More than just memories

My youngest Brodie came home from school today with homework. She is to write an autobiography piece. I asked her what kind of things she wanted to share with her classmates about herself.

Her response was simply Livvy.

Should I be concerned? While I understand that Livvy will always be a huge part of her life just as she is in mine. I really want Brodie to see more of herself. Her own inner beauty, her own experiences. I don’t want it to be all about her loss her pain.

After talking to her for a while it seems the things she wants to share are happy memories, times we spent together as a family. Yes that’s fine but I wonder why she can’t see the fun we have had just this summer.

Am I worrying unnecessary for the most part Brodie is full of laughter and happiness. Yet when questioned about who she is she shares that she is Livvy’s sister.

My beautiful daughter is an amazing young lady in her own right. I never expect her to forget Livvy but I want her to love herself too.

Livvy and Brodie will always to be two peas in a pod but until that pod is reunited, Brodie needs to allow herself to shine and see what we all see, pure beauty of heart and soul.