Sorry for the lousy service

What a crazy few weeks!

Ever since the horrid stomach flu took hold I have been playing a game of catch up. Never getting ahead and only at moments barely scratching the surface.

Life just gets so busy

Life just gets so overwhelming.

I’ve been feeling as if I’m a yo yo on a string.

Up and down

Walk the dog

And the very apt “over the hill.”

I love my busy life, having a household of four incredible kids is exhausting but so much fun.

Yet I’m sure at times God just decides to have a little fun and lump all my appointments together.

We then have to add sickness, exams and birthdays to the mix.

A sprinkle of theatre performances and a topping of a new hamster


The final result is a well and truly baked Sara.

Again week I have more appointments a file full of paperwork and a load of blog posts to write.

I also have a university or two to visit.

While planning my charities next event and my ladies get together.

So I apologise that it’s a little quiet around here right now.

I do hope to resume normal service as soon as possible or at least before the kids leave home.

Birthdays are special

I’ve been thinking about birthdays recently and how sometimes we don’t realise how special each one is.

I guess as you get older the excitement wears off, I mean who really wants to be old.

But I believe that we look at it the wrong way.

A birthday marks the passing of another year that you were blessed to be here.

Now I don’t wish to sound maudlin or miserable far from it, I want us to realise the celebration of life.

When my children were younger every birthday had a party, we celebrated with family and friends. It was a celebration a real time to rejoice, but as we all get older its becomes less so.

I think often of Livvy and the fact that we only had 9 birthdays to celebrate with her. I give thanks that we celebrated each one in style.

But it shouldn’t take the fear of loss to make us celebrate each other. Each year we get to spend together is special, it is a gift and should be rightly appreciated as such.

Birthdays are times to let the people you love and cherish know how much you value them.

So be it a 21st or a 42nd let’s celebrate the gift of a year and the blessing of having each other in our lives.


Happy 18th

My youngest daughter often asks me if they have birthdays in heaven?

My reply is always “of course, they also get to eat a whole chocolate cake without being sick”.

I honestly believe that birthdays are celebrated in heaven, it’s not about getting older just a celebration of who the person is.

What I also believe is that for those that get left behind the celebrations should go on.

They we should be able to light candles and put up cards to send birthday wishes to heaven.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

I’m am sending heavenly birthday wishes to one very special young man.

Today he would have been stepping into adulthood.

Happy 18th birthday Ryan.

Always in our hearts.

Make sure Livvy doesn’t pinch your cake or your wine, we know she likes both.

Sending love to your beautiful family. Xxx


Woo Hoo, I’m Going To Brit Mums Live 2012

WOO HOO, I have fantastic news, I’m going to Brit Mums Live 2012.


I’m so excited and its all down to a fantastic company called The Gift of Words.


As you all know I’m a great lover of words, it’s a running joke in my home that I follow the philosophy of ‘why use one word when four will do’.


Words can cherish, words can inspire, words can uplift. 


A letter is something you can reread over an over again.


What a perfect gift! I know its something I would love to receive. It a simple but magical gift.

So when I asked for sponsorship for Brit Mums Live I was excited to receive an email from Melissa offering me all I needed to attend this event.


So this blog post is about two things.


Firstly a great big thank you to Melissa and all at The Gift of Words for my sponsorship.


Secondly I just wanted to state that while my sponsorship came with no terms attached it is my pleasure to endorse the wonderful company The Gift of Words.


For that special mother’s day gift, the thank you to an inspiring teacher. The love letter to the man of your dreams. Check out the site, I heartily recommend it.