and still is walking the journey and she really gets it and I just wanted to hug her and say thank you.


I sometimes feel so alone on my journey of grief and yes each journey is different for everyone but at times reading this book I felt like screaming hallelujah someone gets me, someone really does understand.


The emotions, the cycles, the realisation that life will never be the same are all here in the pages of this book.


The author has shared her heart and in doing so has certainly eased mine,

Share the humour, the sadness  the emptiness and know that you are not alone.


Know that wherever you are God is with you and open you heart to his healing love.


Margaret reminds us in  her gentle way that God feels and shares our pain to, he understands when we are angry at him and holds us even closer.


Allowing ours to feel, allowing ourselves to grieve and giving us tools to move forward.


I do really recommend this book to anyone who has faced lost but also to anyone who needs that reminder of God’s love.

***I received this book free to review, all views are my own.

My Sleeping Gifts

Do you remember the moment you first lay your newborn down to sleep?


Did you stand there and watch the gentle rising of her chest?


Just wallowing in the wonder of parenthood.


That beautiful precious child is yours.


A gift from God


I still wallow in this gift.


I stand and watch my girls sleep and revel in the innocence of the land of dreams.


No stress of exams or SATs of boys and friendships.


Just peace.


I love checking in on my girls and night and seeing them like this.



My babies, my world, my gifts.



** I did check with my girls before posting these photos.

True Wonder

Last night I attended a show organised by the awesome pastor from our church at the Think Tank planetarium. The show was to explain to us the wonders of the universe, the stars, the galaxy’s and so much more.


It has been known that I don’t really have a scientific bone in my body, I’m sure that’s not true but I do tend to glaze over very quick when someone starts using technical terminology. It’s strange as a young child I used to love biology and at times chemistry but physics, well let’s not go there.

Anyway back to yesterday the planetarium show was amazing, I was surprised by the amount of stars that fill the universe and how much more I actually didn’t know about, shepherd moons, stars bigger than the sun and so so much more.


One of the reasons I moved away from learning about science when I was in college was the fact that I believe in an awesome God and a few tutors I have had along the way have been atheists and while I respect anyone’s opinion and always will, I struggled to listen to their version of the truth while in a learning environment.

So to hear about the stars and the wonder of the universe explained by our incredibly intelligent pastor was as they say a breathe of fresh air.

But what I really took home with me from the evening was simply WONDER.

The wonder of God’s creation.

Evan spoke of scientists who have learnt about matter and energy but cannot yet recreate it.

Have learn of the beauty of the human body, the genetic makeup of each organ and cells yet cannot breathe life into existence.

A blade of grass so simple and so perfect, we can know it, we can understand it, yet we cannot create it.


This is where I find the wonder of the universe in the unknown.

When there are no answers we find the answer.

“By the word of the Lord the heavens were made,

and by the breath of his mouth all their host. (Psalm 33:6 ESV)”

God is the only answer we need.

All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:3 ESV)

It is here I find my wonder.

Yes I find beauty in the nights sky

The innocent in the birth of a new baby

The world is full of beauty!

It can be found in love and laughter,

It can be found in people and friendships.

Yes the universe is full of wondrous things.

Yet for me my wonder, my awe is in my God.

My Saviour

My friend.