I cannot always vote for a woman just because I am a woman

I’m getting so tired of being told I should always vote for the woman.

That to be part of the woman’s movement I have to vote this way to make sure more woman have a place in power.

That it’s my duty as a woman.

I would love to see more woman in power and one day again have a woman prime minister but we only have to go back to the time of a Thatcher government to know that a female in charge isn’t always the best policy and yes I know I only have to look to the current government to know than a man in power can be just as dangerous.

I do believe in woman and I know that this world is full of some incredible, inspiring females and yes I really do want to see more woman in positions of power but what really matters to me is the character of a person not the gender.

So I’m sorry if I offend people by saying that I won’t vote for all women.

I just won’t.

My vote, my support will go to the person I believe in.

The person who believes in equality for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and financial worth.

I want all people to have a voice in this world.

I want to vote for someone who believes in fighting for all.

Who will stand up against the big corporations and the elite.

Who will speak out when others won’t.

Who has the courage to ask the awkward questions.

Who believes that we can have a fair society.

I am a great believer in woman.

I do think we are pretty amazing and I’m sure that there are many woman that fit all of the above. But I’m also sure that those woman will be asking me to vote on these qualities and convictions not their gender.

Always #LikeAGirl

I came across this video the other day and yes while I found it rather thought provoking at the time I didn’t really think about it again until I had a conversation with my youngest daughter regarding sports day.



It seems a young man had told her not to bother on the tug a war because boys will always win.

Simply girls are weak.

Now my daughter laughed it off and actually ended the conversation with the words “we will see”.

Yet how many girls would have just felt defeated at that moment.

There are days when I honestly believe we have moved forward in gender association. That we don’t normally assume a girls ambition is to get married and have children. That girls, women can do whatever their hearts desire.

But have we really?

I actually get to see discrimination from a mans point of view. Often my husband gets asked what’s his real job. As foster caring and raising children isn’t really a proper job for a man. I watch him stumble for words to explain and see his shoulder slump in defeat.

In short he has just been told his manhood is in question.


Can we just wake up and realise that jobs shouldn’t be gender specific.

We shouldn’t be shocked at male nurses or female mechanics.

We should celebrate the diversity of life. 

Be grateful that our children get to see that they can be anything they want to be.

As for the above video I am proud to say “yes I run like a girl, I fight like a girl, and you know what that rocks because I am a girl”.

Also being a girl is pretty awesome.