Compassion Sunday

Today I want to introduce you to two special members of my family.

Nyiranzayakira and Diana.

I may have never met these beautiful girls but they are my family.

They both have special places in my heart and are always in my prayers.

As a family we sponsor both with the charity Compassion UK

I have mentioned Compassion UK here on my blog before but as today is Compassion Sunday I really wanted to share with you the heart of the charity.


The children


We first started sponsoring Nyiranzayakira about 5 years ago.

My youngest daughter Brodie just felt she was the one for us from the profiles we got to view.

Nyiranzayakira is now 11 years old and she comes from Rwanda.



She loves to learn and help take care of her family.


Diana is 5 and from Tanzania.


She loves to colour and play.


We choose Diana for a very special reason.

Diana was born on the day we lost Livvy.

By sponsoring Diana we hope to give life when one was lost.




Sponsoring these girls has been true gift for us as family.

We love receiving letters and learning about their lives.

Reading about school and how their families are.


Compassion UK are a wonderful charity they work through local churches in poor communities around the world to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Programme is the heart of Compassion’s ministry to children living in poverty. It aims to disciple, equip and enable children to develop into fulfilled and responsible adults.

We are so blessed to sponsor these two beautiful girls and having them both in our lives has really enriched them.

Reading and watching these girls flourish has impacted on us as a family.

We value the little things so much more.

I ask you today to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion UK.

For £25 per month you can transform a life of a child.


Tell a child today that you are here for them.


Don’t switch off…

Last weekend we visited the Big Church Day out and we had an incredible time.


Yet I couldn’t understand my husbands reluctance to stay in the market place for long. In fact I was rather cross as I was looking forward to listening to the information about the charities there and learning more about them.


So there I am moaning at my husband for dragging me away thinking that he is just scared I’m going to spend too much money when he finally tells me simply ” he couldn’t face it”‘. The truth was the charities and their imagery had all been to much for him and he had found himself overwhelmed with the amount of different organisations and the real need in the world and he just didn’t know where to start or how to help them and to be honest he knew he couldn’t help them all.


After I apologised for judging him quite harshly I too could see his point of view. There were so many good causes, so where do you start?


This left me wondering about the country in general, I had been eavesdropping on a conversation only the other day in a coffee shop a woman was saying she was getting fed up of charities being everywhere, people stopping her in the street, bags through her door, on the television children in need, soccer aid and so many more she just found herself switching off, like my husband she knew she couldn’t help them all so had stopped trying.


This saddened me, the truth is charities really need people’s help and yes they have to publicise themselves to raise awareness for funding and for most cases funding saves or changes lives.


Awareness means knowledge,

Knowledge means support

Support means lives changed.

Anyway i’m digressing back to my conversation with my husband we chatted a while and I just simply said” follow your heart”. To which I got the puzzled “yeah right” look.


No, seriously I said “ follow your heart”, listen and see what really stirs at your soul. What angers you, what makes you sad, what feeds your passion and support that charity.


If you are saddened by homelessness, support them.


If poverty in the third world breaks your heart, help them


If human trafficking makes you so angry you cannot breathe, fight with them.


Follow your heart


Charities find that when people are affected by the problem they become supporters, for example cancer suffers, people who have lost loved ones to cancer are more likely to support cancer charities, etc, they are following their hearts.


Yes there are so many to choose from, the whole world is in need, but don’t be like that lady in the coffee shop, don’t stop listening, don’t stop caring, let your heart direct you to the cause, charity that you can support with dedication.


For me there are a few


Compassion UK is so close to my heart, no child should live in poverty


Rett syndrome research trust uk, working to find the cure for Rett syndrome the evil that took my baby away.


Human trafficking, a cause that I’m new too but i am learning more about each day. I want to fight with a passion and an anger that burns in my heart, no one should ever be sold. People are not a commodity.

And of course my heart

Livvy’s Smile, creating memories for disabled children and their families

When I talk about the above charities, my heart is filled with a passion. I’m told I light up with emotion.


Why because I follow my heart..


Don’t be dimmed by the masses but be fired up by the few,


And if you are overwhelmed like my husband I simply suggest you listen to what the charity advocates are telling you and see if your heart stirs, if not just thank them for there time and move on.


But never ever switch off.


There is so much need in the world, so many needing help.


Open your heart and listen

Be a Christmas blessing

Today as I’m sure you have noticed is the 1st day of December. The day we can start opening up our advent calendars and really let the build up for Christmas begin.

I know my children are really excited. Christmas feels like its actually getting here now.

Yet all around the world Christmas isn’t going to be any different to some children. They will wake up Christmas morning to the same things they always have done, poverty and hunger. There will be no presents under the tree, no Christmas dinner to fill their stomachs.

I look at my life and have to give great thanks for the blessings I have.

It’s these blessings I want to share and the reason why I sponsor a child with Compassion Uk.


For the price of a weekly Starbucks I get to bring hope to a child.

Sponsoring with Compassion is something I am incredibly passionate about and this is why as the season of Christmas begins I want to invite my readers to be a blessing this year.

Please consider sponsoring a child with Compassion UK or maybe make a Christmas gift donation.


Within all the sparkle and hype that comes with this festive season let us stay true to the real reason for Christmas and bring hope to the world.

Let’s support Compassion UK in being the HOPE to children in poverty around the world.

You Can Give Hope – Compassion Sunday 2011


Take a look around you, all your possessions ask yourself the question. Are they a need or a want?

Go to your fridge is it full of food, turn on your tap fill a glass with water. Do you realise what a gift that is.

Today is Compassion Sunday a day when I want to ask you how you would feel if you watched your child cry with hunger and not knowing where the next meal will come from.

Had to walk miles for one bucket of water, then as you give your child the water you are not sure if it’s clean or not.

Watching your child die of an illness that can be cured but you cannot afford the medicine or reach the hospital.

Listen to your child talk of his dreams to be a Dr, lawyer, farmer etc but then imagine knowing she will never be going to school. Never stand a chance.

You can be that chance!
For a small monthly donation you can sponsor a child. Your money will provide, food, shelter, education but most of all hope.



Who We Are

Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. Partnering with local churches, we are committed to the spiritual, economic, social and physical development of children living in extreme poverty in 26 countries, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

Our Mission

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name

In response to the Great Commission, Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.


As a family we sponsor a child with Compassion UK at first all I thought about was what we could give the child what surprised me was what the child gave us.

Looking through the pictures of children to sponsor was hard, so many caught our eye, so many in need. Our decision was finally made by Brodie who after seeing a photo of a child without shoes and no smile decided that she was the one. When we received more details about our sponsored child it was like getting to know someone who already had your heart. When our first letter came the house was full of tears as we realised how blessed we were to be part of this girls life and extended family.

For a small monthly donation you can feel that joy. As a family we do have a tight budget I mean foster carers don’t get paid a lot let me assure you of that but the truth was this didn’t stop us. By cutting back on take-aways and coffee we were able to sponsor a child. We have got more from this sponsorship then any takeaways or posh coffee that’s for sure.

What is Compassion Sunday?

The purpose of this special, one-day event is to draw the attention of the Church to the needs of the world’s poorest children. It’s a powerful opportunity for God to use you to share with the members of your family His deep love for children – and show how each of us can intervene in the life of at least one child in poverty through sponsorship.


So today I join with thousands of others as we pray that people will find it in their hearts to join the child sponsorship scheme and in doing so give hope.