My #Morrisonsmum shopping trip

I was super excited when I found out that I had been picked as a #Morrisonsmum.

£80 in vouchers to do a shop for the bank holiday. Wow this couldn’t have come at a better time as on Bank Holiday Monday we were hosting an event for over 60 children and their families and I was making the buffet.

Now I often use our local Morrisons but with the current financial climate we have had to shop around. So after hearing about the “I’m cheaper” price cuts I was looking forward to seeing if they would make an impact on our weekly costs.


So how did my shopping trip go?

Pretty great.


The I’m cheaper price cuts were on a lot of items that i normally buy.

We noticed a real difference in the price of our fruit which is always a big expense in this home. Bananas especially. I love to make a banana loaf but they disappear so quick that I’ve never had any left over. Due to the reductions I got to take home a few extra so hopefully in a few days a banana loaf will be in the making.


I was catering for about 90 people and that involves a lot of sandwiches so I was super impressed by the reductions on their sandwich meats.

I was happy to see that the reductions was not on the super cheap or super expensive meats which is what we like to buy. My youngest wants you to know the Morrisons ham is the best ever.


When hosted a gathering such as we were we had to cover so many things and thankfully from fruit to sweets Morrisons “I’m cheaper “ prices really made an impact to my budget.




I was exhausted at the end of my shop but the difference in my estimated bill and my actual bill was really surprising and really welcome.




Honestly if you are not a Morrisons shopper usually or haven’t been for a while I would recommend you giving them a try again.

I was really impressed and by the way the food disappeared on Monday I’m not alone in this view.


Good quality food for great prices what more could I ask for?


* Whilst I was gifted £80 in vouchers to do a shop all opinions stated here are my own.

Excited by new technology.

I spent yesterday at the headquarters of Panasonic as part of Intelligent Living Mums Blogger group. As I have mentioned before on here I really admire the philosophy behind this brand and their real desire to design products that make a difference to daily life. Its not all about what looks good but what saves you time. What serves its purpose.

Anyway while I was there yesterday we were shown a number of products that to be honest I was impressed with but one of the technologies that really caught my eye was the new fridge freezers.

At first I thought what could be so exciting about a fridge freezer. I mean it keeps produce cold, simply thats it. But I was so wrong.

Now you may think i’m crazy and yes that is debatable but to have fresh fruit and vegetables in my home it requires me visiting the supermarket at least three times a week. If I was to buy the amount I require on a Monday I can guarantee by the end of the week some of my stored food would have started to turn, started to brown and generally be not suitable for eating. So I either go shopping three times a week or I waste a load of food and still end up back at the shops.

So why am I excited well simply because of the new technology Panasonic have in their fridge freezers, Vitamin Safe.


Take a look

I personally think this is genius and with statistics showing that we throw away 7.2 million tones of food and drink from our homes every year I do believe this technology could be one that could be so beneficial for us all.

And with every fridge freezer having the Inverter technology they not only perform better they are more energy efficient which helps the environment and saves you money too.


Now can you see why I’m excited?


* Disclosure – I am part of the Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums blogger group. I attended workshops at Panasonic with my travel expenses paid.



Weight Watchers back 2 best week 2

So its now the 2nd week of my Weight watchers challenge and to be honest I thought I was having a bad week. I’ve been busy with the traveling to London etc that I’ve been eating on the run. Not the best way to lose weight and monitor what I eat.


So I was rather nervous getting on the scales for my weekly weigh in, but some how I have managed to lose 3 lbs.


The weight watcher app has been really useful this week, having it on my phone has made me a little more accountable than if I had to go to my macbook every time to check points value of food items.


The app is rather fantastic it is so easy to monitor your daily points allowance and add food to the tracker.


The app is so easy to use I mean I have managed it easily and you know what i’m like. The search function allows you to find the actual food item for a lots of the meals you eat. If it doesn’t have the exact item it makes it very easy to work out the points value too.


The calculator allows you to add the protein, carbs, fat, fibre down to the precise measure, though to be honest i have yet to use this function yet.


My favorite part of the app is rightly named favorites it gives you the option of making foods you eat often a favorite and allows you to add it when required, for example I tend to eat the same breakfast at least three of four times a week so by having this as a favorite i don’t have to search each time to list it.


I am still not making the most of my weight watchers membership I need to find some time to look through the recipes and get some ideas for meals and especially for snacks.


I am getting so fed up of the food i’m eating and I am frightened that this will throw me off my target if I’m not careful as to be honest I don’t really need much help.


Though two weeks in and a weight loss of 7 lb. altogether is pretty awesome and keeping me motivated.

Want to trial the #wwback2best app for free? Make sure you switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends #sp

Try out the #wwback2best app for free for a week Switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends #sp

The Famous Curry Bazaar

Last Saturday night I made my first visit to the famous Brick Lane. After a busy and intense day myself and few friends were starving a looking for a place to grab a nice meal.


We happened upon a young man outside the restaurant The Famous Curry Bazaar. Straight away I loved the energy and personality of this man as he explained to us that if we wanted great food this was the place to be.


So after some negotiation i.e., a free round of beers we agreed to eat at the restaurant and write him a review. I mean we are awesome writers as you well know.


Curry Bazar is a light and airy restaurant with staff that made you feel welcome.


We all started with popadoms, salad, mint sauce and chucknys.


I followed with sheek kebab starters and a main meal of chicken tikka masala (yes I’m very adventurous ). 


The others had a selection of meals including prawn purée, and lamb dansak.


Of course I can only speak for myself but honestly it was one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had.


The sheek kebabs melted in my mouth and the Masela was the perfect mix of spices and not to intense. 


To be honest I am a lousy food reviewer simply because I cannot find the right words to describe to you the quality, texture of the food.


All I can say is that my plate was empty at the end. I ate every last bit of meal as it was absolutely gorgeous.


I had a fantastic evening at the Curry Bazaar the staff were pleasant and helpful, even being willing to take photos of us all.


The food was hot and plentiful and totally yummy.


All in all it was a great night. I do recommend this restaurant and next time I’m back in London I hope to visit again.




For this review we did all get a free round of drinks and 20% off the bill. This is no way affected my opinions they are completely honest and my own.