Naked; you been warned

After walking round another shop that doesn’t stock any clothes in my size I actually want to scream. From the sideward smirk from one of the assistants to the pity half smile from the other, enough is enough.

It’s time the high street realises that the fashion conscience come in all shapes and sizes. That my plus size body wants to look good and I also want to try my clothes on in a store.

I want to have fun days out with my girlfriends, giggling as we try on dresses for the works party. Not to have to wait in for delivery, I want to browse the stores just looking for that must have top, that I need pair of jeans. 

Fashion for the size 16+ is improving with more designers hitting the market but the high street is not keeping up. With shops like New Look moving their inspire range online and out of their stores it’s not really making a dramatic impact for us voluptuous ladies. It certainly isn’t making clothes shopping universal for all.

Regardless of the naive believe that plus size clothes encourage obesity my plus size body still needs to be clothed. 

I have no issues walking the high street naked but I’m sure there are actually laws against it.

It’s about time high street retailers release that fashion conscious plus size women want to shop. We want to feel the materials, enter the dressing rooms with numerous clothes we may not buy. We want the same opportunities afforded to others. 

Why shouldn’t we our money holds the same value.

Times need to change and they need to do so quickly. Or maybe one day soon in your local high street you may find yourself faced with a group of naked plus size women.

No rules, wear what you love..

My journey over the last two years of self discovery has birthed inside of me a new love for fashion and make up.

I’ve experimented and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Tried colours and patterns that I would have never worn before.

I’ve had some great successes and some terrible failures but all have been a valuable part of growing.

So what have I learned?

Black is still my favourite colour but a little accent of colour can bring to life an outfit.

Pastels will cause everyone you meet to ask you if you are ill as you look a little off colour.

Wearing strong lipstick is great but make sure you drink from one side of a glass otherwise said lipstick ends up all over your forehead. Not good when schmoozing and trying to impress.


I can wear a dress and the sky won’t fall in.


Shape wear knickers sometimes roll down and cause quite a panic in the middle of an awards evening, no one noticed of course right. 😳

I love wearing hats and yes some do suit me.


Fake eyelashes are awesome but not stuck to your cheekbones.

I can wear heels now and again but I’m still on the search for the perfect black boots.

Heels look good but do not wear them for the first time at an event which requires you to stand for over four hours.

To be fair it’s been such an amazing time really discovering who I am and what I like .

Still I think the greatest lesson I have learned is that there are no rules. 

You wear what you want, be it a dress, a crop top ( yes Oprah that’s aimed at you) or ripped jeans. 

Never let anyone or society dictate your style. 

For years I’ve listened to others and not myself, not anymore. 

I’ve learned to love my body and in doing so I’m learning to live freely.

I’m loving fashion and make-up and the only limitation I have is my bank balance.  

Work and Play

I’m sure I’m not alone when i say that around this time of year money becomes tight and I although I do need to buy clothes  I want to be making sure I get value and versatility for my money.

This is why I love the challenge of taking one dress and accessorising it for different occasions.

So I choose a dress from the range at George Asda and I want to show how adaptable one key piece can be.


I took this dress




and styled it for work.




asda work


and play.


play asda



I just love how some accessories and different shoes can change one dress into two very different styles.


This dress and all the accessories shown are available now from George at Asda 




•This is a sponsored post but all opinions and ideas are my own.


Style on Sunday

I may have mentioned a few times that I have been on a journey this last year, one of body confidence.

Actually getting to a place where I like who I see in the mirror.

Its been a crazy ride and one that has happened thanks mainly to the support I have received from the plus size community. Their guidance and truth spoken to me has lifted a self hate that I have had for over 20 years.

It has been so amazing and life changing that I cannot and will not stop harping on about how truly fantastic it is.

One of the real difference’s  I have seen in myself is with clothes. I actually love clothes. No more do I turn to the comfortable old favourite of a tee shirt and jeans. Now I love to try different styles and colours.

