Be a Christmas blessing

Today as I’m sure you have noticed is the 1st day of December. The day we can start opening up our advent calendars and really let the build up for Christmas begin.

I know my children are really excited. Christmas feels like its actually getting here now.

Yet all around the world Christmas isn’t going to be any different to some children. They will wake up Christmas morning to the same things they always have done, poverty and hunger. There will be no presents under the tree, no Christmas dinner to fill their stomachs.

I look at my life and have to give great thanks for the blessings I have.

It’s these blessings I want to share and the reason why I sponsor a child with Compassion Uk.


For the price of a weekly Starbucks I get to bring hope to a child.

Sponsoring with Compassion is something I am incredibly passionate about and this is why as the season of Christmas begins I want to invite my readers to be a blessing this year.

Please consider sponsoring a child with Compassion UK or maybe make a Christmas gift donation.


Within all the sparkle and hype that comes with this festive season let us stay true to the real reason for Christmas and bring hope to the world.

Let’s support Compassion UK in being the HOPE to children in poverty around the world.