She who should not be named.

Over the last months one name has been showing up all over the media and social networks. Katie Hopkins, columnist, reality tv star and a general big mouth.

She has opinions on everything and anything and is quite happy to voice them especially if they cause controversy and upset. Or should that be especially if it will gain her more exposure.

Well enough is enough, I think it is about time people stopped playing into her game and stop mentioning her name even when disagreeing with what she has to say.

Let’s be honest if this woman was to be paid per google search I’m sure she would now be a very wealthy woman.

Every time she speaks out she gets asks on to television to air her view even when too be honest she certainly doesn’t deserve air time.

She is rude and obnoxious and has no respect for those that don’t agree with her.

Now I believe everyone is entitled to their personal view. Yet when it is insulting and derogatory to others it’s certainly shouldn’t be given paid opportunities to be aired.

So I suggest we start our own campaign against this women. It’s doesn’t involve calling her names though she certainly doesn’t hold back in this. What it does though is to stop her gaining more coverage for own agendas.

So from now on Katie Hopkins you have joined the ranks of Voldemort.

You will now be known as “she who should not be named”.

Let’s stop using this woman’s name and giving her the coverage she so desires.


Dear Fatty

Last week I had a lovely comment on my blog. I use the word lovely as sarcastically as possible as the comment was in fact a insult.

Someone, some troll had decided I needed to be taken down a peg or two and tell me that I was fooling myself if I believed that I was anything but a fatty.

 How nice!

 Yet the thing that got me about this comment was my reaction.

 I seriously couldn’t give a crap. (Thats me being polite).

Six months ago that comment would have sent me to my knees. I would have cried and hated myself.

But last week I just laughed.

You see I have finally accepted something about myself.

Yes I’m a fatty 

 But you know what?

I am blooming beautiful too.

So thank you Miss xxxxxx for your comment last week. You made me realise how far I have come on my journey.