Protecting ourselves

“We discover in ourselves what others hide from us and we recognize in others what we hide from ourselves.”

– Vauvenargues


I read this quote yesterday and it really got me thinking. I know I have often been chatting to people and recognised my worries, my fears in theirs.

But do they really see mine in theirs?

Can people really see my heart?

Then I got to thinking about what I hide from myself.

Thats sounds crazy doesn’t it?

How do you hide from yourself?

When we really look deep inside our hearts, our minds we will find thoughts, fears, worries that we are actually trying to hide from ourselves.

I know I do.

Its in the quiet morning hours when I cannot sleep that my mind becomes my greatest nemesis.

Attacking me with thoughts I believed were completely buried.

Its not nice and its never pretty.


So why do we hide these things from ourselves?

If we know them shouldn’t we face them and move on?

Its not that easy is it!

We protect ourselves from ourselves.

Now that is crazy.


But think about it remember the last time you felt panic.

Somehow you slowly talked yourself calm.

Reminded yourself to breathe.

You protected yourself.


So we know we do it but why do we do it?

My answer is simply because we have to.

Life has to go on.

We cannot live in the moment of our emotions all the time.

We have to be mothers and fathers.

We have to be employees or employers.

Wives, husbands, daughters, sons and friends.

We have to move forward.

Some will call it survival

call it life