My Alter Ego

Besides being a mom to four, a foster carer and of course a blogger, I also run a charity called Livvy’s Smile.


It is a charity we started in our late daughter’s memory. Livvy loved life, she took every day for the gift it was and made the most of it. Seizures, abnormal movements, walking issues,Rett syndrome they didn’t stop her from embracing the fun of each day.


It was these memories of Livvy’s laughter and joy that kept us going, keep us going. Yet we are well aware how hard it is to raise a child with special needs and that sometimes having fun memory making days is out of reach.


So that’s what we decided to do, we wanted to create special events, special days, parties etc for children with special needs and their families. Where all they had to do was turn up and create memories.


At that’s what we have been doing for the last three years (wow has it really been that long?).


We have had donkey parties at the local special needs EST centre


We have had a Teddy Bear making party.


A fun day at S.N.A.P.S 


Clown visits to school 


Balloon gifts to children in hospital


and loads more.


Its been a busy three years and we have so much already planned for this year already. Bring it on.


The joy I get from watching families enjoy life is limitless and the feedback we receive makes all the hard work worthwhile.


So visit Livvy’s Smile and take a look for yourself and if you feel like you can support us in any way please free to email me or comment and let me know.