NaturePaint – Review

I love my husband to bits but he frustrates me when he procrastinates . About 4 months ago he decided he was going to decorate our living room and as you can imagine four months and four tester pots later I was no further forward.

So when I came across a review for a new kind of paint I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to give him the kick up the butt he needed.

To be honest I was excited about NaturePaint as soon as I started reading up on it. As a family with a child with special needs the fumes from paint can cause a few issues and to be perfectly truthful every time we paint I end up with a migraine and this was something that I was not looking forward too but after reading up on NaturePaint I was hopeful that this wasn’t going to happen.

Image 3

You see NaturePaint have five values which they call the 5 Ps


As a paint made only from natural and non-toxic ingredients, we put people, their families and their health first. We’re here to ensure that the painting process is as safe and healthy as possible so you can decorate without worry.


So for us this is perfect, no nasty fumes causing me headaches.


NaturePaint is fully biodegradable so any waste can be composted safely. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable for minimal impact on the planet. Unlike our competitors, we consider every aspect of our paint’s production from creation, to delivery to disposal. That’s why we can say we are the only paint brand completely free from harm.


This i found pretty impressive as we try as a family to protect the environment when we can.


Our colour intensity, fade resistance and coverage is painstakingly tested and trialled to ensure we can match the industry standard. We’re committed to creating safe paint with no sacrifice.

This had me hopeful as many times you find things that are eco-friendly do not do the job as well.


We won’t compromise on our ethics: all of our paint is free from carcinogens, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients and VOCs. We are the only paint to be certified to be totally free of the compounds known to contribute to climate change.

Again this is fantastic and had me really excited, I value companies that stay true to their beliefs.


Our paint is made in Cornwall from natural and local materials including Cornish clays, French ochres and Italian sienna for naturally rich authentic colour.


To be honest this is good as anyone who has visited cornwall knows of the true beauty in the landscape etc.

So from only reading the website I was excited but like all things the proof is found in the end result.

So off I went on my happy little way to choose the colour’s I wanted for my living room.

Now I’m not a very adventurous person when it comes to bright colours. I am happier in a more muted, nature background. But to be honest whatever my taste and style was NaturePaint had a fantastic selection for me.

Image 4ImageImage 2

I was after a light natural colour and had loads to choice from, it was getting dangerous as I could not make a decision before my husband finally decided on Yarrow a lovely warm deep cream.

Image 1

The delivery was quick but my husband did look rather puzzled when the box arrived, I think I had forgotten to mention that in came in powder form and he was expecting tins. WHOOPS

He had never worked with a powder before but he was willing to give it a go and found the whole mixing experience to be simple and easy.

Alan was soon working away and was really impressed with the coverage. He said he was really impressed with the consistency, to which I replied “I hoped he was painting not drinking it.”

The paint did go on really well and the whole room was painted in a number of hours.

I was really impressed with the colour but mostly I was super impressed by the lack of migraine. The first paint job ever that I had not received a migraine. That was a big thumbs up from me.

But to be honest as much as I try to explain the beauty of this paint I decided that proof would be more useful.

The finished living room.



I am really impressed with Naturepaint and so was my husband.




I really shouldn’t start looking.

As the weather starts to change and the days become longer I start feeling the need to refresh my home, my wardrobe and to get out and about more.

So when I find myself browsing on the John Lewis site i found it very easy to create myself a wish list.

One of the first jobs I have planned is decorating my foster son’s bedroom, but its hard choosing a range which is suitable for his age range which isn’t about cartoon characters that he has no interest in.

So I was excited to come across the Happy Landings Range, this is so stunning. It has colours which are bright but not in your face.


I love this duvet.

I have also just recently finished decorating my living room and was searching for some nice accessories just to add to it and maybe just add an air of light to the room.

I came across this butterfly cushion and it is simply beautiful, I think it would look fantastic on my sofa.


Add these curtains and i think I may actually have the perfect room.000082371alt1

Though maybe this may be needed as well it is so cute


But seriously I could go crazy, too much choice, I mean look at all these cutes vases. I wasn’t aware that you could have such a selection, maybe its the year the old glass jug gets retired.

As you all know I have recently started to enjoy baking and of course this led me to actually enjoy experimenting with food a lot more. But every good chef, ok any novice chef needs good tools so I think I have actually decided that I have a absolute need for this set of saucepans. Not sure the hubby agrees though. What do you think, it is a need right?


Seriously it was dangerous for me to start looking over this website. So far I have found a new bathroom range I like including new towels, I have lusted over the clothes for all my family and have added to my dream make-up kit greatly.

