My favourite quote.

I love absolutely love quotes, I have them in notebooks, on my walls and I even have a few tattooed. So choosing my favourite isn’t easy, so I’ve decided to go with one that inspires me to continue on.


“There is some good in this world, and its worth fighting for.” Tolkien


Tolkien is one of my favourite authors I can completely lose myself in his words. Travel in my mind into raging battles or on Elvish adventures, getting lost in the magical, incredible world of Tolkien’s imagination and creation.


There are many quotes from his works that I love but today I’m choosing this one.


With all that’s going on in this world it’s easy to lose sight of the good.


When the media is full of hate I want to hold on to hope.


It’s this hope that gives me strength, the strength to keep fighting against unfair systems, undemocratic governments and unjust decisions.


Why I will continue to advocate and educate about disability, social care and so much more.


There is good in this world and I will continue to keep fighting for it.






Whoa its April and time for Blog A Day

Im excited to be joining in with the April Blog A Day set up by the awesome Tracey over at Tantrums and Glitter. It has been perfect for giving me some inspiration as I struggle to finish my university assignment and love on my children.


So here is my first post of the month,

10 Facts about me. 

♥     I’m scared of clowns and snakes. (cannot even put a photo up as they scare me so terribly.)

♥     I cannot mix sauces or flavours together, my daughter tries to freak me out by mixing ketchup and mayonnaise and I have to leave the room.

ketchup-mayo   Seperate pots for separate sauces.

♥      I don’t wear matching socks unless they are brand new but get upset if my little ones don’t match.


♥     I have a certain seat on my sofa and am worse than Sheldon (BBT) if someone sits on it.


♥    I have my 14th tattoo booked ( so excited).

♥    I really really want to visit America so I can turn virtual hugs into real ones. I so want to hug this girlie tight, Special Mommy x 2. 

♥    I am an extremely proud, passionate mom.

img_1428-1.jpg   My four beautiful girls and my two amazing boys.


♥    My house is full of photos, so many that my daughters call the house a shrine.

♥    This November I would have been married for 20 years, wow everyone said we wouldn’t last.


♥    I’m getting ready to celebrate my 40th birthday this month, which I may have mentioned before.