I’m on my way to Cybermummy 2011

As I type this I am sitting in first class on my way to London Euston. I have left a sad Brodie in tears at the station. They had to have teachers training today, was hoping to escape under the cover of school.

How do I feel? Slighty like an awful mother but in truth nervously excited. Not sure what the next few days are going to bring me but I look forward to them with anticipation.

I’m hoping to learn a lot about the art of blogging, maybe get some direction on how or where to take this blog. I’m especially looking forward to the Blogger activist workshop as this is where my heart lies.

I’m nervous about actually meeting people, it’s a lot different chatting via twitter than it is face to face, but I’m sure it will be fine. So excited to be spending time with Simply Hayley too.

So if you see me tomorrow hiding up a corner, come say hi.