Keeping my girls safe.

My girls are growing up and as much as I don’t like it I am finding it to be something I am having to accept.

Yet with their older years I am also finding that they want to be out and about more without me or the dad hanging around. While I am happy that they are social and living life I do worry constantly about their safety making sure they have a fully charged phone before they leave and always knowing the general idea of their plans.

Even though I still worry so when I received an email regarding a new safety app I was rather excited.

PanicMe is an easy to use app which turns your smartphone into a personal safety device. It is something that you can download to your own and your child’s phone quite easily.

How it Works

Developed in consultation with local police forces, PanicMe allows you to create a personalised response network of your friends and family who will be contacted when a panic alert is triggered.  A traffic light system (red, amber, green) offers three panic options depending on the urgency of the event and up to 30 contacts from your phone can be selected for each panic option.

  • Red Alert: high risk situation.  You are in serious trouble and danger is imminent.  You may be in fear of being attacked, abducted or seriously ill and urgent assistance is required.
  • Amber Alert: medium risk situation.  You are in serious trouble and may come to harm if help doesn’t come within half an hour to an hour.
  • Green Alert: low risk situation. You may be lost, separated from your group or your car has broken down and you require help within an hour or two.


The app features GPRS tracking (TrackMe) which shows your panic response network your exact location and also indicates the location of your chosen contacts making it easy to identify the nearest potential responders.  Data capture is activated once an alert has been triggered logging your location as well as any available Bluetooth connections.

When an alarm is raised, contacts are notified by push messages to their own smartphone at regular intervals, which vary depending on the chosen panic option, until the alarm is deactivated. 

David Lindley QPM, former Deputy Chief Constable commented: ‘‘There may be any number of reasons and circumstances why people feel afraid or vulnerable.  Apps like PanicMe offer a simple and practical way to help anyone who feels unsafe or vulnerable. Families and friends can be confident that they will be quickly contacted if the one they love feels vulnerable or needs help.”

 The basic version of the app, PanicMe Lite, is free to download and includes the green panic option only.  The full version, PanicMe Pro, includes all features including TrackMe and costs £14.99 annually.  Both apps are available for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones.  For more information visit or like us on Facebook

I am rather excited about this app, it will allow me to feel a little more confident of my girls safety when they are out and about. It works for them as like most teenagers they are never without their smart phones.

Well worth taking a look at, isn’t it. It will certainly help bring me a little more peace of mind.




Weight Watchers back 2 best week 2

So its now the 2nd week of my Weight watchers challenge and to be honest I thought I was having a bad week. I’ve been busy with the traveling to London etc that I’ve been eating on the run. Not the best way to lose weight and monitor what I eat.


So I was rather nervous getting on the scales for my weekly weigh in, but some how I have managed to lose 3 lbs.


The weight watcher app has been really useful this week, having it on my phone has made me a little more accountable than if I had to go to my macbook every time to check points value of food items.


The app is rather fantastic it is so easy to monitor your daily points allowance and add food to the tracker.


The app is so easy to use I mean I have managed it easily and you know what i’m like. The search function allows you to find the actual food item for a lots of the meals you eat. If it doesn’t have the exact item it makes it very easy to work out the points value too.


The calculator allows you to add the protein, carbs, fat, fibre down to the precise measure, though to be honest i have yet to use this function yet.


My favorite part of the app is rightly named favorites it gives you the option of making foods you eat often a favorite and allows you to add it when required, for example I tend to eat the same breakfast at least three of four times a week so by having this as a favorite i don’t have to search each time to list it.


I am still not making the most of my weight watchers membership I need to find some time to look through the recipes and get some ideas for meals and especially for snacks.


I am getting so fed up of the food i’m eating and I am frightened that this will throw me off my target if I’m not careful as to be honest I don’t really need much help.


Though two weeks in and a weight loss of 7 lb. altogether is pretty awesome and keeping me motivated.

Want to trial the #wwback2best app for free? Make sure you switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends #sp

Try out the #wwback2best app for free for a week Switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends #sp

Weight Watchers Back 2 Best

One of my main issues when it comes to self confidence or should I say lack of self confidence Is down to me being overweight.


It feels like I’ve been large forever and I simply I hate it.


So now  Ive decided i am going to stop with the excuses. No more blaming the thyroid disease no more blaming the fibromyalgia and the medication I take. I have to take responsibility for the fact that I adore food and eat to much of it.


So as luck would have after making this deciton a few weeks ago I applied to be part of Brit Mums and Weight watchers Back to Best  Challenge and guess what I was chosen. Along with 20 other bloggers  I get to to trial Weight Watchers online membership for six months, using all the support Weight Watchers has to offer and also their new Weight Watchers app which you can find in your app store.


The plan allows you a certain amount of points daily and with the help of the app you monitor and guide your way towards weight loss.


I am really bad at dieting as soon as I hear the word ‘diet’ i’m hungry. Food is a real comfort to me so this isn’t going to be easy. But I am desperate to get myself somewhere near what I used to be. I want to be able to walk into a shop and find a size that fits.


So anyway thats my plan, I am going to follow the Pro points diet for the next six months and see how it goes.


If you fancy joining me in my quest to lose those excess pounds, Weight Watchers are offering you the change to try the online membership for a week at the trial price of £1 and the app for free. *Please note that the plan will renew after a week if you do not cancel it.



I’m not going to share with you my starting weight, in fact I’m still reeling from the horror of it. What I will share is that I have been following this plan for one week and on my weigh in yesterday I have found that I have lost 4,lb. I am so happy with this and it has really motivated me.


I confess the plan is really easy to follow but I am finding myself hungry, so I am in need of some healthy snacks that don’t include fruit (weird lady with texture issues). Any suggestions.


So there I go, my start of the journey to a new me, ok maybe a slightly used new me. But hopefully one I will be more happy with.


If you use twitter follow mine and the other bloggers journey at #WWBack2Best


*Yes weight watchers have gifted me an online membership for 6 months and also a hamper full of weight watchers goodies but all opinions are my own.




No thinking

Bubble shooter has at times saved my sanity.

Let me explain at times my mind becomes so overwhelmed with thoughts, plans and ideas that I feel it’s actually going to explode.

Music can sometimes help, reading too but there are moments when even these saviours cannot block out the chaos. How many times have you lost your place in a song, found yourself re reading the same line in a book.

Bubble shooter for me is a no brainer. I line up three balls and pow they disappear. It doesn’t require me to think but it does require me to concentrate otherwise of course I will end up having two many balls for the game to go on.

This simple but addictive game is very much a gift to me. It gives me time out of my mind. It gives me time for the anxiety to fade away. No it doesn’t take away or change the issues I face but it does give me a change to breathe.

So what’s the bubble shooter in your life?