I won’t apologise for writing about disability.

I had a message the other day regarding how often I post regarding a disability issue and I wasn’t sure how to take it.

To be honest at first I was rather cross but then I thought back to before Olivia was born.

I knew nothing about disability.

I had a disabled cousin but besides the occasional visit I really wasn’t affected by it.

Never really had to think about it.

Then I realised “that’s it.”

Unless we live it or someone close to us does we really haven’t a clue.

Why should we?

I don’t mean to be trivialise it but I know nothing about space engineering as it doesn’t effect my life.

So why should be people whose life isn’t effected by disability understand it?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is this.

I do understand why people may be a little tired of me posting about disability.

Yet I won’t apologise for it.

Because disability does now affect my life and has done from the moment my beautiful daughter was born.

It was a complete shock to me and I found myself immersed in a world that I knew nothing about.

It was scary.

Though one of the biggest issues I faced was other people.

The lack of awareness made for some hurtful moments.

Ignorant comments and so much more.


It wasn’t always negative though a lot of people wanted to understand.

They wanted to learn more so they could help us more.

Still personally the real issue i faced was the isolation.

Not knowing where to turn to for advice and support.

I write in hope that maybe one post will help someone feel less alone.


So yes I have been writing about disability a lot but that is my life.

And the truth is I didn’t choose it but I love it.

When Olivia died it would have been easy for us to leave the disability world.

To go back to having a normal life and never thinking of medical appointments, wheelchairs or anything to do with special needs.

But we couldn’t.

This life had become our kind of normal.

The children and the families i met because my child had a disability had become my friends, my family.

Caring for a disabled child became my vocation.

My choice.

So yes I write about disability and I always will do.

Simply because it is my life.



I can’t and won’t apologise for that.

Clothes for Summer

With summer just around the corner its now time for me to be looking out for summer clothes for my girls. This is easy for my older two as they refuse to let me shop for them anymore but my 12 year old still values my opinion. So we have been searching the web for things we both agree on.

Brodie is a multi -talented young lady (bias mom) she loves sports and also loves theatrics and I think her style reflects this.

IMG_0360 So when asked to choose a few items from AlexandAlexa she certainly knew her own opinion.

Her first choice was this fantastic Snapper Rock green two-piece 7 rash top UV swim set.



I love this as its pretty but will also keep her safe from the sun’s dangerous rays.

Her second choice was beachwear, I can sense a theme going on here, I am hoping she is right and we have an amazing summer. This O’Neil Girls Floral Print Blue Beach dress is so pretty.



This is fantastic from the beach to the the shops to the restaurant.

Her next choice I think has to be my favourite, its just one of those stunning items that would be suitable for all occasions.

This SuperTrash Girls Black Rose Dress.



Of course her final choice is one that she is known to have a slight obsession for, shoes.

This time its a pair of DKNY sandals that caught her eye.





* This is a sponsored post


Taking responsibility

I was reading the news yesterday and I was shocked at the lack of responsibility the world seems to take for its actions.

The gun is blamed for gun crime, yet I’ve never since a gun shoot itself.

The drugs are blamed for addiction but I’ve never seen a drug just jump up into someone’s mouth on its own.

The Internet is blamed for porngraphy yet people are the ones who hit search.

Social networking is an invasion of people’s privacy yet that’s only if people choose to tell the world everything.

It’s crazy as don’t get me wrong there is an evil in all the above and in many more things but the denial of self responsibility is the greatest evil.

This world needs a big shake up, it’s so easy to blame others, try and shift the blame, dirty the waters.

But what about truth?

What about honesty?

The beauty in confession.

Not one of us is perfect

We all fail

But maybe just maybe if we accepted more self responsibility there maybe less heartbreak in this world.

Less murder

Less crime

Less addiction

Lets take responsibility for how we act. Society can and will lead us to the moment of circumstance that requires us to do the right thing.

At that moment let our decisions be our own and let us take the consequence or joy of our own responsibility.

New Look – shopping we can agree on.

Shopping  for clothes with my teenage girls is a nightmare. They both have different styles and different wishes so I normally find myself being dragged into every shop in the town.

So I am grateful for shops like New Look who stock a fantastic array of styles and collections. With a range for teenagers and plus sizes its a shop that caters for us all.

So when I asked my girls to take a look on the website and create their own wish list they didn’t hesitate.

Eden fell in love with this cute cat watch. Eden is cat mad and her ambition in life is to be the crazy cat lady, she already has the crazy down to a tee.


Her second choice was this pair of funky dip dye skinny jeans. I love these and personally think they would look great on her.


Kennedy my 16 year old (yes I feel old) picked for her first choice

This pretty light floral blouse,

Kennedy has such a smart pretty style that this top would be perfect for her. She could smarten it up with a skirt for 6th form or make it more casual with her jeans.


Kennedy’s second choice is quite similiar to her sisters but please don’t tell her that.

A pair of supersoft skinny jeans



For myself I love the inspire range my favourite items at the moment is this funky Rolling Stones top


And this beautiful brocade collar top.



Seriously I could go crazy in New look I love there shoe ranges Especially the wide fitting ones they offer.

Bags, scarfs  accessories galore.

The girls are already looking through the Ax paris dresses for their forthcoming spring ball.

New look is a great place to create the perfect outfit, pop into the store or check out their online store too.


* This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

Don’t judge me.

Yes I overindulge my children but I feel so blessed to be their mother.

This isn’t indulgement in the sense of money and gifts but in time and cuddles.

I’m often faced with people telling me that they only had one child so they could give them the world and all their time. They judge me for having four children and fostering.

Yet they are off having weekly girls nights out, holidays without their children, or working full time. Through choice not necessity.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not judging them, we all have different reasons for doing what we do but I get frustrated when people judge me.

My children are my world. I work as a foster carer for two main reasons. One, there are so many children in need of a loving, secure family home. Two I want to be home to raise my children.

I want to be their first point of call. The person they come to with their worries their concerns. I want to watch them giggle and laugh with their siblings, tease their daddy.

I want to be there, experience them, love them.

Childhood is so brief one moment I was holding this adorable chunky newborn in my arms the next she is planning her 16th birthday party.

Children are blessings from God I have always known this but I confess the impact of losing my sweet daughter Livvy in 2008 drove this home. How special our children are, how blessed we are to be parents.

I love being a mom, yes at times I moan or want a five minute escape but truthfully it’s the best job in the world.

Being a full time mom isn’t a second choice for me. It’s not a second class job. It’s what I do by choice and I love it.

All love begins and ends there. Robert Browning

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont