My Electric Enemy

That’s it I can’t take it any more!

You are relentless

Invading my mind, my sleep, my dreams

Enough is enough

I know you have a job to do but come on!

A girl needs her rest, her peace.

Constantly watching the seconds, haven’t you ever heard of live and let live.

Each morning you are the first thing in my mind.

Its a curse that I hate you but need you.

You blasted thing.

I will name this foe of mine

My enemy

Let me introduce

Mr Alarm clock.


*yes he is a man, how do I know?
He is constantly annoying ha ha

My Nemesis

Like a annoying tune that never stops playing.

As close as the hairs on my head

Running around my body like the blood in my veins

Relentless like the cold calls for personal insurance.

I try to be positive and not let you wear me down, but slowly my strength is slipping away.

I so fed up of explaining myself because of you. Invisible to others you plague me.

I’m missing the person I was before you came along.

You soak up my energy and my spirit like a never fulfilled sponge.

My arsenal to fight you is giving up the battle, ammunition running low.

I hate you with a passion that consumes me. I tried to be indifferent but I can’t.

My nemesis, my enemy, my foe, different names for the one known as