Tweet with kindness or don’t tweet at all.

I must admit that the last week or so i have been glued to my chair watching the antics of the housemates in “Celebrity Big brother” while I have no interest in the counterpart “Big Brother” there is something about the celebrity version that has me hooked.


It’s just the inquisitiveness part of me that just wants to know what these people are really like. The truth not just what we read or hear about them in the media.


So when I heard that Deirdre Kelly aka white dee was entering the house i was so excited i could have wet myself.


Since Benefit Street was shown I have loved this lady. While others saw a benefit scrounger I saw a lady with so much compassion.

Double Dip Neutral


I really admired her courage entering into the big brother house not knowing how she was going to be received.


I also knew that finding herself on show could have really affected her depression but give it up for the lady she wants to better life for her and her children so she walked up those famous steps.


I have loved watching the show, there are characters i am already loving to hate, James for one. Honestly if that man says “let me explain how it was” once more i may scream and surprise ones that i have taken to my heart, George for example. But the front runner and still my favourite is Mrs Kelly.


I love that lady.


So imagine my disgust to come across tweets laughing at her sadness that was shown on last nights episode.


The lady may or may not ( I can’t speak for her) seems to be finding herself on a roller coaster of emotions. Missing her kids, wondering how she got there and generally fighting the evil of depression.


I have seen tweets finding this funny.


Tweets accusing her of faking it for the money


And the worst ones saying that depression is the biggest con of all time.


I wonder what is going wrong in this world when people can say such things.


Why do some thing its ok to tweet such vileness?


Tweet with kindness it won’t kill you.



I only hope that Dee’s children are not reading such crap and are watching the television being super proud of their mom.


I think the world needs an education regarding depression, I have heard it quoted as “rich persons syndrome’. “Benefit scam” and a lot worse.


Depression is a devastating illness which can and does rob life from many.


As for those tweeters i hope everyone unfollows you and that way you can stay being sad and horrid in your own little world.


While i believe and advocate for the freedom of speech I do not believe that people need to be so cruel.


It’s not just about Big Brother its about so much more.


The fact that we have so many turning to social media to breed hate rather than love.


It’s just wrong.


As for me I will be ignoring such crap and will be rooting for Dee to win Celebrity Big Brother and hope that the millions of viewers get to see what I see, one damn fine lady.


I will also being trying to share love and kindess from now on.


[Tweet “Tweet kindness or don’t tweet at all “] is my new motto.



Taking responsibility

I was reading the news yesterday and I was shocked at the lack of responsibility the world seems to take for its actions.

The gun is blamed for gun crime, yet I’ve never since a gun shoot itself.

The drugs are blamed for addiction but I’ve never seen a drug just jump up into someone’s mouth on its own.

The Internet is blamed for porngraphy yet people are the ones who hit search.

Social networking is an invasion of people’s privacy yet that’s only if people choose to tell the world everything.

It’s crazy as don’t get me wrong there is an evil in all the above and in many more things but the denial of self responsibility is the greatest evil.

This world needs a big shake up, it’s so easy to blame others, try and shift the blame, dirty the waters.

But what about truth?

What about honesty?

The beauty in confession.

Not one of us is perfect

We all fail

But maybe just maybe if we accepted more self responsibility there maybe less heartbreak in this world.

Less murder

Less crime

Less addiction

Lets take responsibility for how we act. Society can and will lead us to the moment of circumstance that requires us to do the right thing.

At that moment let our decisions be our own and let us take the consequence or joy of our own responsibility.

Holding out my hand

I have a question to ask you all,

Who do you remember most, the person who knocked you down or the one that helped you up?

Answer honestly

I ask myself this question a lot. So many things happen and I just get so angry at the amount of things that try to knock me down.

I find myself so caught up in the anger that many times I’m not aware of the ones holding out their hands to help me up. I’m focused on the ones that are hurting me and causing me stress.


Yet focussing on them lets them win. It’s a simple as that.

It’s not easy though is it?

When life is exhausting and it seems that the whole world is filled with evil.

But this isn’t the truth and the truth is where my focus should be.

Evil was defeated by the cross, yet the enemy is fantastic at creating illusions and its these illusions that we allow to draw us in, to believe, to accept.

Newspapers, television the Internet they are all about the sensationalising the evil.

But that isn’t all this world is about!

It’s a world of heroes.

Teachers protecting their pupils. Placing down their lives in sacrifice.

A world of men, woman fighting for the liberty of others.

A world full of parents fighting for the safety of their children.

A world of love and kindness

So let us fight back against this evil by not giving it the space in our minds and hearts that it desires.

Life may knock your down, people may try to hurt and abuse you but when you are fighting those battles look around you and see the people by your side.

The people holding out their hands.

That is where our focus should be.

Love will always overcome.


My Nemesis

Like a annoying tune that never stops playing.

As close as the hairs on my head

Running around my body like the blood in my veins

Relentless like the cold calls for personal insurance.

I try to be positive and not let you wear me down, but slowly my strength is slipping away.

I so fed up of explaining myself because of you. Invisible to others you plague me.

I’m missing the person I was before you came along.

You soak up my energy and my spirit like a never fulfilled sponge.

My arsenal to fight you is giving up the battle, ammunition running low.

I hate you with a passion that consumes me. I tried to be indifferent but I can’t.

My nemesis, my enemy, my foe, different names for the one known as