The only thing stopping me from having a whole new wardrobe is the lack of funds, but hey thats not going to stop me looking and wishing.

Then I noticed a few of the bloggers had created their wish list and i though why the hell not.

Each week I will share with you my outfit of my dreams.

So here’s this week dream wardrobe choice.


I am i love with this Glamorous Black Lace Hepburn Dress from Lady V London  it is truly stunning and I think it would be perfect for so many occassions.

I would then add a cute pair of wedges from Yours Clothing.


Then to finsh I love this vixen red handbag from the Rock Collection. This is so me.ODVV-BGA3581-VoodooVixenRedHandbagWithBlackFlowers-1


Well there we go the first of my new weekly wishlist.

Click the photos to visit the stores and take a look for yourselves.

The person I was meant to be.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e. e. cummings

How true is the above quote. I feel at times that the world just doesn’t like me. Magazines, articles, tv programmes telling me I should be slimmer, dress better, have the perfect style.

Simply telling me to be different.

That who I am isn’t good enough.

But the truth is that is all lies.

We are all exactly who we are meant to be.

Ok yes of course being slimmer would be nice, a new wardrobe of clothes very welcome.

But who I am isn’t found in my appearance it is found in my heart.

Look deep inside do I like what I see?

This is the question I am asking myself today.

If there are changes I need to make I will make them for me not for the persona the world wants to create.

It’s not easy, it’s a daily battle.

My grandad once told me that I had an issue with conformity. That I saw it as a challenge.

Maybe he is right, to be honest I haven’t a clue, but for a long time I tried to be the person I believed others wanted me to be and it left me so unhappy.

So now I’m on a quest to be me.

The person I was meant to be.


My love for Lands’ End

A while ago I made a plea via twitter for advice where to shop for clothes for my girls, especially my youngest Brodie. I was finding that I was struggling to find clothes that were reasonable priced, durable and also allowed girls to be girls rather than young women. I was inundated with tweets recommending Lands’ End. Imagine my dismay when I realised that it was only the American company which had the wide range of children clothes.

Well that dismay turned to joy when this autumn Lands’ End UK launched its kids wear range. I was so excited I ordered Brodie a winter coat straight away. I don’t write this lightly when I say the quality of the coat amazed me. 

Brodie and I couldn’t believe our luck when after chatting to Lands ‘End we were invited to choose some items for us to try out and review. We spend a long time working our way through the catalogue and in the end came to the conclusion to quote Brodie “I want it all”. So we decided to allow Lands ‘End to make the choice. The excitement in our home when their trademarked blue bag turned up at our door was crazy. Brodie was ecstatic at the design and prettiness of the clothes she is a total girly girl. I was more excited again at the quality of the material and the style of the clothes and of course the wear ability. As although Brodie loves dressing girly and traditional in dresses and such, she also is the first one climbing trees or jumping over walls. I need clothes that look pretty but are kid proof too. Lands’ End clothes fit this category perfectly. Anyway I think I will allow my photos to be all the proof you need.

Winter Knit Tunic

This is actually a Winter knit Tunic but Brodie decided it was a dress, but as it gets shorter she will be wearing it with leggings or skinny jeans.

Brodie loved this dress find it here…

The above coat is so useful …. especially for short journeys when you are jumping in and out of the car.

We also had this skort in our bundle but I have yet to find a top to match with it, Brodie loves this and is excited to be able to “cartwheel without showing my knickers”, straight to the point my child.

Brodie and I are now completely Lands’ End fans and are already saving for some super cute winter boots, check out their range here…..

Reviews are not a big part of my blog, but when a product or company offers a great service and fantastic customer care, I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.

Also don;t forget that Lands’ End offer quality clothes for women, men and boys too. They also stock a great range of accessories and offer a monogram service for those unique gifts. Perfect for those special christmas presents. 

Go ahead and check out the Lands’ End Uk website and see for yourself and don’t forget to let me know what you think of them.