Open door 

I was watching The Fosters last night and I found myself smiling. 

I just love the diversity of this programme. The featured family love for love’s sake. 


They open their home to children of every ethnicity , gender and sexual orientation

Whilst I know that they are a fictional family they are my inspiration.

As a Foster carer and as a mother I know my doors are open to all. 

I will love upon children and thats it. 

I don’t care about anything else besides the fact that they need someone to care for them.

I want my home to celebrate diversity.

There is no right way to love, love is universal and can be felt by all.

I so wish the whole world was like this family. 

I know its slowly changing but I don’t want to hear of a wedding of the same gender described as a gay wedding, I want it to be seen as a wedding. The coming together of two people who wish to share their lives together. We don’t need to label what should be accepted and seen as normal. You don’t hear of a heterosexual wedding described as such.

I’m not sure if any of this is making sense. 

I guess I’m trying to explain that I never want to assume that my daughters will date a guy or that my son a girl. 

I just want them to fall in love.


To have someone to respect and honour them.

To know happiness and true togetherness.

The Fosters to me is just the home I want to offer my kids and any that join us. 

A place where love is given simply as love should be, freely and wholeheartedly.

So dear children of mine, 

Those I birthed and those that grew within my heart and those I have yet to meet.

 I only have a few house rules. 


We love unconditionally ,

We respect and we cherish. 

We celebrate each other and we never tear one another apart. 

This world is a crazy place at times, it is full of the best people and a few of the worst. 

Lets celebrate our strengths and encourage each other in our weakness.

Lets make memories and reach for those dreams.

Wherever you go in life and whatever you do, always remember you have a home with us.