But this I’ve emailed over to my husband just in case he has forgotten Sunday is ‘Mothers Day’ and he is feeling super generous. Isn’t it just beautiful, I think I am in love.


Seriously I have spent ages just dreaming and choosing things I would like and all online or under one roof that’s my kind of shopping, thank you John Lewis.




* This is a sponsored post but all choices are my own.







My snow week

Wow, what a week, we’ve been snowed in, we have had autistic tantrums and teenage strops and somehow, I’m not sure how, I have managed to survive with my sanity intact.

Seriously who would have believed that fluffy white snow could bring a country to its knees?

I have to admit it’s made me cross, weather reporters have been harping on for years that our seasons were changing and we were going to see some extreme weather yet we were still unprepared. Isn’t it about time we chatted to our colder weather friends take Canada for example and got some tips on how to function in extreme snow. (Please note I use the word extreme rather loosely).

Snow is fun for the first few hours then it just becomes cold, wet and annoying. Also anything that closes the schools loses my votes.


Talking of votes what a week, we have seen Celebrity Big Brother come to an end. What am I going to do each evening now, I need my Speidi fix. Though I do believe the right person won in the end, I hated Ryland in X factor but he has slowly grown on me from the big brother house. Also my youngest told me i looked like Claire from Steps but with black hair (i wish). To be honest I still cannot believe how addicted I found myself. I really think I need to get out more.

Its has been a strange week and I have found myself coming to a decision regarding how much I allow myself to be hurt by others. I have decided I need to take a step back and focus on my family and myself a little more.

I’ve also been at the doctors having an ECG done, it seems I do actually have a heart, now we have found it we simply need to get it to behave a little better. Its just wants to beat to its own drum upsetting the rest of my body. Dr is hoping its anxiety, me anxious never!

So there you go my exciting week, only been made easier by my new hobby BAKING, this week I have made a Vanilla and chocolate chip marble tray bake and a Victoria sponge and some Choc chip muffins oh and some custard too.



I’m really enjoying my new hobby and love watching the family enjoy something I have baked. I confess to getting exciting looking at new mixers too and watching the Great British Bake Off. I did mention I may need to go out more.

Seriously it’s been a weird week, but as it comes to end I’m am grateful for so much, my hubby and my kids especially.

I hope and pray you all have had a good week and if not tomorrow is a new beginning, well that’s what I’m telling myself. Xxx

I am a secret

Okay here goes, i confess I’m a secret Speidi fan. For the first time ever I have actually found myself addicted to Celebrity Big Brother ( oh the shame).

Now I know Speidi are the couple everyone loves to hate but I am so fascinated by them.

Maybe its because they are doing what I have secretly wanted to do.

Have you ever found yourself in a group not of your choosing and sat there really wanting to say “please go away”.

But you don’t either through professionalism or politeness, you have simply played nice.

I know I have and it has left me frustrated inside as I can not stand falseness but at times I think its becoming the normal.

I mean take facebook for example, how many have people that follow them on there, even comment on a post but if there were to see you in the street would walk on by.

Also lets be honest about human nature, we all have an element of competition in us. Desire to win, be the best. I personally believe Speidi are the only housemates being honest about their desire to win.

Of course in the real world behaviour like Speidi wouldn’t be acceptable but lets be honest CBB isnt the real world and “its just a game”.

Maybe you all think that I’ve finally lost the plot and maybe you are actually right but at times I just get so fed up of playing nice to the falseness of life.

I would love a little of Spencer’s audacity, the courage to say what I really feel. Life sometimes feels a little like CBB like its just a game.




Explaining Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about scripture and how some verses just cling to your hearts. They pop up in your thoughts at given times.

When you are exhausted you can one think of one with strength.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
(Psalms 46:1-1, NIV)

When you are lost, one reminds you of direction.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.
(Psalms 32:8, NIV)

When you are scared one reminds you to trust.

Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.
(Isaiah 26:4, NIV)

I have many that inspire, consume and replenish my soul.

The verse you see below was the inspiration behind naming this blog it is one I hold dear to my heart. I know my life has been blessed many times by angels.

Remember to welcome strangers because some that have done this have welcomed angels without knowing it. Hebrews, 13.1

Yet the last 6 months I’ve been searching for something that will explain me.

I get a lot of people asking me how I do what I do, how I’ve survived what I have.


This simply explains it all. I don’t do it alone , all that I do, all that I achieve is because of and through Christ Jesus.