Oh just get along.

I sometimes wonder how often we just give away parts of ourselves just to keep the peace.

When we are tired and weary and we just want the arguments to stop.

How many times do we teach our children to just be friends.

Just try to get along.

Yet their hearts are actually breaking from the pain.

“I know she’ll hurt you.”

“I know she said some things that she shouldn’t but move on and try to be happy”

“Kids say things they don’t mean don’t take it to heart.”

“Just ignore it”.

Yet each cruel word is etched into their soul.

Why do we say its okay when it’s not?

The Internet is full of kids lost due to bullying.

Souls broken unable to take anymore.

Were they told to be nice?

To ignore the bullies.

To try and be friends.

Get along.

Just be strong.

By telling our children how to be we take away who they are.

And who they are is just fine.

No one deserves to be made to change.

To feel ashamed in their own skin,

It’s not about getting along.

It’s about being given the freedom to sing your own song.

Speak life

I watched this video yesterday and loved it . The message is so simple and so true.

Words can heal.

Words can wound.

Words can make a day brighter.

Words can surround one in darkness.

Words can build one up.

Words can tear one down.

Words spoken.

Words typed.

Words in any form are powerful.

Choose your words carefully


Choose to speak life.




The best yet!

So today’s the day the girls go back to school. I actually think I’m more nervous than they are.

Kennedy enters year 11 the last of senior school. Eden enters year 9 a year of decisions regarding her options and Brodie my baby begins her final year of primary.

I guess you could say I’m in shock it only seems like yesterday I was dropping Kennedy off at nursery and walking home in tears. The fact that she is her final year of compulsory education has really freaked me out. Add to the fact that this time next year Brodie will be a senior I actually feel sick.

Where does the time go?

Can I stop them growing up?

As they all start their new years I do pray for better ones. Last year saw us face bullying issues and moral dilemma’s so severe that I began to consider pulling them out and homeschooling. Only their request and determination not to give in stopped me from doing so.

I am hoping that this year will be so much better for them. That they make friendships and learn to enjoy school once again.

So as I get up to start getting them all ready. I do so with a hopeful heart that this year will be the best yet for them all.

Think before ……

I want to hide, no that’s not true maybe move to a commune somewhere with like minded people.

I get exhausted by drama, by people who can’t agree to disagree. Those who won’t respect other opinions.

I used to love a good discussion but now it exhausts me.

I read comments on facebook and at times I am really shocked at the venom in some of them. Would they really say thinks like that to your face or do they feel cocooned in the virtual world.

At times the lines got blurred now they are crossed and never redrawn.

It’s scaring me. I wonder if people realise the impact of what they write. Harsh words are bad when you replay them over and over in your head. Seeing them in black and White and reading them over and over Is worse. (my opinion).

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t happening to me, just my observations of a few groups, people on facebook and twitter.

My family tell me I’m naive, the desire to live and let live. Maybe I. am but the loss of Livvy changed me. In a way I was enlightened. I realised what truly mattered in life.

I wish we could realise the power of our words, myself included. Think before we speak or write. Is this argument really worth it. Am I crossing the line. I may not agree but I can respect.

I know my commune idea isn’t valid I do love life’s diversity. But being different doesn’t have to mean bring cruel.

I know I’m going to think twice from now on.

It’s simple really!

“Do unto others as you would have others done unto you” Matthew 7.12